Machado 10-year $ 300 million contract cleric create the largest free-agent contract in the history of MLB

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According to Yahoo Sports reported that after the team with more rumored, shortstop Manny – Machado more than the end of the off-season signing today farce, he signed with the San Diego Padres agreed to a 10-year total value of $ 300 million contract, according to the contract rules, Machado can opt out of his contract after the first five years. Such a high amount of the contract to create the biggest free agent signing of MLB, MLB is also the second-highest contract in history, the first big contract played for the New York Yankees Stanton, he signed with the Marlins in 2014 13 in the fat of about $ 325 million.

Machado began his career in the Baltimore Orioles last year, he came to the Los Angeles Dodgers, as Machado signed prodigy Bryce – Harper became the most attractive free agent on the market.

Machado signed a priest

Machado signed a priest

Priest to sign for two consecutive years about Machado became the first free agent salary

After signing Machado, this is the San Diego Padres for two consecutive years won the high-profile free agents, but for Machado, the contract may be a bit too late. In February years ago, the Padres scored an unexpected shot the All-Star first baseman Eric – Hosmer, signed an eight-year, $ 144 million contract. Hosmer last season, but not happy in San Diego, the decline of personal data, as the core of the team he let the team lost 96 games.

Perhaps the San Diego Padres for a player to develop their own farm plan more and more impatient boss Ron – Fowler and general manager AJ- Rene Harrell mad chase Harper and Machado in the past few weeks, the media has Padres general manager met photographed in a restaurant in Phoenix Machado broker.

Machado’s contract is the largest ever MLB free agent signing, such a high salary directly making the team next season pushed the total annual salary of a billion dollars. With Machado, have the ability to challenge the Padres in the NL West compny and the Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies.

Machado came to San Diego might be destined for the priesthood played third base position, because the team already has a top guerrilla zones rookie Fernando – Ta Disi, and already have guerrilla positions Padres Louis – Uli Elias. Although many baseball experts feel Uli Aspen is more suitable to second base position, but the off-season to join the veteran second baseman Ian – Gensler blocked this possibility, the priest is a long time between Ta Disi shortstop, which Machado makes only return to the familiar third base position.

Gossip Machado playoffs before signing cleric frequent manifestation big downfall

The week before Christmas, Machado visited the Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies. Yankees Machado is considered to be the most likely at home, because conducted during the Yankees shortstop Didi offseason ligament transplant surgery, the 2019 season comeback date yet. But in the end the Yankees signed veteran 图洛维斯基 selected.

Last season July Machado from the Baltimore Orioles was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers, the whole playoffs, Machado misfiring Orioles firepower. In Machado Midland is an MVP candidate, but the performance is not satisfactory West Los Angeles, despite the end of the season tournament when he hit rate of 2 to 97, made 37 home runs and 107 RBIs, but his playoff performance eye-popping.

Machado playoffs can be described as one after another disaster, whether batting first 2 to 27, and sometimes even no base-running passion, sometimes crazy opponents slip base. In the National League finals Machado when stepped on first base directly Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Aguilar feet. Worse Machado to reporters after the game, “intentionally and unintentionally trampled each other” indifferent to the problem.

Perhaps disastrous playoff Machado freedom to contract signing have a great impact. But as a superstar, Machado as a top MLB players repeatedly paid All-Star *, the new season after the emotional stability does not appear big problem.

+ Infield gifted all-rounder Machado deserves super contract

Machado was four-time MLB All-Star team, made 35 home runs per season, in addition to keep third base, he can fight as a guerrilla in the past four years, but the most exciting is
that he is only 26 years old, the future may also be a higher level, which is why the Padres for $ 300 million betting on horse races Machado’s future.

2010 draft, Machado with the third overall pick, who is joining the Baltimore Orioles. Gifted he was 20 years old when he appeared on the stage of the Grand Alliance. But came to the big leagues, Machado did not own fielding shortstop in the minor leagues, because at that time the Orioles squad senior defensive specialist JJ- Hardy guarding the guerrilla zone, Machado forced its forces at third base, but he also shine at third base, there are many times won the gold glove Award gold glove Award symbolizes the strongest defense. Machado station began back in the 2017 season guerrilla position. After Hardy left the Orioles, Machado became the team’s shortstop, five good balls again and again proved Machado has the ability to become a major league shortstop.

Baltimore Orioles in seven seasons, Machado blasted 162 home runs, 2016 season, he hit a career-best 37 bombers. Batting average 2 to 83 as well as on-base percentage of 3 to 35, Machado if we can gain a firm foothold in the state Orioles play in the priest, he will be a strong contender for future MLB Hall of Fame.

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