Magical team! Walist Dongny is dissatisfied with it! Is the rocket show the management of management?

Before Jamesden left, the Rockets have always been one of the most competitive teams of NBA. In 18 years, we won the first good results in the West, and the Western Finals and Warriors played fluster. That round series is classic in the past 10 years. However, the rocket is always like a sigh of relief, and I can’t initiate an impact to better results. In addition to luck, some decisions in the rocket management also have a relationship. The rocket is a magical team, how can you tell?

Today, the rocket controlled defender Wall took a personal training video in the social media, and the text: ready to rebirth, ready, let me. Subsequently, NBA players such as Coxs, Tak, and the commentary aid in Wall.

Why is Wall say that in social media? Because the rockets have to cultivate young players, Wall is the space that will only hinder the space of young players. Wall still wants to play, and want to play with the first identity, but the Rockets only hope that Wall will play with the alternate, and it is difficult to go. Because Wal’s annual salary exceeds 40 million, the difficulty of trading is very difficult. Now Wall is not unable to seek a stage. No one knows where Wall will go to the next stop, this season can not play.

Wall is in the social media to be dissatisfied with the rocket management. The rocket management is indeed no respect for Wall. After all, Wal has a total of more than 20 points in Wal last season, and there are 3 rebounds 7 assists 1 steals. Wall still has a battle, still has a certain level of output, still organizes the team. The defensive end he did his good, NBA did not have a few players last season to do 1.1 steals and 0.8 caps. Wall can be a height of only 1 meter 9-point guard.

Not only Wall is dissatisfied with the rocket. Previous Anthony is also an example. Anthony is a good score in the peak period, but in order to the champion Dream Anthony does not hesitate to put down the body and go to the rocket. We all know that Anthony was given up by the team in the Rocket. There are only 13 minutes and 5 rebounded data, and that season, many teams think that Anthony has no ability to play in NBA, and is not willing to accept him. In fact, the Rockets have not used good Anthony, but also was wasted at Anthony. Anthony can only look at the state in the training https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.comground.

Revelling, Harden left the rocket, and the words that were released after the game were also convinced. Harden may have some dissatisfaction with the rocket management. Harden played so many seasons in the Rockets, paying everything. There is no new helper to the end, but it is necessary to hand over the ball for the team. The Rockets cannot provide Champions in Haden, and Harden can only leave the rocket.

After the rocket fails, the team adjusted the idea to start reconstruction. How bad is the performance of the Rocket Two season reconstruction? The records of two consecutive season rockets are the western bottom level, and this season directly reached the worst. Since the beginning of the game, the Rockets played in 19 games, only three of them, 3 wins and 16 negative records alliance countdown first.

After changing an angle, can the fans find the core of the Rockets Current Jeni? This person can be small port, which can be this year’s eye Green, or it can be inner line. The current direction is completely confused. They did not have a clear team core. The last season Harden is still playing the ball in the rocket. As a result, the rocket attack is incomparably, it can only take the strategy of Harden on the head.

In fact, the situation in Wolben season is similar to Harden last season. Walbook still has a battle force, but he was forced to hand over the ball and handed over the game. As an excellent defender who has been selected for all stars. How can I want to meet this treatment Wolgon? He is definitely uncomfortable in his heart. The rocket is now unwilling to compromise his first position, and the transaction is very difficult. Therefore, we can understand why Wall wants to send a video on social media and express your dissatisfaction.

The Rockets will still be unified in the next two seasons. They have a rebuilt resource, but can they really have a rebuilt direction? Management is very likely to be a large stumbling foot on the Rocket Reconstruction. If the Rockets want to improve the strength to reverse the record as soon as possible. Perhaps the personnel of the management need to change, and if there is no excellent management, it is impossible to find a suitable goal for the team. Even if the rocket comes in the future, it is impossible to have a trend of performance. Readers friends, do you think that the management of the rocket needs to wash? Welcome to the commentary of the review area under the article.

Author: georgesroom