Manchester United 30 million EOW will determine the strength of the team, the country or signing

This season, with the continued decline of the team’s record, Manchester United coach Solska suffered huge pressure. From the outside world, Solskaya’s team did not show the ability to get dilemma in a short time, they seem to be deeper in the quagmire. Manchester United’s management has no patience to Solskaya. Although the latter still has supported Fergoson and a group of players, this may be the fastest after the Tottenham hot puncture team, Soska will have to leave the Manchester United manager.

The reason why Solskaya can’t reverse this decline is because he does have some problems with the control of this team. As everyone knows, as a team’s head coach, especially as a team-rich manager, we must effectively control the big star in the team, not only to ensure their enthusiasm, there is a high level of competition on the court, but they should also The attitude is moderately blow to avoid too loose situations. This requires very high skills. Unfortunately, Solskia does not seem to have such an ability. For the management of players such as Boaga and Greenwood, Soskaya seems to be too loose. This directly leads to some players represented by Boaga lack sufficient combat spirit and honor, which affects other players. In this way, Manchester United ‘s combat power is naturally not satisfactory.

On the other hand, it is in the arrangement and technology and tactics of the troops. In terms of techniques and tactics, Solsky’s team has always been, no matter what opponent, Manchester United is “constantly changing”. In addition to achieving good results in a few competitions, this irreparable tactics are not ideal in most competitions. However, Solskia never adjusted or changed. In addition, Solskaya is too stubborn in employees, especially in terms of Sancho and Greenwood. Since Sang Jo came to Manchester United, he has been placed in the left-wing position by Solska. When Solskaya proved that he is not suitable for this location, he still refused his position until Rashford recovered from injuries, Sang Joh was placed directly on the bench.

Greenwood’s performance in the right is not satisfactory this season. Most of the time, it looks too sticky, obviously lacks the feeling of cooperation with teammates. However, Solskaya gave him unconditional trust in love, regardless of his performance, today breaking news in hindi he is always unable to defeat the first right edge. Another player had to mention it, that is, Fanbeike. Before this season, Fanbeck is planning to leave the team in order to get more opportunities. But Solska finally refused to apply for Fanbeck’s transfer and left him in the team. However, Fanbeike’s situation does not have any signs of improvement this season. So far, he only has an opportunity for a substitute in the league, and the game is only 5 minutes; he has won an opportunity to participate in the Champions League and have been replaced at the end of the half, and his performance is not bad at the time. When asked why Fanbeike did not give him enough game time, Solskia did not give any specific explanation, just say that he understood the mood of Van De Becker, hoping that he can behave well. For 24-year-old Fanbeck,www rediffnews in his best stage of his career, he needs enough game time to keep your own position, even if he changed a team.

In this case, Fanbeike seems to have made decisions. According to reports, Fanbeike has replaced his broker now, and now he and Lindlov and Franki are the same broker. According to the Daily Mail, Fanbeike decided to leave Manchester United during winter vacation. The wolves and Everton are interested in signing Fanbeck. Fanbeike and Manchester United were expired after 4 years, his value in the transfer market was 30 million euros. However, considering that Solskaya’s position is unstable, Fanbeike can wait for a while. If Manchester United chooses to replace the main coach, he may want to be an important member of the next head coach.

In addition, in terms of International Milan, some players may leave the team, 24 news hd contact number such as Sans. This season, the Saint team is very limited in the rule of Zaji. He played 7 times in the League and Champions League, but the number of times the first appearance was only once, no goal. The contract between Jinsha and International Milan will not expire until the past two years. Taking into account the high-year salary of Jinsha, the International Milan who is eager to control expenses hopes to leave the team during the winter vacation. However, from his performance of this season, even if he left, the new boss basically could not match his current salary. International Milan is likely to make some compensation. If Sans leaves the team, Inter Milan will continue to recruit at the front line. According to the Milan Sports News, Inter Milan is paying attention to the situation of Sa Solo’s top Raspadary, and delhi aaj tak breaking news in hindi intends to use this young Italian country instead of Saheche. Las Paduri’s contract with Sa Solo expired three years later, his value in the transfer market is 15 million euros.

Author: georgesroom