Mayfield responded to the high-estimated statement Brown offensive group repeatedly questioned when it was expected

September 26 (Wen / ESPN JAKE Trotter Compile / Fang “) Baker Mei Field (Baker Mayfield) During the interview, he took directly to the front NFL coach now ESPN commentator Ryan’s criticism, before Len Open commenting in the show, Mefield was discouraged, thinking that he was seriously overestimated.

The second grade of the Cleveland Brown said: “There is no relationship, in accordance with the words Freddie Kitchens, if you don’t wear orange-brown costumes (the main color of the Brown Team It means to support the Brown team), then you have meaningless to us, and the Ryan is not effective for any team this season, so his words don’t care. “

Lenni previously said in the ESPN program GET UP: “They (Brown team) so bad performance made me want to go out when their offensive coordinators, if my offensive group has Beibei, Landri, Chase and Mei Field, I won’t let the team be so bad, of course, Mefield has been highly estimated (OVERRATED AS HELL). “

Last season, Mefield was second in the NFL’s best offensive. The second year of voting is second, and he is very struggling this season. His successful score and four-point guards share NFL all quarter-off. The 30th and 32 bits, and only four teams scored less than the Brown team, and the average score of each of them reached 16.3 points.

Ryan has been fried squid during the past five years, including 2014, New York Jet and 2016 in Buffalo, since then he will never start coaching. Kashengsheng as the rookie main coach hugs for their quarter-free guards in an interview, indicating that Ryan’s remarks directly showed his ignorance.

Benee also expressed his view to Ryan’s criticism of Mefield: “Every game day, we will still go all the way to the game. I didn’t take Lien’s meaning. In fact, I like him very much, but we really don’t I don’t think what you said, you think we have an estimate, and these remarks will not affect our performance on the court. “

Mefield believes that it is a very difficult thing to completely block these questions: “Sometimes you have to realize something, especially under such an environment, you will hear many speech, there will be Many experts express their own views on TV. People have freedom, and players need to do it is to defend their teammates in their lockers and refused to reject those negative words, and once these remarks become your burden Will make everything worse. “

Although the Brown team started some slow heat, if they can fight Bar’s Mosa Crow in the next game, they will be the name of the United States, and as the opponent of Mefield, the crow quartz, 2016 Haisman Award winner Ramar Jackson gives Mefield high evaluation: “I think he is a very good quadruple, he has become a champion.”

Mefield is highly hoped in this season, which is also true of this talent Brown. The fact is better than the else, if Mefield can lead the team to win, then these questions will naturally disappear, and Meifield often appear in entertainment programs, and now it is time to focus on the court. I got it.

Author: georgesroom