Media people summarize how the Chinese football 10 months have passed in 2021 …

  On November 2nd, the media man Li Wei summed up how the Chinese football was spent 10 months in personal Weibo. From the Suning Club to the helplessness, from the 40th season, joys 12 Failure and pan …

  Li Wei wrote:

  There is always a bit embarrassed.

  What did you have in the past ten months in 2021?

  Spend in the pain dissolution in the Suning Club,

  Survey in the league again,

  Spend in the suffering of the national football team,

  Spend in the anger caused by the internal game and struggle of the Football Olympics,

  Surgict in the tamil news live one india surprising of the Olympics joint team,

  Spend a short enthusiasm in the national team 40,

  Spend a continuous arrearity scandal,

  Spend in the continuous bid farewell to the big foreign youtube new videos aid foreign teacher,

  Spend in the difficult advancement of the share reform of the Professional League Club,

  Spend in the fiasco of the AFCC and overseas,

  The club in the household investment continues to hang over,

  Spend in the failure of the 12th game and the pan

  Spend in the spring and autumn dream of public welfare football …

  For this concern for Chinese football, the netizens who care about Chinese football have also india today newspaper in english asked: “Who can the female football coach? Is there a message?” Li Wei replied: “No news.”

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