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8 partitions 32 teams fought in 6 months to finger 1 super bowl. The NFL 2018-19 season will be officially opened on September 7. Specially prepared a beautiful former food – eight days in front of the eight-day spring and summer, autumn and winter. First let us start from the United States of Tonglang Mefield.

The United States has never lacks topics, but “disappointment” is the main melody in this partition in recent years. A two-season 1 win 31 negotiated super fish, a long pride of the past after a 12 season won the championship, a big kitchen, the second round of the second round of the season, a hand, one The strongest trident of the league is also caught in the superb bowl trophy. When disappointing slowly became desperation, suddenly, a full of bright door was opened – that is the spring of 2018 season. Maybe it’s really disappointed, the bigger the surprise will be.

Cleveland Brown last season record 0-16 forecast this season 6-10 partition fourth

Brown offensive group

Brown offensive group

Spring is a day of recovery. It is a day of pregnancy life. It is a day of savings. NFL’s spring is no exception. The Brown team of a large number of drafts and salary space was finally taken in the spring of 2018. On March 9th, the free player market opened, Brown received the number of Dolphin’s number one outside Jaweiss – Randri, the past three season Bill’s offensive commander Taylor, 49 people mainly run Carlos – Hyde and Packaging Workers Cashed Daren Marios – Randel. Brown is soaked in the heart of salty fish. By the end of the April, the champion is signed to pick Mefield’s key training. No. 4 sign will take the corner of Dandan – Ward fill the team corner guard, 4-round Show Carver not only abandon the playback It also sits on the position of the team 3. From the book strength, the Brown team will be extremely successful.

Another good news is Josh-Gordon’s regression. Despite missed most of the quarter training camp, as long as Gordon can get rid of drugs through treatment, stay away from alcohol, he can find it back sooner or later, Ricardo – Louis’s event is so insignificant.

Although there is such a signing show, but looking forward to the new season, no one thinks that Brown will also be as difficult to see the win, but there are very few people who will count on Brown to fly into the playoffs. After all, this team is still very young. After all, Taylor is just better than Kaisher. Therefore, the decimal point when the US Gaming Company is giving the BRANGi’s season’s number of odds is 5.5, more than 5.5 odds. The Brown team has not ran out 6 wins. But the playoffs? Or wait until Mefeld is in the helm!

Cincinnati ram tiger last season record 7-9 predict this season record 9-7 partition 2nd get the external card qualification

Tiger player celebrates up to

Tiger player celebrates up to

Compared to the overall attack of the Brunt, the Tigers’ sniper programs are more targeted. Since Dalton enters the Alliance, the 2011-2015 season has been killed 28 times, the team’s record is 50 wins and 26 losses 1 flat (excluding 3 games for 15 season defects); in the past two seasons, the road Passing 41 times in 16 years, 17 years 39 times, team record is 13 wins and 18 lightens 1 flat. Obviously, the offensive frontline is more important to Dalton, which is poor in mobile skills. Therefore, the Tiger invited the Bill team’s professional bowl left disappearance Cidi-Glen, the first round of the election, the first round of the center, Plyce, the purpose of only one, protect the pocket.

Another problem with the Tiger is the second-line defense, and the anti-joining loopholes. Since the case, I search for a list of hugs. Eh! Just hug Wang Preston – Brown became a free player, then he didn’t hesitate to take it. The two words with the Venus teacher are described: perfect!

Coupled with the mainstarriage of the stroke of the main proximity, the Affitt recovery is good, and the third week of the preseason is returned to the game. Think about when he is not there last season, Andy Dalton is getting ruthless when he attacked in the Red District, and it will understand that this 27-year-old big man is more important.

Strongly, the general return, even if the talent is not enough, the playoffs can participate in the participation. second round? Wait, wait.

Baltimore Crow last season record 9-7 prediction this season record 8-8 partition third

As a defensive team of alliance, the crow can always rely on Tak’s free game every season, always give the fans a kind of illusion: This team can be stirred over the season. However, but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The problem of picking hands can be seen even the 6-year-old little doll can be seen until the March 2018, the crow offensive group finally saw the shadow of excellent external cluster. In order to cultivate the red area of ??Cooper being discarded by the raid, John Brown, Saints, who had played thousands of yards in the red ramp, and the best in this year’s draft conference. Close-edge Hayden – Hester. Coupled with the super bowl of champion quadruple Fragra and playing a reputation in the last season. The crow offensive symbol has no obvious short board.

However, in recent days, the first round of Shihenden Head-Hast is hurt, the foot stress fracture will take a break in 3-4 weeks. The Hubble, Hubble, has to be scratched. Which close it is. Moreover, the problem between Vlaco and 3 new starters will probably take the feet forwarded in the season in the early season, and in the middle of the season, it is necessary to face the national Nanxiong. The schedule is too dangerous. The 5 winning rate will never regret the playoffs, and the freshmen of the crow are next seasons.

Pittsburgh Steelman last season record 13-3 predict this season record 11-5 partition 1 US Fellow finals

Big book tactics

Big book tactics

Finally, let’s take a look at the steel people. The steelman has won the big heat in the past few seasons, and the annual impact failed. As the age-Rooserisberg is getting bigger and bigger, the steel man is more increasingly acting, and it is terrified that the last winning hope before the retirement is lost. The lunar season forced the privilege label leaving Le Wenee-Bell, the steel man almost only relying on the draft to supplement some fresh blood, but it may only be able to use only the first round of safety Wei Terrer – Edmund . Two rounds of external James – Washington only proves that herself, waiting for Elays Rogers to return, Washington will lose the main position.

The steel people’s leaders are connected in Antonio – Brown mounted on the cover of Madden NFL 19 this summer. Don’t think that this is a good thing, the power of Madden’s magic curse can not see. This is not, Brown has just injured in training in training, which is really frightened. It is good to be injured, and it should not affect the unveiled battle of the AB84 out of the team.

However, this year, the United States, the United States, the common problem is to meet the national nanitan part of the military strong horse. The Black Panther Falcon Saint Nothing is alive. The steel body is to face the patriot and the American tiger, plus two steel crow wars, steel people still have two victory, and the core players are safe.

Going into the playoffs, how to pass the patriots, don’t know if the steel people think about it.

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