MLB announces the four new rules of the 2020 season: Da Guxiang is qualified for two-knife

On February 13, Beijing time, the MLB US Roman Wallers announced the four rules of the 2020 season: pitcher facing the three players, lineup restrictions, changes, injury list rules change, and decision time. Although the previous three rules have already been made public, today the alliance officially confirmed all the rules of the new season.

The following is a specific detail of each rule change:

At least three beats:

All pitcher – whether the first firing or the post-aid pitcher – the new season must be facing three players (or the end of the half) can be replaced. However, the player can’t persist because of injuries, it can be finally finalized.

This rule will greatly affect some of the backup pitcher, those who are good at only one beam-former – such as the left to deal with left-sighted – it is very likely to withdraw from the stage of the big alliance. The team that uses the opening pitcher will also be affected – usually the team will use a certain kinder who uses a pitcher to face a particular bell for the front of the opponent, and now the pitcher must be filled with three players.

This rule will be implemented in the beginning of the next month.

Bymount restriction rules:

The lineup restriction rules mainly include five specific parts:

The list of 1.26 people. From the opening season to August 31 and the playoffs, the number of each team has changed from 25 people to 26, including 13 pitcher.

2. List of September. Each team has changed from 40 people throughout the September, and it contains 14 pitks. Before this season, any players in the 40-person list can go to the big alliance in September. Although the team usually does not use all 40 places, it is basically able to break through 30 people, and a large number of players have seriously affected the rhythm of the September League.

3. Two-knife flow is determined. The official United Alliance officially officially defined a player who can play into a “two-knife” player. A two-knife player can not be restricted by wild hands, and it will not count from 13 pitcher shares. However, once a player is identified as a two-knife player, he cannot change again as a wilder or pitcher before the end of the season.

This rule especially for the players of the Grand Vallant and the Red Squad of the Red Squad of the Antges. The big league Since Beibie-Russen, there is no truly two-knife player, and this is until 2018 Da Guxiang Flat landing in the United States.

A player is identified as a two-knife stream that needs to meet the following conditions – this player needs to be in the season or last season, in the Great League, 20 times as a wilder or designated strike, and must be at least each time There are three shots.

However, as the first year implemented by the new rules, the 2020 season allows the players who meet the requirements in the 2018 season may also be considered as a two-knife. As a result, Daligang is not picked up due to elbow ligament reconstruction surgery last season, but he still rely on the 2018 season of meeting, registering this season as a two-knife.

4. Wild hand pocuses. Only the prolonged match or division is more than six points, the team is allowed to use wilder to shoot. Other times, only pitcher and two-knife flow allow the ball. In the past few seasons have increased dramatically. The team will send a wilder to the field to save the physical strength of pitcher. The entire 2019 season, more than 50 wilders have at least one passing experience.

5. 27th. The 26th rules of the past, because the list of games becomes 26, so the name is 27th. In special cases (mainly a day double game), the team is allowed to temporarily call a player. Now this rule is still effective, but it has become 27th, and the number of pitches allowed in the big list also rose to 14 people.

Injury list and time:

The injury list of pitcher and two-knife flows is 15 days. In other words, once they are put on the injury list, it is necessary to be reactivated after 15 days. Until the 2017 season, all players’ injuries were 15 days, and then the rules were changed to 10 days. Wilders will still use 10 days of injury list rules.

In addition, if the injured pitcher is decentralized, he must stay for 15 days on the list of injuries. The wilder is still 10 days.

Challenge time:

The total coach decided whether the time challenged from 30 seconds to 20 seconds. The original coach has sufficient time to collect enough information to decide whether to challenge, and shorten the time means an increase in the difficulty of challenge. This rule change is the only one in advance of this rule change.

Author: georgesroom