MLB Heavy Cannon MiKe Napoli in recent years has been suffering from right knee injuries in recent years. After deep thinking, he gave up the plan to return to the one-year-war, announced the decision of his retired in social media.Mike-Napoli’s career starts from Los Angeles AngelsNapoli graduated from a high school in Florida, and the 17th round in 2000 was selected by Anneheim / Los Angeles Angel. From then on, he began to slowly climb slowly in the angel farm system. He hooded in the small alliance for nearly 7 years, and he mounted a big alliance in 2006. When he debuted, he played out in the position of the capture. That season, he only hit a 99 game, and he contributed the team to the victory contribution of 2.5 wins. Such a result is placed in the alliance and also calculates the number. During his effectiveness of the angel, he made a total of 92 projectors.But due to the fact that Mike Scioscia is not satisfied with the defensive ability of Catcher Napoli, the two contradictions. Eventually, in 2011, angels with blue birds made a psychic transaction. The angels sent Napoli with the field of Outdoors, Juan Rivera, sent to Toronto Bluebird, in exchange for Vernon Wells. Before this transaction, almost everyone thought that the 4-year 70 million US dollars in Wales were authentic junk contracts, no trading value, and the angels did not explain the blue bird. Soon Napoleum was traded to the Great State Cavalry, where he found the golden age of career.In 2011, Nagoli’s performance ranked among the leaders of the league, he and teammates helped visit the cavalry to win the Meetian champion, and kill the World Series; in 2012, his achievements were obvious, and he also turned into a Squirting, no longer serving as a worker. After the end of the 2012 season, he and Boston socks signed a three-year contract.Mike Napoli’s high-quality performance of 34 bombings in Indians in 2017In 2013, Napoli and Red Socks won the World Series Championship, and also made up for the regret of 2011. His performances in the 2014 season were still steady, but they arrived in the 2015 season, but he had to work hard after the contract was completed. This time the Cleveland Indians thrown olive branches, where he also found the second spring of career. In the 2016 season, he played the highest 34 of the career, helping the Indians won the Meetan Champion, and the Chicago Bear Guild Wars to the last moment of the seventh game of the World Series Competition.He returned to the tourist in the 2017 season, but his performance and the other year of the year. After the 2017 season, he signed a small alliance with the Indians, but constantly injured him a single season’s spending 8 games, and did not return to the big alliance.Napoli has played a shock on the three-layer look at Roger Center in Roger, Toronto Blue Birds.Throughout the career of Napoli, Napoli has effectively validate angel, swim, red socks and Indians. Amormed him to take the game three times, in 2011, he hit the three surroundings 0.320 / 0.414 / 0.631, standardization weighting The offensive index is as high as 179, which is the highest peak of his career, also leaving a strong color in the history of the tour army. His career has been ranked nearly 1400 games, playing 5,330 shots, and his career strikes with 0.246 / 0.346 / 0.475 and played 267 splitter hits. His blow performance is nearly 20% higher than the alliance average. The victory contribution of his career has reached 25.1 victory, as a player who has never selected a new list of farm systems, his play has greatly exceeded the expectations of science.From the honor of Napoli, he has selected all stars in 2011. 7 times, in the playoffs, in 2011, 2013 and 2016 represented the three teams, respectively, with the three teams. Among them, in 2013, the World Series Competition was won. The ball of these teams will not forget the far-reaching home base and excellent choice ability; he also hasExtreme personality charm, he also welcomes in all teams.

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