MLB-Lin Wei double-rang Cannon Shengshi Indians passenger

On September 7, Beijing time, the Cleveland Indians challenge the Blue Bird Team in Toronto, and started the first game of this four-game war. With the good investment of Lin Wei, the 1st game of Bieber 6 and 3, the Indians defeated the blue bird with the score of 9 to 4, and they won the 3-game winning victory while they won the United States. The champion is only 7 winners.

[Data Highlight]

Cleveland Indians: Lin Wei 5 playing 4 安 打 (including 2 sports hits), run back to 3 points and 4 points to book points; ppnis 5 playing 1 安 打 (Home Bell), 3 points Please pay 1 point for 5 players, run back to 1 point; Shawn Bien voted 6 and 3, 1 (89 goals, 62 good balls), was hit by 7 points (3 points), send 6 times, three vibrations, there is also 1 time, win the nine wins (3 negative) season. He didn’t have to lose money.

Sean - Bieber's high-quality first, 4 points, 3 points are responsible

Sean – Bieber’s high-quality first, 4 points, 3 points are responsible

Toronto Bluebird: 4 players in Tricez, 3 merits (all second bases), 1 point to run back 2 points; 2 players in Gregory 2 play.

[Competition process]

In the first half, Jia Villy is very dodge, Lin Wei looked at the two bad balls, and saw the inner corner of Garvilio vaulting, playing the ball. The boundary wall. The Indians get 1 to 0 leaders. Subsequently adjusted the state in time, the 3 players behind the Indians were solved.

Lin Wei is fierce, as a guerrilla hand, he is solid, and the offensive is also exciting.

Lin Wei is fierce, as a guerrilla hand, he is solid, and the offensive is also exciting.

Wait until the second half, the Blue Bird team is not willing to show weakness. The first batter McKini took the lead in playing the birds, but the three players after the Blue Bird team couldn’t play, and the two or two rods played a wild roller, helping McKini to go to the third base, at this time Three vibrates four sticks, Morales, ended the first game. The Indians temporarily lead one to 0.

At the second game, both sides have entered a state, and Garvilio let the Indians three strokes. In addition to being played by Trretz, it also makes the blue bird’s players. return. At the upper half of the three games, the Indians’ blows returned to Lin Wei. After this, Lin Hao took 5 balls with Garvilio, picked up a low-spirited split, the home running of the right foreign country, completed the single field, this is also his The 3333 of the season hits. After that, Girio made a flying ball out of the game and ended this half. In the second half of the three games, Bobo also made the blue bird’s players three. Three games, Indians are already 2 to 0 leaders.

At the upper half of the four games, Ramires knocked out the birds from the hand of Gavigo, but he was blocked by Macques before he tried to organize the second base. Then Jiavilio shake spirits, connecting a three-oscillated Envazzi and Alonso, ending the fourth game. The blue bird’s offense has improved in the fourth place. Little Gurier took the lead in leaning against birds, Morales, also selected to be guaranteed. Although Bobo San vibrate Pilar, Trreds still played a second base for 1 point of interest from his hand. Following Ernande to play the ball in the direction of the Chinese and foreign countries, the two runners of the base ran back to the home base, and he also went to the second base. After this wave of blue birds, Bobber’s stable emotions made Macques rolling earth, and Ernandez also went to three bases. Then he created the rolling earth in Diaz’s best direction, but the alone Alonso was defeated, and Erninus took the opportunity to run back to the home base to get the fourth point. Bibber makes McKini to end this semi-bureau after playing the flying ball, but 4 games, Indians have 2 to 4 behind the blue bird.

In the upper half of the five games, the Indians immediately responded to the offensive of the blue bird in the fourth game. After Kabrera was scorched, Gomez and Allen played a bird. Following Gaier’s second base to beat the left field, Gomez ran back to the buildings, Allen and Gaier accounted for two or three bases in the case of one person. At this time, the Blue Bird Total Coach Jiebenz reveals the truncation of Josenandez to Delinand. Although the opponent changed the investment, Lin said that the bird was returned to 2 points and helped the Indians contracted the score. Although Fernandes solved the afterwards of the two players, the first half of the five games ended, and the Indians once again achieved a leading than 5 to 4. Garvilio spent 72 balls today (44 good balls) cast 4 and 3, one game, was hit 6 security (including Lin Wei’s 2-haired homework) dropped 5 points, three vibrated 4 players Did not guarantee, and finally swallow the 8th defeat (3 wins).

In the second half of the five games, even though Tel Avis took the lead in playing birds, it was Solitari El, and Morares’s double kill was created, and the leading advantage of the Indians.

Tel Avis 4-4 independent double kill

Tel Avis 4-4 independent double kill

The sixth bureau blue bird replaces the pitcher, Justin Shafer debut, and the Indian offensive is still ongoing. Encancie first played birds, Alonso leaned against Travis’s pitch. After the chaos of the chaos did not press the situation, he 5 balls sent Kabrera to form a situation where no one was full. However, Gomez’s flat-fly ball directly entered Travis’s gloves, and the second base runner Alonso was started in advance, and was stepped on the second base of the second base, and completed independent double kills. A situation of two people out of the game. At this time, Allen made a second base of the right foreign country, and the Nakanius ran back to the home base to get the sixth point of the game. As Gaier’s
flat-fly ball is out, the Sixth of the Indian Sixth Bureau is a paragraph. Indians continue to expand their leadings and lead in 6 to 4. The second half of the six games, the blue bird’s offensive is contained in Bibo. Three-three-three times were successfully completed.

Entered the seventh game, the blue bird continued to replace Danny Barnes. This half-bureau he made the Indian people three on three, successfully defended this half. In the next half, Bieke is still going to shoot, after Sanzhen Macques, Diaz played a bird from him. Although he only cast 89 balls (62 good balls), the Indian coach Terry Francona still decided to replace Tyler Olson to stay in the victory. However, Bluebird also replaced the Randal Grichuk, he played a bird from Olsen. The Indians quickly changed Adam-Snober to control the situation, and Travis played key rolling dual killing, ending the blue bird’s semi-bureau attack. The seven games, the Indians are 6 to 4 lead.

Entered the eighth game, the blue bird replaced David Paulino. Although the Indians’ first battalist Nakazza played from his hands and relying on the two-bar in Poolino’s mistake, but the Baolino has been in the state of the three-oscillated two, and the third place has created the third place. The player’s flying ball is out, guarding this half. The momentum of the squadrock against the squadron of the eighth game is still not reduced. The Indians resemble the truncation, and the Terminator before the team Cody Allen. He was born after the small Guuriel, three vibrated Morales and created Pilar’s flying ball out. However, the second two-running secondary second second base of Trretz on this game made the blue bird runner into two or three bases. Allen did not suffer from this anaba, he sent Hernandes, ending the offensive of the squid of the squadrock in the eighth game.

The game entered the top half of the nine games, the blue bird replaced the small Mark Leiter Jr.. He took the tentarelet ball in Garr after Aunt. Lin Hao once again played the borders, followed by Ch Presses to catch the red and lost the ball in Wright, and played three points, the Indians were more than 4, and they also locked the victory. Although he had three vibrators to Ramirez and Alonso, he ended this half, but the short half of the nine bureaus did not let the blue bird’s counterattack, successfully defended 9 to 4 Shengshi.

[Two Party First]

Cleveland Indians

First stick guerracom Viller Sisso – Lin Wei (Francisco Lindor)

Second Bar 2Gess Jason Kipnis

Third stick, Jose Ramirez, Jose Ramirez

Fourth rod designated to fight Edwin Encarnacion

The fifth stick is a barrier, Yonder Alonso

Sixth rod right wilder Melky – Kabrera (Melky Cabrera)

Seventh stick catcher – Gomes “Yan Gomes

Eighth Battles in the wild hand Greg Allen

Ninth rod left outer wilder Brandon – Gael (Brandon Guyer)

First Potter Sean – Bo Bie Bieber

Toronto Bluebird

First rod right outer wilder Billy – McKinney

Second Raw Twelve Devon Travis

Third rod guerrillas Xiaolodes – Gurr (Lourdes Gurriel Jr.)

Fourth rod designated to fight KFRs Morales

Fifth stick Chinese and foreign wilder Kevin Pilarar

Sixth stick, Radi-Tellev (Rowdy Tellez)

Seventh rod left outer wilder handleuscar – Ernandez

Eighth rod Catcher Lis – McGuire

Ninth sticks of Alede Mis Diaz (Aldemys Diaz)

First Potter Sam – Sam Gaviglio


Tomorrow, both sides will also compete for the second game in the Rogers Central Course. The Indians will send Carlos – Calasco as a first firing. The Carraceco is so surprising in August, and the 6-time penny is only 1.85, but he faces the first five points in Tampawan’s rays last week.

The prefair pitcher sent by the blue bird is Mark Estrada. Due to the influence of the back injury, he had a total of 11 points in the past two games, and he swallowed.

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