MLB-National 8-1 Slim, take the small history of the game, send 12K KFRK 3 points

On October 15th, Beijing time, MLB American Professional Baseball Grand Union ushered in a battle against the focus, Washington National Team met St. Louis Hashque.In the end, the National Team 8-1 big victory, the big score 3-0 lead, the National Team is only a difference between the first World Competition of the team.

[Data Highlight]

St. Louis’s pactions, Martinez 2, run back to 1 point. Austa and Delong send two security.

In the Washington National Team, the first firing Strasberg, the main investment 7.0, sent 12K, ERA0.00. KFRK 3 is playing, 3 tap, run back 2 points. Lunden 2 is playing, 1 point. Run 2 points. Zimmerman 2 play, 2 points. Roblet 2 is playing, 1 tap, run back 2 points.

[Competition process]

The first half of the game, Strusberg was strongly opened, and the San Zhen has two players, and also caught the ball of the player and let the Red season stripped three. After the second half, after the two booches, Fleti was shipped in Linden, but with the Sodo, the National Team did not return.

In the upper half of the 2 game, although Aguta was once on the second base, the Luque team did not create other opportunities. The second half of the 2nd game, Fleti twice three times and rolling the earth, staged three three.

In the upper half of the 3 game, Strasberg continued to maintain a good state and staged three three.

In the second half of the 3 game, Roblet was hit, and then Strusberg strikes the ball to help Robleton. After Turner was sent out by Sanzhen, Eaton sent an actions to help Robleto scored, and the National Team was first scored 1-0. Next, I’m hitting the ball, Austrian sliding has a mistake, and finally let Yon scored a barrier, and Lennden also rushed to the second base. The National Team was 1 point, 2-0. Following the Sodo is guaranteed, Fleti has a strain, and the two players of the National Team move forward to the second and third bases. At the critical moment, KFRRK will send a profound-far-long second base to help two teammates come to base scores, and the National Team is 4-0 leads. Later, Zimmerman rushed to the game, the Solda team finally ended this half.

After the 4 games, the Sapphire team two out of the bureau, Aoyza and Martin Nens were sent out. However, the Morina high-speed ball was then killed, and the Luque team did not seize the opportunity. The second half of the 4 games, Suzuki finished the play, but then Fleti still controlled his own state, and successfully made three three players from the country.

In the upper half of the 5 game, Edman was hit by San Zhen, but the Cartente, which was later appeared, was killed by Sanzhen, F Waler was killed, and the Luque team still did not score.

5 bureaus, red tones replace the first firing Freteti, today he mainly investment 4.0, send 6K, but dropped 4 points, ERA reached 9.00. Although the Red Squad of this Council, although the Office of the Len is turned out, Eaton and Sodo are successfully resolved. However, after the two bureaus, KFRK and Zimmerman have hit long-lasting, helping two teammates to score, and the National Team is 6-0.

In the middle of the 6 games, Strusberg played still, so that the Solda team stripped three. 6 bureaus, Robleto went out of Yangchun, the National Team 7-0 continued to expand the leading advantage. Then the Solda team successfully solved three kinds of beals who lost the national team and did not continue to add snow.

In the middle of the 7 games, the Hashque team hit two security, one and the second base, Edman was hit by Sanzhen, Delong hit the long-standing, and the Sodo took the ball and slipped, let Martinez back. The base score, the Red Season 1-7 recovered 1 point. However, Strusberg then sent two three vibrations, successfully ended this half.

After the 7th Bureau, the Red Picking team three watches two players, KFRK offensive, then Qi Merman knocked out, helping KFRK to score, national 8-1.

In the middle of the 8 games, the National Team replaced the first Strasberg. Today, he maintained a 7.0 bureau, sent 12K, cast 117 goals, ERA0.00, very well completed the first hair task. The 42-year-old old man will not lose Rodney, send three three vibrations, let the red sesame teams come back. 8 bureaus

In the middle of the 9 bureau, the National Team sent Tanner-Rivei closing, three vibrating two players, let Edan have been killed out, and the final national team 8-1 defeated the rickets.

[First lineup]

Washington National:

First stick: Tre-Terna guerrilla

Second Bar: Adam – Eaton Right Field Hand

Third 棒: Anthony – Lunden Tablets

Fourth stick: Juan – Sodo left outer wilder

The fifth rod: Haoyi – KFRK two base

Sixth: Rui’an Hi Merman

Seventh stick: Suzukiqing catcher

Eighth rod: Victor – Robleton

Ninth Bat: Stephen – Strasberg First Pointer

St. Louis Rock:

First stick: DXR – Fon Chinese

Second Bar: Kilton – Wang 2kger

Third Bot: Paul Gold Schmidt

Fourth: Masel – Austrian left field

The fifth rod: Jose – Martinez right wilder

Sixth stick: Yadie – Molina catcher

Seventh: Tommy – Teamwork

Eighth rod: Paul – Delong guerrilla

Ninth Bat: Jack – Fleiei first pitcher

[Next prospect]

Tomorrow, both sides will continue to launch fifth sorts of the national team. For the Red Season, this game is called life and death, and the National Team will be successfully advanced tomorrow, they will get a lot of rest adjustments before the World Competition.

The Red Squad First Pitcher is Dakota Herdesson, Hudson This season’s regular season 16 wins 7 losses, ERA3.35, in the playoffs first, is the game on October 8th and Warriors At that game, he mainly investrated 4.2, lost 4 points, and the performance is not particularly good. For the Red Squad, I want to seek Sandson tomorrow must take out the performance of the racing grade, of course, the Luque team will also recover.

The national team’s first firing is Patrick-Corbin, and he regularly seated 14 wins in the season, ERA3.25. In the playoffs, he has already appeared 4 times, 1 first hair, three relays, currently voted 8.1 bureaus, lost 8 points. Among them, I lost 6 points in the third game of Dao Qiqi, the first and Dodge team first, he also lost 2 points. However, with the current morale of the National Team, as long as the Colbin is working properly, the National Team is not a problem.

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