MLB official website to evaluate the top ten three bases of Blesman, Brest, the first

The 2019 season is about to open, recently official website launched a series of selection activities of the strongest players in the patrol alliance, and evaluated the strength of the Alliance players from a multi-angle. The experts of the list of the list of alliances made their assessment on the strength of the three base.

Saigrouping Summary: This year, the position depth of the league of the league can be said to be an unprecedented example. The three bases of alliances can attack a lot, and many of the three bases are acting as the center of the team, and the team attacks the firepower output. Although there is only 10 places in the list, it is actually in line with the three bases of the selection criteria far more than 10, and the judges can only endure love, and the most representative 10 three-bit.

Machado shocked at the Jinyu team, but he mainly guarded after coming to Dao

Machado shocked at the Jinyu team, but he mainly guarded after coming to Dao

Qualification: Each player can only participate in a position, so some players have obeyed three bases in the 2018 season, but they need to participate in other locations. Among these players, the famous famous Mach Machado, Max Muncy and Jake Lamb. Machado’s main gaze is a guerrilla, while Munxi and Rum’s gaze are all bases.

List of official website: The official website refers to the views of the judges and data party, and consistently discharges the list of 10 three-base hands in the 2019 season. Their arrangement is:

1) Jose Ramirez

2) Justin Turner

3) Nolan – Nolan Arenado

4) Anthony Renndon (Anthony Rendon)

5) Alex Bregman

6) Matt Carpenter

7) Matt Chapman

8) Kris Bryant (KRIS Bryant)

9) Josh Donaldson

10) Eugenio Suarez (Eugenio Suarez)

The ranking of Mike Petriello in the official website column is slightly different, and he also gives his own ranking.

Space man star three bases

Space man star three bases

Alex – Blesman, Houston Space Man Jose – Ramirez, Cleveland Indians

Throughout the 2018 season, only 4 players in the big alliance are more than the number of passengers than being numbers, two of them are separated by the first and second place, they are from space people. Leagman and Ramires from the Indians. When the selection was selected last year, Blesmann ranked eighth. At the time, we wrote this in our comments: “If someone can leap in the new season in the second half of this list, Nonbrightman Mo Believing.

In addition to the hustle of attack, Blesman has a god of help.

In addition to the hustle of attack, Blesman has a god of help.

The last season Blesman’s achievements were extremely excellent, and the strikes of 0.286 / 0.394 / 0.532 were played, and the standardized weighted offensive index (WRC +) is 157. The alliance ranked fifth, and the 31 projector was played, refreshed. Career is new. Defensive, although the light looks at the relevant data, his transcript is not good, but his performance in critical moments is worthy of the team. Especially in the case of the team’s main heart, Carlos Correa, in the absence of injury, he timely transfer the guerrilla area, first issued 23 games to solve the team’s urgency.

Ramirez's ability to fry this year, crazy, 39 strokes

Ramirez’s ability to fry this year, crazy, 39 strokes

Compared with Blesman’s score, Ramirez last season’s achievements are not inferior. He handed over the strike of 0.270 / 0.387 / 0.552, and the 39-sports hit has 34 piracy success, and the standardized offensive index has reached 146. In the past three season, Ramirens not only handed over the performance of the star level, but his competitive level one year, and the team of the team, Francisco Lindor, is supported together. Cleveland’s consignment.

However, Ramirez’s weakness in the next half of the season, the stage of this epic, a shadow. Lam Gene came into a long hit lower tide last year from September last year. During this time, he hit the three rounds of only 0.210 / 0.343 / 0.387, although his choice is still, but other aspects and the top 4 If two people are judged. In Blesman’s comparison, Ramires last two months of low tide dragged their legs, so he could only ranked the second place.

The Arena is universal, and the Rociji team will give him a hopes.

The Arena is universal, and the Rociji team will give him a hopes.

Nalan – Arena, Colorado, Matt – Chapman, Auckland Sports

The third fourth place ranked is also common, we put them together. They are the two three-bit three-bit three-bit hands in the alliance. Among them, the reputation of the Arena multi-gold gloves have been familiar – he has won the Golden Hand Clause Award in 6 years. Therefore, this is the reason why he is ranked third.

Chapman's critical feature is pre-judging + desperate, often because the ball is rushing to the seating area and the audience

Chapman’s critical feature is pre-judging + desperate, often because the ball is rushing to the seating area and the audience

Chapman won the big alliance in June 2017, the experience of the big alliance is still not rich, but he fully demonstrates his pre-preparedness in the game. He is very good at the defensive performance of the third base last season. According to the relevant defensive advanced data (DRS), the fraction of Chapman-finals last season can take the top five in the three-year-old defensive performance of the Great League in nearly 16 years. With this excellent performance, he also won the Golden Hand Clavant of last season.

If they are just outstanding performance in the critical performance, they can’t enter the top five on this list. Their strike performance is also very good. Arena has played at least 37 rays in four seasons, and the reputation of heavy guns has been spread all over the entire league. Even if he is a Rocky player, he is in the talents in the beepers, but it is still daunting.

Compared to Arena, Chapman’s reputation is a lot, but his long-playing ability is not weak. His long-range ratio was as high as 0.508 last season, and 24 projectors were played. The standardized weighted offensive index has reached 137, and the Based on the Atlanta Warriors Freddie Freeman is flat. I want to know what kind of game can I play like Fremman? ” Look at Chapman’s performance know.

Anthony-Lennden, Washington National

In the national arrays of the star gathered, Linden’s strength seems to be ignored by the outside world. Last season, his hit three surrounded by 0.308 / 0.374 / 0.535, playing 24th-style horn, standardized weighted offensive index up to 130. In other teams, this is the strength of the team’s star. However, due to the position and status of the team, Linden is only silently contributing to the team.

In the five seasons of him on the big alliance, he has been playing for 4 seasons. His performance in these four seasons is excellent; in the past two seasons, his long-winning rate is as high as 0.534, and the famous heavy cannon The results of Khris Davis or Nelson Cruz have similar results, and the difference between him and these emphasizes is that he is not a designated blow, he still guards the third base.

Said defensive, his defensive performance in his three-stroke zone is also good. From the hitting data, he raised his hits from 38% to 45%, and the ratio of rolling earth was reduced to 33% of his career. All of Lunden’s performance indicates that he can maintain this excellent performance in the future.

Former National Federation MVP Bryant's 2019 season will be strong, and he will give perfect performance without injuries.

Former National Federation MVP Bryant’s 2019 season will be strong, and he will give perfect performance without injuries.

Chris Bryant, Chicago Bear

The last season Brines played closely with his body state. Two months before the season, Bryant’s performance is as good as he. However, in late May, he hurt his left shoulder when he was tall. At first, he hoped to bring a combat, and later, he entered a list of injuries in this injury, once since June 23, on July 10. After July 26, it entered the injury list. Until September 1 he recited.

Look at the contrast of Bryant crackdown before and after injury:

May 31:

Combating three surroundings 0.286 / 0.401 / 0.524 Standard Weighted Offense Index 148 Vibration 39%

After May 31:

Combating three surrounding 0.260 / 0.348 / 0.400 Standard Weighted Offense Index 104 Vehicle Rate 27%

Since June, Bryant’s long-playing ability is almost disappeared, which is the biggest impact on his injuries. It is reported that he will completely restore health at the beginning of the 2019 season. If he can find a state before the injury, he is a well-deserved super superstar in the alliance, and his ranking will be higher on this list. Of course, he has to come out from the injury and have to rely on his fight.

Justine Turner, Los Angeles Daoqi

This year, Tenna has been 34 years old. He has also been influenced by injuries in the past few years, so he is not very high in this list. Like Brines, last Syensner has also been plagued by injuries. In the Spring training, Turner wrist fracture, knowing mid-May. In late July, he took the groin again, so he only ran 108 games in 2018.

However, as long as he will participate in the competition, he can hand over the hit score of extremely dominance. Especially after the All-Star Tournament, his hit three rounds up to 0.356 / 0.447 / 0.619, such a combating score is second only to Christian Yelich in the League, in the League.

However, this does not mean that his strike strength is weak in these three base hands in front of him. In 2017-2018, Turner has played nearly 1000 shots, stabilized, and the strikes such as 0.318 / 0.411 / 0.524, such blowing performance is second only to Super superstar Mike, Los Angeles Angel, Mike Trown Turner is still a one-class bearer in the league.

Suarez mentioned that the reason for your progress is to learn to relax in the strike zone.

Suarez mentioned that the reason for your progress is to learn to relax in the strike zone.

Ou Henno-Suarez, Cincinnati

If you haven’t paid attention to the Competition of Cincinnati, you have missed one of the most impressive progress stories in the alliance – the continuous evolution of Suarez. Before Sudus came to the red, he was only considered to be a guerrilla hand in the Tiger Farm. However, after the red man came, his single season home hit has been sent from 13 to 21 to 26, and the 2018 season refreshed the 34-year-old 34, his long-playing ability is a year.

Last season, Suarez is an excellent three base. If the new season can maintain such a high level of play, it is no longer a problem.

Last season, Suarez is an excellent three base. If the new season can maintain such a high level of play, it is no longer a problem.

The reason for his long-playing capacity growth is full. There is a point of view that Suarez is extremely raised his hitting speed, and the long-term growth is growing. The Fighting score of Sudas in 2018 reached 0.283 / 0.366 / 0.526, the standardized weighted offensive index reached 135, basically reached the hit level of Freddy-Freman and Bryer-Harper.

The evolution of Suarez hits did not affect his performance in the defensive end. He still maintained the previous level of preparation, taking into account the progress of his offensive, he also became the three-line line of the league, the Red Strong team of the next few years.

Matt-Carpent, St. Louis

Now talk about Carpenter, very few people recall that he has experienced a low wave when he was started. In April, his hit score is only 0.155/0.305/0.274, but with the temperature of the temperature, his state is also obvious, the more it goes to his performance, and even the reporter considers the most valuable players of the country. Give him.

At the end of the season, Carpenter’s home run (36) and long winning rate (0.523) have created the new height of his career, while the orthographic rate (0.374) is basically smooth with his career level (0.377).

Since this list is too much, it can only be discharged to this position even if Cartint has achieved such a grade. At the same time, Catpenter last season is not a full-time three base, which also affects his ranking. However, the rushing season, the patron, from Arizona, the snake trading, the star, PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT, the 33-year-old Carpenter, 33, will mainly appear in the standard position of the three bases (he is three The responsibility of the base is unfamiliar. In 2018, he held 74 three-speed performances very good).

MLB Canadian war's goodbye to make Xiaogrero a famous battle

MLB Canadian war’s goodbye to make Xiaogrero a famous battle

Little Fladi Mir Grero, Toronto Bluebird

Grero has not yet played the ball in the big alliance, and even the blue bird will leave him in the 3A Small League tempering his gaze. Excellent three bases in the Alliance also have a lot of courage to put him in the top 10 list. I am optimistic about him as follows:

At the 19-year-old Grero, Greeo, who was killed in the Small League. The comprehensive hit score reached 0.381 / 0.437 / 0.636, and more amazing was that he was only more than him last season (38). Number (37). Many scouts have identified that he will become one of the best players in the alliance, even in the ball, he will exceed his father who has been selected to celebrate his father. In the 2019 Hundreds of New Show, in the official website of the Union, Grero monoped.

Xiaogrero's waves = perfect

Xiaogrero’s waves = perfect

At the beginning of the new season, Greoro will just be 20 years old, but refer to the youth storm that has been blown up last season, the newly-made calf is not afraid of tiger. Little Ronald Acuna Jr. was 20 years old last year, Juan Soto was 19 years old when I was on the big alliance. If there is no accident, this season Grand will lead a new generation of youth storms.

List monopolis (ranking is not divided): Travis Shaw, Milwaukee

Miguel Andujar, New York

Josh Donald, Atlanta Warriors

Edward – Escoba, Arizona Rattles

Rafael Devers, Boston Red Sox

After reading the list, there will definitely have Yangji Fans. For the AUUHER can’t enter the top 10 of the three basers. As a rookie, the first show in the 2018 season Auduhar is very perfect, but the competition in the three bases is too fierce, and And Duhar is too obvious in the three-base position. We can only endure love; If this season Donaldon can go to the peak, then the status of the peak is then one of the best three-strokes in the alliance. He is also expected to get a large contract of the year after the end of the season.

In the past two season, 31 and 32 projectors were played, and he became an indispensable member of a winemaker. He is more in a number of positions in the defensive end. He is expected to become a toolley of winemaking; Especially in the playoffs, a few key hits were played, and the World Series Championship was set up with the world’s series of competitions, and his performance was also worth our expectation.

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