MLB review: Bell single field pirate wins the bear Jeregi 30 bombarders

Giants 13-2 winning priest

Giants 13-2 winning priest

On July 2, Beijing time, the American position has continued to spell more than 5 games. The specific competition is as follows: Giant 13-2 priest, Royal 4-11 Blue Bird, Bear 5-18 pirate, winemaker 8-6 Red people, Jinyu 3-6 light, the angel and the game of the game will be canceled.

Bear 5-18 pirate

The same district wars in Guohuan District, the bear encountered a big bit, 18 more than 18 points of the pirate storm, is the most tragic failure of the Bear this season.

This game, pirate first pitcher Travo-Williams 5.2 bureau’s pitch lost 5 points, still get wins. After the fifth game was over, the pirate crazy warter was attacked 12 points. Among them, the Bell single field, 6 playing 4 points of action 7 points, I still ran back 4 points, super god performance; the first stick Fraser 6 play 5 支 打 2 points, Molan 5 Tit 5 avant-hit 2 points. The pirates have got some toddles, and the 23rd swatches were only 7 times.

On the courses, the five debuts all have lost, the first Azole 2.2 bureau was played 10 security, lost 7 points, and became the start of the bear descending. The minimum of the pitcher afterwards was lost 2 points. Although the “Dragon King” Jinbreier debuted in the competition, it was still smoked by two homes. In addition, Almora and Bryant have two offers.

Bell is from 1968 Wili-Stangel, the first single 3 grown 7-point player in the pirate team, and he has 4 games in a single game in the season. The four inner wilder hands of the pirates were jointly contributed to 10 bodies, and the last time, there was a 1925th of the Red Pick. In addition, 18 points were the second high score of pirates faced by the couch, September 16, 1975.

Wineman 8-6 red

Jeregia did not accidentally entered this year’s all-star lineup and also moved toward the goal of the Second China Union MVP. Today he once again contributed home to play, the total number of homes in the season has come to 30, continue to occupy the list.

This game, Yelic’s home base, also has an important role in winning the game, and the second half of the eighth bureau uses two points to remove 2 points in the strongest cow shed, the handle, will chase the score to 6 -5. It is Jeregia’s two-person guns in the ninth game, helping the team to win.

Yelici is the first all-in-style player in the history of the winemaker. At the same time, it is also after 2013 M?quier – Kabrera, another three-player MVP.

The red man regrets the chance to reverse, the Suarez is a double ring, almost one person provokes the burden of the red people, and the 3-play 4 points to get 2 points.

Royal 4-11 blue bird

The Royal Four Galasted 10 points by the blue bird, and the tremendous disadvantages of the first paragraph of the game made them unable to return to the day behind the game.

Blue bird guerrillas Garves hit two home runs, won the 2 points, and he boosted the team to win. Little Guriel 4 played 3 points, 3 points, than Gio 3 security 4 points, Grrike 4 security, also won 4 points.

Blue Bird’s First Pitcher Clayton Richard With the excellent blow of the teammates, finally won the first win of this season, the current record is 1 win and 4 losses, and the self-blade rate is still high, there is 6.51.

The Royal Wilderms, which was selected in this all-star lineup, Merfield, in this manifestation, 2 security 1 points, but he is still the highest hits the highest hits.

Jinxi 3-6 rays

The light of the game has experienced leading, reversed, re-leading twists and turns, finally tough winning the competition, gaining three consecutive victories, and for their very poor, it is a rare wheezing and adjustment stage. As the competitor of the same area, the reddock is red, and therefore encounters three losses, so the rays will be large to 4.5 games with red socks.

The rays have used the cowshed car wheel, and sedaid of seven pitches. Although Roy lost 2 points by Jinji’s anti-ratios, but after the line recovered, plus four pitcher unneapled, helping the team wins . In terms of whaleling, Kirmale is the biggest hero of winning in the second half of the sixth bureau, which is the biggest hero of winning, this is the 10th volume of his season. Cui Zhiwan also has 2 performances of 2 points.

The Jinyu’s relay pitcher Claun’s sixth game, did not catch any number of three-year-old gun, resulting in Jinyan Life. Jinji continues to rank the last place in the big alliance with 24 wins and 60.

Giants 13-2 priest

The giant did not leave the priest at the scene. This is since September 4, 2013, the giant got 10 points in the Per Ke Park. That game Sando watched 6 points.

The game giants continuously with the fourth to eighth games, killing the priests, Londoria, Srt and Pilaner slammed the home run, Pilar also 3 points However, Donolia, Srt, Port and Austin have 2 points, the giant can be fully blooming. The whole field knocked out 14 security wins 13 points, and the offensive efficiency was amazing. First, Pixabay, Samaha, 8 games, were killed by 5, and lost 2 points, send 6 three-vibration, excellent performance, let him win the 5th wins.

The game of angels is canceled due to an angel Pitcher Taylor-Scigs, and the game will be extended to August until August. This year is only 27 years old to the world this morning, which is extremely sad for the angel team and the entire alliance. The official statement of the angel team said that Taylor will always be an important member of the angel family, our concern and pray will always be accompanied by each of his wife and his family.

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