MLB – Spring Spring San’an San’an Amazing Tatsukah is home to victory

On the morning of September 6th, Beijing time, a focus of the American Professional Baseball Grand League, the Houston Space Talk of the Zhenjiajuyuan Court, 9-1 visiting Minnesota Shuangcheng team

Franbo - Waldess today

Franbo – Waldess today

[Data Highlight]

Spaceman sent Franbo-Waldez first, he vicked 5.1 bureau to be hit by 5 security, showing 5 times and three guaranteed wins.Double City’s first firman Jack-Odori Today’s first 4.2 bureau was hit by 4 parents, and 4 times of Zhen Zhen 4 times were swallowed.

On the line, Bregman and Gatis have a home base to enter the account, Springer 5 strikes in the 5th line today and 3 points. The only one of the Shuangcheng team is hit by the Yangchun home base from Astoti.

[Competition process]

1 The second half of the double city team offensive, Waldes came to the four consecutive bad balls to save the Fos. After that, the Rolling Earth in Polish is a wilder choice, and Grossman is selected to guarantee, and the double city team will take place to capture one or two bases. Gaville’s roll-up formation of the double kill ended this half. 1 The second half of the space offensive, Springer and Otti were got from Zhen Zhen, Bregman chose to guarantee, and the White waves fell by

Alt Tie completed 6-4-3 double kill

Alt Tie completed 6-4-3 double kill

The second bureau is on the half-four team attack, and the Austin waves the stagnation of the three vibration, Adriana is selected to keep the delivery, Kapher knocks out the middle direction, Adriaza to the three bases. After that, Astoti knocked out the pitcher before rolling the earth, Kapher on the second base, two people in the Shuangcheng team captured the second or third base. Field guerrillas roll the earth.

2 The second half of the space people attack, Gurier in the middle of the game, Flat Flying Ball, McCain is selected to keep the flying ball in the middle of the Redkend, and Gatis stands.

The 3 games are over between the two-year-old attack, and the foreign balls of Fosten are killed, and the direction of the Polish Coats is hitting, and the Grossman is rolling the earth. The 3rd games, the second half of Odorqi continues to shoot, Ken Puri left outerfly, Springs left, the left country is hit, Otti Rights Flying Ball out, Bregman knocked out a 387-foot-size Baseball, the spaceman has to pay 2-0 lead. White inner high flying ball was killed by pitcher.

4 bureau, Half Waldes continued to spread, and the Tarville is rolled out, and the Austin has been hit by Senui, and the Aderi Zazi is rolling the earth. Waldess completed three three. 4 bureaus, Herodors, continue to shoot, Guilier’s right out of the game, McCain was sent to the base, the Legis left foreign country flying, Gatis knocked out a 430 feet Home hits, space people 4-0 lead. The Kemp is the end of the earth.

Astoti Dragon Spring Festival

Astoti Dragon Spring Festival

5 bureau, Half Waldez picked up, Kapler waved the air to be divided by Zhenzhen, Astoti, a 365-foot left foreign affection, Yangchun, a division. After the Field and Fuess were in a ruthenium.

5 The next half of Odorqi continues to spread, Sprulum right outdoor flipball is killed, Otti and Bregman are selected to guarantee, and the spaceman will capture one or two bases. White right outside field is killed. Guriel right in the right country, Ottimi points, Braggman to the third base. Spaceman 5-1 leads. Double city team replaces pitcher, Vasquis pool. McCain is selected to keep it, the spaceman captures the base. The Radic’s second base is running out of this half.

The 6th games continue to shoot, Poland Left Chinese and foreign wild security hits the first base, the Grosman guerrillas roll the earth, Waldes goes to the third base. After that, Gavier Naver was hit to the best. Space man replaces pitcher, Harris played. The Austin waves fell by the three vibration, and Adriana pitcher rolled the earth.

6 The second half of the double city is replaced by Kuttis, Gatis and Kemp have been hit by Senui, and the Springs in Spring is going to the second base. Otui added a second base to play back to Spring, and the space people 6-1 lead. Bregman’s left outerflyfall out.

7 The half spaceman is replaced by Smith, Ken Pu Zuo Fei Flying Ball, Maier in the middle of the game. Kraft is selected, and the Fos is stood in Zhenzhen. 7 The next half of the double city is replaced by Drake, and the smash in the middle of the white is out of the game. Gurier is selected. Then, the double city replaced Rogers, McCain rushed to form a double kill.

8 bureau, half of the space, replaced the skin Chork, Polish, and Grossman, and got to be guaranteed, and Petit waved off.

8 bureaus to attack, the Radic’s three-speed direction is hitting in the field, and then the double city replaces Beliisole, Gatis rolls to form a double kill, Ken Pantry, Sprul, sight It will be able to go to the second base. Bregman knocked out the far-reaching two bases of the left outer wilderness, and the spaceman had a 3-point 9-1 lead. After that, the white waves were empty by the air.

The 9th Bureau is on the half spaceman to reverse the Xipu, Adriend Anza left outer field, Kapre, Z. Zhong and foreign wild security. After that, the spaceman replaced Tatt, the spaceman Jimines left foreign country flying ball, Kraft waves fell by the three vibrations, and the final space is home 9-1 wins the double city.

[Two sides starting]

Minnesota Shuangcheng

A stick of two bases Logan-Fos

2 stick guerracom Holhi – Polish

Three stick left outer wilder Robie – Grossman

Four sticks Mickey – Gavil

Warlioli Taylor – Austin

Six sticks, three bases, Ire-Adrianza

Seven sticks Chinese and foreign wilder Max – Cape

Eight battles designated hit Williams – Astoti

Nine sticks right wild hands strong Ni-Field

Houston Space Man

A stick of Chinese and foreign wilder George – Springer

Two sticks 2rd handle Jose – Altovi

Three guerrillas Alex – Bregman

Four sticks Taylor – White

Warli, Yuri-Guirier

Six sticks cramps Brian – McAn

Seven sticks right wilders, Yash-Redick

Eight bats designated to fight Evan Tatis

Nine stick left outer wilder Tony-Kemp

[Next prospect]

The final competition space is passenger, Fenwei Park challenges the red socks. The space will send Gret-Cole Pocket, Cole has previously recorded 13-5, and the self-sharing rate is 2.86. Red socks first pitcher for David – Ples, he recorded 14-6, and the self-blade rate is 3.60. Shuangcheng will sit in the main family to usher in the royal, the first firman of the Shuangcheng will be Gonzvis, and the royal first pitcher is PhiMier.

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