MLB – Way to play a smooth movie home 8-4 defeat the tour

On September 8th, Beijing time, the 2018 season MLB American Professional Baseball Major Alliance Competition continued. The Auckland Sportsman sitting at home and visited Texas tour cavalry continued to launch a series of competition. After more than 3 hours, the two sides had a 5-0 leading advantage, and the advantage will become 8-2 later. Although I lost 2 points, I finally surprised the victory in 8-4, and continue to steadily sitting the second place.

[Data Highlight]

The ride first sent a pitcher Jovani Galado main investment 4.1 bureau was hit 6 help out 5 points, sent 3 three vibrations, the self-blame rate becomes 5.45, swallow the fourth defeat. The whole team has played 8 kinds of security, Gallo played outstanding, 3 security hits included 2 bodies, contributing 3 points. Although Guzman has a mistake, there is also a point of 1 point.

Old Walli Garanda from Mexico performances in recent seasons, today is also swallowed

Old Walli Garanda from Mexico performances in recent seasons, today is also swallowed

Sports homes today use false prehealth, cowshed Penthouse Lilym – Hendricks voted 1 bureau to use 20 balls without being hitted, there is no drop, and then replaced down. It is a cowshed another pitcher Chris Brazil. He was shocked 3.0 games and slammed 2 points. In terms of work, the whole team played 10 security, the first battalist Lauren has two yang spring guns, including a first-president home. Chapman also has 2 points of thinking points with West Mien.

[Competition process]

The second half of the 1st game, the first batter Lauren played the first pretended home run, the sports home first, took the lead in getting 1-0 leaders.

Ximin's home running directly into two points, though the ball is tent on, but ran back

Ximin’s home running directly into two points, though the ball is tent on, but ran back

In the second half of the 2nd Bureau, Piscoti was taken to the opponent’s tentabed ball, the next good Simin immediately brought the teammates, a stick shot the left outer country home, this 2 points will be score Change 3-0. Subsequently, Pingdel was selected, and Lukroy played a hit, Lauren was also selected, and the sportsist captured the base. Chapman hit the middle line to play, Pingdel ran back to the house with Lukeroj to score, the sportsist will change the ratio of 5-0. Although Lori has chosen to make a full base, but Davis played a double kill and did not let himself add some points and end this half.

Gallo's oversized home run, his home base is big, it is pulling

Gallo’s oversized home run, his home base is big, it is pulling

In the middle of the 4 games, Andrew first played a homework, Mazara and Belt thundered, Garlo homed to the right half of the right half, the rider chased 2 points, and the ratio of 2-5 will be changed.

The second half of the 6 bureau, Lauren played a spring gun, and the score came to 6-2. After Chapman was divorced by the Rolley, Luoli left the crockery, the mistake of Guzman, Davis also played a hit, Olsen rely on the inherstone, Lori back Home score, 7-2. Piscotti replenished a mid-line crossing, Davis also ran back to the home base, the score was expanded to 8-2.

In the upper half of the 7 game, Beltre took the lead in playing far-reaching second bases. After starting the game, Gazman also added a second base to beat, Beltre is relaxed. Aisia Kerna – Farefa once again played a homework, scored more than a larger than the rejection of Beltre in the third base. As a result, this decision also allowed the team to pay the price, and the two players of the rider were connected by three, and the score was only close to 3-8.

In the middle of the 8 games, Mazra played the right half, the right half, Belt Ramer, the next Gallo, then played again, his second base is playing Madara back home score, Beltre Three bases. However, the rider is still solved by two consecutive players, not further approaching score, 4-8.

Then there was no score between the two sides, and the finalist attended the tournament in 8-4, and continued to steadily sitting the second.

[Two sides starting]

Texas Ranger: The first stick designated to fight the autumn, the second rod, Lu Geneth – Odor, the third rider Elvis – Andrew, the fourth stick right Pulling, the fifth rod, the three bases Adrian – Beltre, the sixth stick left outer wilder Joy-Gall, the seventh stick, Ronald-Gusman, eighth stick Aisia – Karna – Farefa, the ninth stick Chinese and foreign wildebel Dru-Robinson

Auckland Sports Home: First Batter Said Wild Hand Mon – Lauren, the Second Bar Hand Matt – Chapman, the third stick 2,0 手 德 尔, the fourth stick designated to combat Chris David S, fifth stick, horn, Harde-Olsen, sixth stick, right-owned wild, Stephen, Piscoti, seventh stick, Mucus-Simin, eighth stick left field Pingdel, Ninth Catcher Jononon – Lukroj

[Next prospect]

On September 9, Beijing time, both sides will launch a second game of the series, and the two sides of the two sides of the last session. The ride is expected to send John Demdz first, and he is currently 1 win and 1 defeat, and the self-population is 5.59. Sports is expected to send Edwin – Jackson first, currently 5 wins and 3 defeat, the self-population is 2.91.

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