MLB15 Summary: Angel Series Sweeping Sailor Dodge 12 Ground

Dodge 12 bureau defeated red socks

Dodge 12 bureau defeated red socks

Beijing time on July 15th, the American Walle Big Alliance will continue, there are 15 games, the specific competition is as follows: Guang 4-1 Jinyu, National 3-4 Philadelphians, Blue Bird 2-4 Yangji, Shuangcheng 3 -4 Indians, Metropolis 6-2 Marin fish, giant 8-3 winemaker, tiger 12-8 royal, loud snake 2-5 红 雀, pirate 3-8 bear, space people 12-4 visitors, red 9-10 Rocky, Sailor 3-6 Angel, White Socks 2-3 Sports Home, Warrior 4-1 Pride, Dodge 7-4 Red Socks.

Ray 4-1 Jinyan

The two teams in this game also only hit 8 security, but the line of light is a higher offensive efficiency, although only 5 security, but won 4 points, the 4 points, the four guarantees are also winning key.

Wen Del took the lead in taking the lead in the second bureau, and the third bureau of Medos scored the spring gun, helping the team to win the second point, this is the 13th project of his season; The hero is Brosso, and he has a two-point gun in the sixth game, so that the light has a relatively stable leading advantage. Jinyu is just 1 point by the last half, avoiding zero to be blocked.

National 3-4 Philadelphians

The National Basin was hit by Philadelphians in the ninth party. This player who made the national defeated Philadelphia was Franko. He used the 15th volume of the season to send a loss of the opponent.

The national will take the lead in score in the fourth game, but in the fourth, five, six-games, and the lost pitcher is the national first pitcher Sanchez, and he lost 3 points in this field. However, the nationals who have learned 2 points in the seventh game, and the Hammers who have successfully debuted first, they will send two four-bad balls, and they have been knocked on two security, resulting in the score.

The Philadelphie’s Ryormo is the best player in this field, contributing 2 支 安 2 points, Segula also has 2 security and 1 points.

Bluebird 2-4 Yangji

Yangji harvested the 59th victory and continued to move to the first place in Meidian East. Yangji first pitcher field will win the victory, this is lost in 6 games, this 2 points are from the home run, but he did not guarantee 5 times while sending 5 times, and only hit it 4 security. Chapman harvest the 25th rescue in the season, the second place in the big alliance, second only to the priest Terminator Yes.

Tian Zhong will only use 79 balls, but the fifth game is hit by two home runs, perhaps the coach has a taboo to change it in advance. Bluebird first pitcher Stroman is in the fifth bureau because of his explosion, this also makes his failure to 10 games, and the third place in column.

Double City 3-4 Indians

It is also a game that gains 4 points and the final victory. The Indians attacked 3 points in the four games. He Jose-Ramirez recovered very fast, and used the second base to win the first point; he has reached the hits in the past 15 games. 321, the long-rise rate. 589, Knock out of 18 goal, 3 of them, 9 points, and get 14 points, 56 counts are only 6 times.

However, the Shuangcheng launched a counterattack
in the seventh place, relying on Allen and Nakun’s peace chasing 3 points, equalize the score. However, in the second half of the seventh place, Carlos Santana responded immediately with a Yangchun gun, and leaded again and eventually retained the final.

Metropolis 6-2 Marinfish

The Malinfish hit 11 security, but only 2 points, leaving 26 restrictions, and the ability to waste the opportunity has caused the conversation. Although the metropolis will also leave 25 restrictions, only 12 amp gain 6 points, where Kano contributes 4 security, there is a home run, the recent state is hot.

The metropolitan will first pitched Di Grom won the 5th, but the current win rate is still 50% below. This game is only 1 point for 5 games. McNeil’s Yangchun artillery help the team first, and he is still ranked first in .349’s hits the first, leading Berlin Jie and Jerege.

Giants 8-3 winemaker

The winemaker lost 7 games in nearly 10 games, and the winning rate has dropped to 50%, only leading the third red spotted 0.5 fields, while the first wing bear 2.5 fields. The venue of this game lost 6 points in the seventh game, and Berns did not get any number of outsourced numbers, and was hit by 4 points and lost 4 points. 2 minutes.

The giant has contributed to the game, with a total of 7 people, including 2 points of Solan 2, the seventh game, the crazy score of the seventh game is also from him, this game giant knocked out 6 security, Received 2 guarantees, giving a bacterm.

Tiger 12-8 Royal

The team at the end of the two United States Union contributed a wonderful offensive war, and the tiger sent a 19th, and 10 royal family.

Bringing the battleman data brushed, the tiger, Castro and Goodrum all hit 4 security and 2 points, Candelio got the most 3 points, and the tiger did not change the player, 9 per capita is playing. Royal aspect, Soreger has the most prominent performance, and 2 pans 3 points, and there are 1 projector hit.

Snake 2-5

The red scitch played Winlat, and the 7 bureau’s pitch did not lose, and only the 4 pairs of swearing were sent to seven three vibrations. In the past three games, he cast a 18.2 game only lost 4 points, but he sent 22 three vibrations, quite good. Karlos Martinez turned into a cowshed into a cow shed, and he harvested the 5th rescue point.

The snake first sent a pitcher Granki’s bitterness swallowed the fourth defeat, 6 bureaus lost 5 points, of which a two-point gun was taken by Gord Schmidt, and the score was also opened from the small gap. . The red rickets recovered 2 points by continuous security in the ninth game, helplessness is more powerless.

Pirate 3-8 bear

The name of the country of the China Union continued to consolidate the position of the boss, the pirates of the big victory, and continued to pull out the gap behind.

Kunata 6 bureau lost 3 points, just caught up with quality first and victory. Pirates first sent Williams 5.1, was knocked 11, lost 8 points, and was thrown out of 3 projectors. Contributing the three homeworks is Black Ward, small Almora and Schobbo, black Ward is two-point gun, and small Almora is a spring gun that is playing.

Red Man 9-10 Rocky

It is another scoring battle on the snow. Rociki obtained 4 points and 6 points in the first bureau, but the 4 points of the Sixth Bureau of the Red Man returned to the suspense, but the last three and semi-bureau also found the feeling of score. In the end, I lost.

Rocky’s McMaron played outstanding, contributing to 3 points of 3 points to ran back 2 points, and he was the same as good, 2 points, 2 points, and a stick of Rockfen, the fighter performance This important factor wins. And Daniel Mi continued its good condition, got 2 points and ran back 2 points.

The red man returns after the small injuries, the state is much better than before, there are 4 players in this game 2 points to get 1 point, Winkel and the play of Parazza also get 2 Point. The red man is chasing 9-10 from 5-10, and it will not find the feel after 1 point.

White Sox 2-3 Sports

Sportsists achieve reversal in the final three games in the game, and the main roles that complete the reversal are one person – La Razziano. In the second half of the seventh place, La Raoyano branked out of the Yangchun cannon and helped the sportsman equalize the score. The second half of the ninth, Pingdel is playing the base, and La Razzano’s hitting leads to the championship of Longdong, and the livestate will see the white socks.

Space Man 12-4 Cavalry

The space man opened the “score” ring in the seventh game, and the unique attacked 7 points, and the division was taken to win.

Otti hit hot, contributing 3 security 4 points and ran back 3 points, another attack core is Guriel, and the same is 3 points of 3 points, no waste of the front of the front. Villand 6 game lost 2 points and sent 7 three vibrations.

Sailor 3-6 Angel

Angel sweeps the sailor, the ninth Tas of this ninth, has become the key, and the three points of play, which will win the three-point gun in the eighth game, defeating the opponent. Carlhn Harvest Sales 21st Square, Da Guxiang Ping 1 支 1 points, choose a four-bad ball to keep it.

Warrior 4-1 priest

The first seven teams https://www.mlbtrojerse.comdid not score, and the eighth game warriors seized the opportunity, slamming the three-year gun, and let the priests collapsed. The Warriors first pitched the 10th wins in Sorrosk, and the current 10 wins and 1 negative record were quite proud.

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