MLB24 Summary: Marin Fish Dasheng Feicheng Warrior War 14 Location

On August 24, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Union conducted 14 games. The results are as follows: National 9-3 Bear, Guang 7-1 Jinyu, Red Man 2-3 Pirates, Royal 1-4 Indians, Warriors 2-1 Metropolis (14 bureaus), Philadelphians 11-19 Marin fish, Angel 4-5 Space Man, Tiger 9-6 Shuangcheng, Ranger 3-8 White Sox, Rattleson 1-6 Wine, Rocky 3-8 Sapphire, Yangji 10-2 Dodge, Red Sock 11-0 priest Blue bird 4-7 sailor.

Washington National 9-3 Chicago Bear

In the first place, Adam Eaton opened, the national 1-0 leads. In the third bureau, Tre-Turner’s high flying sacrificial hits to rewrite the score of 2-0. In the fourth game, the pair of shots Suzuki Qing and Abiibal-Sanchez played a place to send back to one point, 4-0. In the upper half of the fifth game, the national relies on population and Victor-Robleti, 3 points, 7-0. In the seventh place, Hu An-Sodo hooked out of the Yangchun, 8-0. In the first half of the ninth, Hair-KFRK’s second base will expand the score to 9-0. In the second half of the ninth bureau, the bear team rely on the preparation mistake and Nikolas – Casteanos and Anthony-Rizuo’s anattical, 9-3.

The National Team was first picked up in Annebar – Sanchez 8.1 bureau lost 2 points, 1 point of self-responsive 6 times, Zhen Zhen got the victory. WORD is playing. The bear team first picked up a pitcher Qiong – Leicester appearance 4.1 The bureau lost 6 points to send 2 three vital swallowing.

Tampa Gulf 7-1 Baltimo

In the second bureau, Kevin Kilamare, Mike Zunano’s anatticity and the Snowsticks of Oster – Motes helped the rays 7-0 lead. The second half of the eighth game, Jonathan-Viar bombarded the Yangchun cannon, and the light 7-1 defeated the golden river.

The radiance first pitched Terevo-Richards appeared in the 6 games, no loss, 5 times, San Zhen got the victory, Alon Sleyz was full of three games to rescue success. Jinyang team first picked up Pitt-Brak’s 4 games lost 7 points to send 2 three-vital swallowing.

Kansas City Royal 1-4 Cleveland Indians

In the second half of the second place, Taylor-Naquin’s first base is played with Francisco – Lin Dol’s two-point guns sent back to two points, Indians 4-0 lead. In the second half of the sixth bureau, Hunter Dozale played the three bases to play back, the Indian 4-1 defeated the royal.

The Royal Team first sent a pitcher Jacob – Junis appeared 4 games lost 4 points to send 4 times. Indians first pitched Zach-Plesi’s 5.2 bureau lost 1 point to send 5 times San Zhen got the victory. Brad Hand Rescue is successful.

Atlanta Warriors 2-1 New York Mandari (14 bureaus)

In the second half of the sixth game, Freddy-Fremman played a hive for a home, and the Warriors 1-0 lead. In the second half of the sixth bureau, the pitcher Jacob DGRM bombarded the spring gun, 1-1, the competition entered the extended competition. In the 14th game, Billy-Hamilton’s angels sent a return, Warriors 2-1 defeated metrics.

The Warriors first pitched Mike Vger Newwell 7 bureau lost 1 point of seven three-vibration. Luke Jackson got the victory, Mark Merlanon rescue success. Both will first send a pitcher Jacob-Degromad 7 games to lose 1 point to send 13 three vibrations.

Philadelphia 11-19 Miami Madolin

The first game, JT-Ryo Mourito and Scott-Golden Jieri’s class, the Tentacquard, the Philadelphie 4-0 leads. In the second bureau, the second base of Cordi Dickson sent back to two points, 6-0. The third bureau is over, Wens-Villasquez sacrifice strikes to take a point, 7-0. The third bureau, Marin fish relies on Brian Anderson’s full homology, Galt-Cooper and Harold-Ramirez’s Antales and Izon-Diaz’s three-point gun The score is flatched, 7-7. The second half of the fourth place, Michael Franco and Adam – Herry-Herry’s placement sent back, Philadelphians 9-7.

In the second half of the fifth, the marlin fish rely on the opponent’s gavel to get two points to equalize the score. Nil-Walker and Tiys – Granndson’s security makes Maruli lead, 12-9. In the second half of the sixth bureau, Lewis-Blinson’s anatticity and Stalin-Castro’s two-point gun will be rewritten as 15-9. In the second half of the eighth game, Busen’s antestack sent back, Castro single field, Jon-Belfiyang Spring cannon, 19-9. The second half of the ninth bureau, Cesar-Ernandez and Lis-Hoskins Migate elections to save each squeezed back, the Malinfish final 19-11 defended the folk.

Marin fish Taylor – Jin Li took the victory.

Los Angeles Angel 4-5 Houston Space Man

In the second bureau, Albert-Prince’s Answers and Andreton – Simmons rolling earth let the angel team 2-0 lead. The third bureau is short, Jose – Otti played a hive for a home, 2-1. The second half of the fourth place, Jack Marsnik will be equal to the score, 2-2. The second half of the fifth situation, Yeri-Guirier bombarded two points, 4-2. In the upper half of the sixth game, Justine-Opton’s rollover will rewrite the score to 4-3. In the second half of the seventh place, Alex Bregman played a hit, 5-3. In the eighth game, Cole Carlorn slammed out the Yangchun cannon, 5-4, and the spaceman defeated angel.

The angel team first picked up Jose – Suarez appeared 4.2 The bureau lost 3 points and sent 3 three-vital swallow. Cole Carlonel Single Field 4 is played. The spaceman first sent a pitcher Zach-Granji 6.2 bureau lost 3 points, 2 points, sent 1 three oscillators to win the victory. Roberto – Ausona rescue success.

Arizona Snake 1-6 Milwaukee

The second half of the first game, Mike Musticas and Ryan-Braun’s anattors sent back 3 points, and the winemaker 3-0 leads. In the third bureau, Eric Tomers played Yangchun, 4-0. The second half of the fifth bureau, Kiston-River, 5-0. Pitcher Jordan – Llesi is sent back to one point, 6-0. In the first half of the ninth game, Kiterr Marter’s antestack was sent back, and the final winemaker 6-1 defeated the snake.

The snake first pitcher Merrier Kelly 4.1 Location lost 6 points to send 5 times three vital swallowed. The winemaker first pitcher Jordan – Lles, 6 games, no-safe, no loss, 2 times, 5 times, Zhen Zhen got the victory.

Boston socks 11-0 San Diego priest

The first half, JD-Martinens’s three-point gun helps Red Socks 3-0 lead. In the second bureau, Muqi-Bates’s high flying sacrifice, Raphael Dres and Zandhe Bocoodz’s second base will be extended to 6-0. The fourth game is over, JD-Martinez played a high flying sacrifice, 7-0. In the second half, Boggz played a hit, 8-0. JD-Martinens single field double ring, 11-0, red socks battle priest.

The reddings team first pitched Edward Duo – Rodrigs appeared in the 7 game without loss of 6 times. JD-Martinens 3 security points 7 points. The priest team first pitched Chris Padak’s appearances 2.1 bureau lost 6 points.

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