MLB25日综述: Giants Single Board 8 minutes reversed Athletics Moran slam gun pirate win

Beijing time on August 25, US Major League Baseball has been 15 games. Victories are as follows: National 7-2 Cubs, Yankees 1-2 Dodgers, Phillies Marlins 9-3, 1-7 light Orioles, Pirates Reds 0-14, 2-4 Royal Indians, Angels 2-5 Astros, Mets Warriors 9-5, 5-8 tiger Twins, Rangers 4-0 White Sox, Brewers Diamondbacks 0-4, 0-6 Rocky Cardinals, priests Red Sox 4-5, the giants 5- Athletics 10, Blue Jays 7-5 sailor

National 7-2 Cubs

1 Jushang Ban, Rendon hit a sacrifice hit to help the national team scored the first. 3 Jushang Ban, the national team offensive resurgence, after consecutive hits on the base, first Soto ground ball to help the team scored a point, with the 后肯德里克 a hit, the help of two teammates. Finally, Gomez also contributed hits to help the national team to lay 1 minute, opened the score of 5: 0. Cubs then at 3 and 5 half innings Bureau 2 hits series recovered by half. But the national team then ground ball and Kendrick base hit in 6 of 9 Jushang Ban Jushang Ban team from Eaton, and then get 2 points. The final national team beat the Cubs 7-2.

Yankee Dodgers 1-2

Turner blasted in 3 innings and a half points out of two guns, helping the Dodgers a 2-0 lead. Judge shot in the spring 4 Jushang Ban contribution to chase the Yankees 1-2, except that the two teams have no other achievements. The game Yankees starting CC- Sabah West pitched 4.0 innings, contribution 7k. The Dodgers finally beat the Yankees 2-1.

Phillies Marlins 9-3

Under a half innings by batting Marlins, 1-0 score lead. 4 Jushang Ban, Phillies launched counterattack, first fired a three-point shot Jerry gold to help the team go-ahead score. With 后瑞欧穆托 walked to automatically make the team score, Dixon hit a base hit, helping the team and then get 2 points, the Phillies a 6-1 lead. 5 at half innings marlin 1 minute recovery. 7 Jushang Ban, Dixon hit a bases loaded reaching base hit, help all three of his teammates back to base to score. While the Marlins in the second half of the 7th inning, home run by 1 minute recovery, but it has been to no avail. The final Phillies beat Marlins 9-3. The game Phillies starter, Ai Fulin pitched six innings, sending 2k, winning pitcher to win.

Ray Orioles 1-7

1 half inning, Rays appeared wild pitch, allowing Alberto back to base to score, Orioles 1-0 lead. 3 innings in the second half, Severino fired a shot slam to help the Orioles a 5-0 lead, the next four and a half innings, and Alberto Vial respectively contribution spring gun, 7-0. Rays 1 min recovery in 5 Jushang Ban. Orioles 7-1 final defeat light. Orioles starter Means pitched 7.0 innings, sending 7k, winning pitcher to win.

Reds 0-14 pirate

Next 3 innings half, Reynolds sent out base hit, scored two points to help the pirates. 6 Jushang Ban, Osuna hit first base hit, scored 1 point. With Hou Molan fired a shot slam helped the Bucs to expand the score 7-0.7 Bureau of the second half, Bell blasted three guns, half of the Bucs 10-0.8 Bureau, the Bucs have knocked three hits, Pean playing a series of operations to help the team scored four points, the final Buccaneers 14-0 victory over the Reds. The game Pirates starter Williams pitched 6.0 innings, sending 3k, winning pitcher to win.

Royal 2-4 Indians

3 The next half of the Frierman hits the play to help the Indian team take the lead in score, 1-0. Then the Indian team continuously, Rays slammed the three-year gun to help the Indian team 4-0 lead. The Royal Square recovered 2 points in the upper half of the 4 games and 7 games, but there were too many front digits. The final Indian team 4-2 defeated the royal. This game The Indians of the game first issued the main investment 5.2 bureau, sent 8K, and win the victory.

Angel 2-5 Space Man

The second half of the bureau, Brantley stabbed two points, helping space 2-0 leader. The second half of the 3 games, Braggmann slammed the three-unit gun to help space people 5-0 expanded their leading advantages. The angel team then recovered two points in the upper half of the 5th game and 7 games, but it has no good thing. The final space 5-2 defeated angel. The game space team first sent Meri main investment 5.0, sent 4 three vibrations, and won the victory.

Warrior 9-5 metropolis

In the upper half of the 2 game, Seville hit a far-reaching second base to help the Warriors got 2 points, the Warriors 2-0 took the lead in score. In the upper half of the 3 games, Abiels and Donaldson have brought the Yangchun gun, and the Warriors 4-0 lead. The second half of the 3 games, the Panick hit the ball to help teammates returned, and they will recover 1 point. 5 bureaus, Rosario Ann hit the team to take 1 point, then Alonso slammed the three-unit gun, and the metropolitan team 5-4 anti-ratios. In the middle of the 6 games, Alt Jiaan hits the Warriors to equalize the score, 5-5.8, the second half of the bureau, the small Akania hits the team to take 2 points, the Warriors 7-5 reappear again. The second half of the 9 bureaus, Fremman and Seville contributed to the Yangchun cannon and 2-point second base. The final warrior 9-5 defeated the most.

Tiger 5-8 Shuangcheng

In the second half of the 1st game, Kaple bombarded the Yangchun cannon to make the double city team 1-0 take the lead in score. The 3 games, first Lugo contributes Yangchun cannon and equalizes the score. Then Rodrigs sacrificed, the Tiger team 2-1 rebarrup. The 4 games, Le Yes, helped the tiger team to win 2 points, 4-1.5, the second half of the bureau, the double city team launched counterattack, Kapler and Cruzan helped the team to win 1 point, then Sano Three scoops, help the double city team 6-4 anti-ratios. In the upper half of the 6 games, Rays’s security helped tiger to chase the second half of the 5-6.6 bureau, Kev two-unit helps the double city 8-5 lock win. The final double city 8-5 defeated the tiger. This game double-city team first sent Gibson’s main investment 5.1, sent 8K, and won the victory.

Cassires 4-0 white socks

6 bureaus Half Carlorn bombards two-point gun to help the sword 2-0 take the lead in score. The 7th game, Danny Santana also contributed two different guns to help visitors 4-0 lead. The final cavalry is defeated 4-0. This game, the ride army team first Arad 6.1 bureau, sent 8K, win the victory.

Snake 0-4 winemaker

The second half of the 4 bureaus, Tems and Grisham have brought Yangchun. The second half of the 7 bureau, the ripples knocked out, helping two teammates to score, and the wineman is 4-0 leaders. The final brewed team 4-0 defeated the snake. This game winemaker first sent Anderson’s main investment 5.0, contributed 5K, and won the victory.

Rocky 0-6 Sapphire

The second half of the 1st game, Aoyu hit the play to help the two teammates scored, and the Sapphire team 2-0 took the lead in score. The second half of the 2nd game, Bard bombarded two points, the leading advantage of the Red Pitch team was expanded to the second half of the 4-0.5 bureau, Del Rong is full of sacrificial hits, helping the Red Season 5-0 lead. 7 bureaus, Gord Schmidt bombards the Yangchun gun, and makes the knife rock. The Red Pitch Final 6-0 beat Rocky. This game of the pace of the premium team first broke the 6th game, sent 2 three vibrations, and won the victory.

Pride 4-5 socks

The third game, Bates hit the anwen to help the red socks first scored the lead, 1-0.4, first half of the Wasqueys knocked out two points, the second base is playing, then Moranide contributed 1 point, red Socks 4-0 lead. The second half of the 4 bureau, the priest team began to counterattack, Huosmo knocked out two-point gun, then the Urias rolls the earth to help the priests chased 1 point, the second half of the 3-4.7 bureau, the princes were constantly playing, In the end, Francis helped the priest team to equalize the score of 4-4.9, Hallt slammed the Yangchun, helping the reddock team 5-4 again. Finally, with the Holt team to kill the homes, the reddock team 5-4 defeated the priest.

Giant 5-10 sportsman

The second half of the 2nd game, Kana burned home base to make a first score. The second half of the 3 games, Chapman hits far-reaching, sports team 2-0 lead. Subsequently, the giant is in the upper half of the 5th game, and the scores of the Yangchun cannon and the bureau, the second half of the 2-2.7 bureau, and the peace of the Aerson, helping the sports team to have 2 points. The sports team has once again doubled the score of 4-2.8, and the giant team began to counterattack, and Londoria was hit, helping the giants to take 1 point. Subsequent sports teams have tradition, Dickson returns, and score. Pilar and Crawford knocked out 2 points of the second base to play and 1 point.

Subsequently, the giant constantly attacked, and the Viggte bombarded the three-year gun. The giant single office was 8 points, and the score was rewritten as the second half of the 10-4.8 bureau. The sports team recovered 1 point, but it has no good thing. The final giant 10-5 reverses defeating the sports team.

Blue bird 7-5 sailor

The second half of the 1st, Xigan hits two teammates to score, and the sailor team has been leading 2-0. The first half of the 3 games, Ernandes and Biece brought two points in the spring, and the Blue Birds 2-2 equalize the score. The second half of the 5 bureau, Navawes bounce out three-component gun, the sailor team is again higher than the score, 5-2.7 bureau is over, the Blue Bird team began to counterattack, McKini, Bike Titan helped the team to take 2 point. Then Xiaogrero’s earth helped the blue bird pose the score, and the Trilitz is equipped to help the Blue Bird team anti-ratios 6-5. Subsequently, Biece was in the upper half of the 8 game, and he also contributed a far-reaching second base to play, 7-5. The final blue bird is 7-5 reversal to win the sailor.

Author: georgesroom