MLB29 Summary: The Three Games of the Bear Three Barters 10 points Dao Qixiang Sheng and Yangji

On August 29, Beijing time, the US duty wandering team continued to be more than a final stage of the season, and there were 14 games today. The specific competition is as follows: Dodge 6-4 priest, sports home 4-6 royal, pirate 3-12 Philadelphia People, Jinyu 4-8 National, Warrior 9-4 Blue Bird, Red Man 5-0 Marin Fish, Indians 4-2 Tiger, Bear 10-7 Metropolitan, Ray 6-8 Space Man, Shuangcheng 8- 2 white socks, red stockings 7-4 Rocky, visitors 3-0 angel, rubble 1-4 winemaker, Yangji 7-3 sailor.

Sapphire 1-4 winemaker

The rickets were the boss of the China Union, and there were three leading second cousnets, and the situation in the session of the season was relatively clear. The winemaker is behind the outer card, which was previously sent to the two-game losing defeat. The next schedule was extremely dangerous, with two bearings, one red tones, but also two war with space people.

However, in the case of being swept in the series, the winemaker finally took a victory and stopped the possibility of the thrilling playoffs while stopping the battle. At this point, the biggest hero is a total of 4 points, and he contributes 3 points, including a Yangchun gun and a second base to lay a victory.

The winemaker first pitched Lles, Lales, played the same excellent, 5.1 games were only 1 point, and there were 9 three vibrations. Black Germany has harvested his 26th rescue point and is a rescue of 6 out.

Yangji 7-3 sailor

After winning the foundation, he transcends the Dodge with the advantages of half a winner, temporarily boarding the big profit, and is a wave of four consecutive victories, Yangji is gradually adjusting the status to the world contest. .

This game, Yangji’s first front of the base provoked the heavy responsibility of the attack, including 2 points of 2 points in Le Mei Yu, which brought the long-reached Le Brapping in the ninth situation. Your own homes increased to 23. Jiaqi 3 security hit 2 points, the fifth game, the home run, and in the last three games, two two-running two bases. Sanchez is also 2 points of 2 points, and the home base after the first game is playing, and it has opened a good head for Yang.

Parxton won the 11th wins, 5.0 bureau only be hitted 1, but lost 2 points, so it was ferocious; send 4 three vibrations, there were 5 guaranteed data. Sailor newcomer Pitched Sheffield swallowed the first defeat of the big alliance.

Dodge 6-4 priest

Dodge prolonged competition priests, serial acquisitions, currently continued to occupy the national boss of the country with 88 wins and 47, and the same record is the same as Yangji.

This game, the priest took the lead in score, the first half of the first bureau, the first bureau, Horsame Mat, Hosmer, I won the first point, Lunfro Gaofu sacrificed the second point. In the second bureau, Dodge is very fast, in which Yansheng Jian is too at home, knocking out of the first base with 2 points, let the score come to 3-2.

In the first half of the eighth game, Ernanda won the 4th point; but the end of Jensen once again rescued, the eighth place is in the middle of the eighth, and the first is the spring gun, and then the explosion is lost, score To 4-4, this is the 7th rescue failure in Janshen Season. The two sides entered the extension.

In the middle of the tenth game, the priest sent the terminator, Jeat, and the rescue king this season swallowed the defeat. In the case of the two people, Ernan Desbe was sent to the base and the fasteners were successful; guerrilla The Yas passes mistakes, and the Dodge has a leader; the SMG, AJ-Pooko is also playing, and Dodge 6-4 is leading. In the second half of the ten games, the Dodge did not give the priest opportunity, guarded the victory.

Ranger 3-0 Angel

The angel strikes a silence, and only 3 beats in the audience. Da Guxiang Ping 4 played 1 meal.

The tournament as the truthful first Hurado, and the 6.0 bureau did not lose the victory. Kena – Farefa 2 points, and is a 2-point panette of 2 points contributing to the final eighth game to help the team’s events will win.

Double City 8-2 White Socks

Shuangcheng is lightly taking white socks to get four consecutive wins, continue to occupy the first position in the United States Central District, and lead the Indians.

This game double city two bases, Schusp, single field, winning 4 points, is the key to winning the team; Catcher Jiaville 3 security 2 points also get 2 points. Odori won the 14th victory next season, 6.0 bureaus was hit by 5 security, and he sent 8 three vibrations.

Ray 6-8 space man

The spaceman first sent a pitcher’s pitcher’s pitch to send 14 three-oscillated, only 1 time, but the seventh game did not have lost 1 point, and the audience lost 4 points. However, the spaceman walked in the seventh game, the second half of the eighth game, and the score was over.

In the second half of the fourth place, Guriel’s two-point gun helped the space people to chase the score, 3-3; But the seventh place, the half of the Agarah, once again let the light leader; but the second half of the seven games, relying on Di Di Az, Springer and Otti’s blow, the space person finally came back to the lead, revealing the situation. In the second half of the eighth game, Maldonado and Springer contributed to the point, the score changed to 4-8. Although the end of the end of the end of the end of O’Sus, although he lost 2 points, there was still a shock and uncomfortable victory.

Bear 10-7 metropolis

The bears attacked 10 points in the first three games and laid a huge advantage. Schomo 2 pans 3 points, Casteranos came to the bear, continue to “open” performance, in 104 players of the bear team, hit rate .365, oscillation rate. 400, long The rate is even more. 712, contributing 9 Sports hits 16 points, I still ran back 22 points, as if I found a destination. The bears first pitched the pitcher Hendrick’s first four games only lost 1 point, but lost 5 points in the fifth game, and settled.

The big capital is the first pitcher is “Thunder God” Schindgard, and the results were opened by the bear, and the 3.0 game lost 10 points, of which 9 were blamed, and the 3rd strokes were hit.

Indians 4-2 Tigers

In the face of the weak travelers, the Indians who are working hard to win the seasons are only 2 points in the last two games, and they are difficult to defeat their opponents. Although the backward partition is a double city, but in the outer card, head name, leading Three rays 1.5 fields.

The game, the Indians of this game were equalized for two degrees, until the first half of the eighth game, Lin Dol slammed out the Yangchun cannon, and the 24th volume of the season allows the team to lead the team for the third time; then in the ninth game Single sound, the Skim Single Field is finally helping the team to ensure victory. Lindol This is 1 point to fight, and the first stick runs back to 2 points and contributes very much.

Red people 5-0 Marinfish

The red man super newcomer Aquino is a classic manifestation. Only 92 counts this season, there are 13 homes to fight 29 points, OPS is up to 1.165, the hits are also. 315, this game 2 支 打 3 The points are scattered, and they also ran back 2 points. In his previous Suduth 2, San Ares 1 points, due to the super play of Aquino, Suarez also ran back 2 points, and the combination of combat played a role.

The red man first sent Dersco Lafari to complete the good investment, 7.0 bureaus only hit 2 security, sent 8 Sanzhen 1 time, and took the 9th victory next season.

Warrior 9-4 Blue Bird

The Warriors continue to raise the singing, and the battlefield came to 81 games, and 8 wins and 2 losses in nearly 10 games. Frit Button was only over 4.2, although it was hit 8 security, but only 3 points, of which 2 were blamed, and the Lux Jackson 1.1 bureau of the successful debut, “漏” will take the season 8 wins. Fremman took 2 points to the point, continue to play the first place in 107 points, followed by the pirates of Josh-Bell.

Jinyi 4-8 National

After the injury, Xie Zer was on the second time, perhaps because of protection, this is only over 4.1 bureaus, and he was smashed by 6 security. He sent 8 three vibrations. After an ablation, Xie Zer should be able to compete for the National Association’s Race. The national catcher is burst out of the field, and the 2 points will be 4 points, and Sodo also has 2 points.

Pirate 3-12 Philadelphians

The pirates defeated the Philadelphie, the rookie pitcher Kohler once again exploded, 4.0 bureaus was knocked 11 支 安 失 失 8 points, the only highlight is excellent, 12 out of the number of 8 times. This season has continued to rise from the current self-blame, and came to 8.62.

Although Philadelphrrien gains a victory, it still returns 10.5 games, but the external card is only backward behind the bear, still have a big chance to hit the playoffs.

Sports home 4-6 royal

Recently, the hot athletic accident is unexpected, but it is ranked second in the outer card, and there is a lead in the light.

Dozore actually played outstanding, 2 pans 3 points, contributed home to Ohne; Merfield 2 security clicks 2 points, season hits the season’s hits continued more than 3%.

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