MLB7 Day Summary: Copile Three Ring Compared with the Legendary Space Man 14 Battle

On June 6, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand Union conducted a 14 game. The results are as follows: Shuangcheng 5-4 Indians, red stockings 7-5 royal, Yangji 6-2 blue bird, light 6-1 tiger, space people 8-7 sailor, Warrior 1-6 pirates, giants 3-7 All, Rocky 3-1 Bear, Dodge 2-3 Snake, Malinfish 1-5 winemaker, red people 1-3 红 雀, Jinyu 3-4 Route Caval, sports home 7-4 Angel, National 4- 5 priest.

Boston Red Sox 7-5 Kansas City Royal

The second bureau’s next Kutchabo’s Yangchun is the first to let the royal family leader, after which Billy-Hamilton’s second base will be enlarged. The third bureau, Bates, Bates, the two-point score, after 2, 3stro, someone in Raphael Dewis, made the reddings completed the anti-superchard. The fifth bureau, Holh Holle, also knocked out the Yangchun cannon, the seventh game of Wazquez’s three-pointed two points, and the opponent’s explosion allowed him to ran back to the team seventh point.

The seventh place under Alex-Gordon’s Yangchun cannon, the ninth bureau, Lair’s second base, let the Royal see hope, no choice but finally on the home.

Red Socks 9 security hits 7 points, and Bates hooked out the 10th ethics of the personal season. Royal Gogden, Solar, Cuscher Bot, Lopez, Galagal and Hamilton are all playing, but unfortunately, the audience has a total of 12 play 2 play.

Minnesota Shuangcheng 5-4 Cleveland Indians

On the first game, Makos Kaipu, the spring cannon, let the Shuangcheng lead, the third game, the 3rd game will be rewritten into 3 to 0, the fifth bureau, the fifth game, Miqiri – Javel Baseball again. The fifth bureau under Robert Perez’s Yangchun cannon makes the Indian breaks the scorpion. However, on the seventh place, Makos Kaipu, a spring, spring gun, attacking insurance, the seventh place, the seventh place, the Indian continuous offensive, 2 points, the ninth game, Meika, the spring gun, no power .

Shuangcheng University of Foreign Works, three cannons, becoming the second two-game players who completed single three-shot of the Indians in the history of the Big Alliance after the General League of Tiewe-Williams. 6 three vibrations were lost in 1 minute. Indians first pitched Terevo-Bauer 7 times a three-vibrating lost 5 points.

Colorado, 3-1 Chicago Bear

The fourth game, Ren Torry, took the lead in tapping the second base, and then David Dar and Ian Day Shom were completed in series to let Luoi have received 2 to 0. After the sixth bureau, the Bay of Branet knocked out the second base to play, Bayiez’s security makes the bear breaks the scorpion. In the case of 2, three bases, there is a person in the case of 2, 3stro, and the Aneneta knocked out the high flight sacrifice to lock the Rocky.

Rocky first pitcher Pitt-Lambert 7 times, three times, the first season, the bear first pitcher Jose – Jinsaa 7.1 Bureau 4 times Sanzhen completed high-quality first, but unfortunately, the whole team wandered to get someone 6 Tit 1 is playing, and finally Jin Tama swallows the fifth defeat of the individual.

Houston Space Man 8-7 Seattle Sailor

In the case of some people in the first game, Yuri Gu Ruiier knocked out the first point of peace, Chrinos’s two-point guns made the space people a perfect opening. After the first bureau, after the second base of Na Na, Walgerbucks s series, let the sailor attacked the score. The fifth bureau Alex Bradman and the seventh bureau Jack-Mecard each knocked out the Yangchun cannon expanded, the seventh place was narrowed to 1 point in series.

The eighth bureau, Tony Camp’s high-flying sacrifice, the spaceman once again expanded, but the sailor relied on the eighth place of Santana and the Ninth Board of Encnasie’s tangible stubborn score. The tenth game, the high-flying sacrifice of the Leidick, the Spaceman got ahead, but the tenth game, the spring, the sun, the spring gun, the score. The two sides fought to the 14th game of the extended competition, and the final Gu Ruil’s high flying sacrificed wins.

Space Man Fisher, Bregman, White has a single man, and nine people knock out of the workstation. Sailor Encanso, Wallebak, Santana, Navarz and Moore have a single game.

New York Yangji 6-2 Toronto Bluebird

On the second game, I found out that I found 1, 3rd bases, DJ-Le Mei Yu’s second base, let Yang Kai, the first point, then Alon Hicks’s three-point gun makes the Kanji 4 Perfectly started. On the fourth game, Jiio Yutera knocked out the Yangchun cannon. In the case of some people who have someone, Le Mei’s beats will be rewritten into 6 to 0. The sixth bureau, the Spring Festival of Jiade, Break the blue bird score Wild, but the blue bird is still not the opponent.

Yangji first pitcher Hap 7, 4 times, three vibrations, only lost 1 minute, the next season, Chapman took the 18th rescue success next season. Bluebird first pitcher Ed Wen – Jackson 3.1 Location 6 points 2 points to swallow the season four losses.

Auckland Sports Home 7-4 Los Angeles Angel

On the fourth game, the sports home continued to play with the four consecutive, and the flying sacrifice assigned the team to win 3-0 lead, the fourth place in the lower angel sacrificial sacrifice assault the angel to attack the first point. In the fifth game, there is no one in the case of 1, 2 bases, Chris Davis knocked out the formation of tandem, Piscoti and La Raoyano contributed to the high flight sacrifice to change the score to 6 ratios 1.

The fifth bureau down Mike-Truite’s two-point gun will shrink, but the seventh place is on Stephen Piscoti’s Yangchun cannon to help the sportsman to attack the insurance points, and finally Lastera’s point of mind is also weak. sky.

Sports home first pitcher Mike – Fairs 6 games 5 times Sanzhen completed high quality first hair, Angel first pitcher Scargus 4 bureau lost 6 points down next season 6th defeat, Tu Ruet out of personal season 16 Barrier hit.

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