National Federation MVP Bryant Contribution Sweater Marsh 13-5

On May 6th, Beijing time, the Chicago Bear ushered in the last game of the Shenglios Flord Series in the same district. The first two games are wins, and this game is expected to sweep the competitors. As a result, the bears were more winning, and https://www.mlbtrojerse.comthe whole game took advantage of a lead, and continued to attack in the second half, eventually swept the opponent from 13-5 big fortune.

Former Kingdoms MVP Bryant bombarded the guns to kill the game

Former Kingdoms MVP Bryant bombarded the guns to kill the game

[Data Highlight]

Bear, Bryant is full of guns 4 points, Kanditreras, Rizo, Bot 2 points; Lu Yan, Delong 4 players 3 security points 2 points.

The premium pitcher sent by the red rhech is the old Wright.

The premium pitcher sent by the red rhech is the old Wright.

[Competition process]

In the second half, Wen Wright first vibrated Bayz, but in the face of Kangrtreras, the beaten
was hit by a Chinese and foreign wild flying home, and the bear was not bad, 1-0.

Kanditreras celebrates after the Yangchun cannon

Kanditreras celebrates after the Yangchun cannon

In the first half of the fifth game, Jin Taka faces the eighth, ninth, first stick, continuously manufacturing three rolling earth, completed three three, the fifth bureau, he did not let Red Any score, although the three ivals are rare, only 2 times, but can continue to press the opponent line.

In the second half, the first batches of Kanditreras, the first battles of the spring cannon, choose to keep the upper base, Hayward knocks out a long play, the three bases will help the runner ran back home, and the score expanded to 2 -0; Subsequently Bot Gaofei sacrifice to send back to the third point, the bears receive 3-0 leaders.

In the second half of the sixth game, Delong and Aoyu were able to play the base, Molina seized the opportunity to knock out of the season’s 9th second base, helping the red squid back 2 points, 3-2.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, the red squid just approached the score, but it was lost, Zhibarist and Bryant were knocked out of the homework, and the Lizui was also played back to two runners with the second base. The bear is still in color. 2 points, the difference is returned to 3 points, 5-2. At this time, the red ramp will first shift to Wen Laite, and the 5.0 game has been lost in this game, 5 points, and send 2 three-oscillated 2 times. After replacing the pitcher, the loss is still continuing, and the Base base of Kanditreras has 1 point, and the score comes to 6-2.

In the seventh place, Jin Tak was completed, and the 6 bureau was smashed and lost 2 points, and two three vibrations were sent. In the second half of the seventh place, Zabrister made a success of the team, and the one-point homework is more than 7-2.

Cabbear Western Steve - West Strike List

Cabbear Western Steve – West Strike List

In the second half of the eighth game, Bot and Almora continued two seconds of second bases to help the bear continued to expand the advantage, 9-2; then Bryant baked over the gun, 13-2, the bear wins.

In the first half of the ninth game, the leading bear of the big score was born two-point gun by Derdy, and it was bolded by Austrian, which was 13-5, but it was a victory, swept the red tick, https://www.maillotsenligne.comChina Union Central District The headlist is easy.

[Two sides starting]

St. Louis Heroes

1. Matt-Carpenter

2. Paul Gold Schmidt

3. Paul – Delong guerrilla

4. Masel – Austrian left field

5. Jose – Martinens right outside

6. Yadie – Molina Catcher

7. Dexate – Four Chinese and foreign wilder

8. Kilton – Wang Big Hand

9. Adam – Wright Pitcher

Chicago Cabin Team

1. 本 – Zabrist left outer wilder

2. Chris Brines

3. Anthony – Rizo

4. Harvel – Bayz guerrilla

5. Wilson – Kanditreras Catcher

6. Jason – Hayward right outside

7. David – Bot 2rd base

8. Albert – Almora

9. Jose – Jinsanna pitcher

[Next prospect]

After the two teams ended the series, the bear will usher in the Malin fish team. This bears sent Cole-Hamels as a first-hand pitcher. This season 3 wins 0 losses 3.19 self-blame rate, and sent 37 three vibrations. Hammers had sent a pair of macarins in April 17, and the 7-game unneapled performance is only hit by 3 security. I have sent 8 times. Sanzhen is not guaranteed, and his career is at home at the bear The Rigli Stadium was 14 times, only the amazing 1.80 self-blade score rate. The squadron returned to the home to fight the Philadelphians, and sent Miles McClas in this field. This season 3 wins and 2 losses 4.73 self-blame rate, the last one of the national 6 games that only lost only 1 point, In the past, 7 times were over 5.

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