NBA: Net Net Caving Knights, the two sides play players and ages, the Net old will be more

Nets and knights play players and ages:


Mills 1.85m 33 years old

2. Carter 1.85M 26 years old

3. Thomas 1.93M 20 years old

4. Haden 1.96m 32 years old

5. This Bryi 1.96M 27 years old

6. Johnson 2.01m 34 years old

7. Milhap 2.01M 36 years old

8. Griffin 2.06m 32 years old

9. Durant 2.08m 33 years old

10. Aldrich 2.11M 36 years old


1. Garland 1.85M 21 years old

2. Rubio 1.88M 31 years old

3. Oco 1.96M 20 years old

4. Wen Deller 1.98M 25 years old

5. Lefu 2.03m 33 years old

6. Davis 2.06m 32 years old

7. Wade 2.06m 25 years old

8. Allen 2.11M 23 years old

9. Malcanin 2.13m 24 years old

The basket and the knight’s game hit the finals, and the rebound is the main competition. The player is compared, the basket and the knight outside the frontline are almost the same. The front field is highly high, so the knight is borrowed. Height advantage, grabbed a lot of rebounds; players age contrast, definitely the ate tenniser is bigger, but in the end, it is also in the NANT to play a key role. Experience is especially important. The knight is in the last moment of attack. .

Author: georgesroom