NBA: The new handsome candidate is released, 2 to change 2 trading negotiations smoothly, and the state is worrying

The Lakers and Pistons will conduct two rounds of competition on November 29, Beijing. Before the competition, I learned from several NBA reporters, the Lakers had a chance to play in addition to two wounded soldiers, which also means that James and Stewart will make a frontal confrontation again in the past week. It is worth noting that when the media interviewed, James repeatedly stressed that he did not intend to hit the face of Stewart in the absence of a balance, and he did not think that he should be banned, and he also hoped This conflict can end as soon as possible. In the race of the Lakers, the Lakers also had a lot of news related to the Lakers in addition to the Pistons in the game.

The three major news of the Lakers: the new handsome candidate, 2-2 trading negotiations are progressing smoothly, and the crowned state is worrying. The first is Walgel’s handsome problem. So far, the Lakers 10 wins 11 lifts in the western part, paying the fourth luxury tax of the League, but this is in exchange for such a strange grade Everything shows that the patience of the Lakers’ management has reached the limit. According to the news of New York reporter Mark Stein, there is more and more rumors of Woger in the NBA union circle, and even some people think “If the Lakers don’t perform well in the next 2-3 games,” therefore, Wo Gal will be struggling, and once again replaced the coach again in this season.

A NBA scholar said that the new hands of the Lakers is going on in order. The most popular two candidates are Brooks and De Anti. Both of these are clearly known how to use Wei Shao, the former is the main coach of Wei Shao Thunder, Wizards, the main coach of the Wizards era, the main coach of Wei Shao Times. Next, the trading of the Lakers played very smoothly, and the 2-2 program was preliminarily formed. It is well known that after winning the NBA championship in 2020, the Lakers’ management has made a big adjustment for the team for two consecutive season. This year It is also through the change in the change, and the NBA champion is obtained with the difference of three points.

Regular results have proved that a series of management work of the Lakers did not reach the expected effect. In addition to Woger won’t use Wei Sha, 9 people are defending, and most people in them are attacked. Well, there is another sentence, even if Anthony, Bezmmore, Rondo will also sell the defenders, but the effect is still average, in fact, the Lakers management has already realized that the regular season There are so many old players, and the risks behind this move are very extreme, and the transactions are imminent. NBA reporter Billoram reported that the Lakers made a transaction dialogue with King as the protagonist of Xiaodak. At present, the specific details of the 2-2 program are as follows: The Lakers send small Tak + Elington, get Davis + from the king Baghry.

the smooth work of both parties, it is still negotiating, and the king and the Lakers are very likely to increase trading chips. It is worth noting that the topic of this potential transaction should not have much change, especially small Tak and Baghre, the latter is a few players with a few trading value in the Lakers, because they are not happy in the king. Deny has been decided. If a certain day in the future, the transaction of 2-2 can be carried out, then the depth of the front line of the Lakers will greatly increase, Baghry can play 4-5 positions, Davis’s physical quality is very good, is a good player .

In the end, for the strong eyebrows, this season is now, the eyebrows are played 20 times for the Lakers, and the averaging is 35.7 minutes. It can get 24.3 points 10.2 rebound 1.3 steals 2.3 cover. I don’t know if it is often a defensive team friend myself, wasting too much physical relationship. At present, the eyebrows are only in the offensive and downstream. Recently, foreign media stamuses list three embarrassing eyebrows, which can be intuitive to see that the state is very worrying now. According to the data, at least 2 times, each game is at least 2 times, the player of the single game is played, the three-point ball rate reached 16.7%, reaching the NBA history minimum; medium distance hits up to 38.3%, medium The mid-range rate reached 16.7%. This figure is the last one in the NBA at least 100 players. The jumper is 33.1%, which is the least in the NBA at least 150 players this season.

After seeing these three records, I believe that many fans will sigh in their hearts. “The person who was killed in the playoffs now has fallen into everything.” Compare a point of view, if the Saihu team also wants to hit the NBA championship, the players must be adjusted in time while the players are reasonably traded, otherwise they are hard to enter the playoffs. Thank you for your reading and attention, welcome to leave a message to discuss.

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