NBA- Clear 59 points +11 record three points, rocket standby outbreak! Terminate 15 games, the list is retired

118-113, the rocket finally
won! In the face of the eastern bull, the rocket actually achieved the victory of the game, and ended his embarrassment 15 game. I thought that the Rover will win in the next and Thunder or Magic game, I didn’t expect to gain victory today, and I finalized the losing, it was quite unexpected.

The competition rocket wavetel is income, and Salas is a starting lineup of Sanfang, Green, Burt and the old Gordon play together. The rocket in the competition showed a good state, the first half and the bull came to me, the division has not been opened, and the half is only 9 points; to the third section of the rocket, this time they rely with Hao Since the outbreak, the single section played 35-18 offensive, successfully retrograde the score, and left the
opponent’s anti-fall, did not let the home fans disappointed, and finally won the victory of this game.

This game rocket is not to rely on individuals, but the whole team works together, a total of 8 people scored a double. This headcroped Saras arranged 11 people, which also got a grateful effect, everyone can make contributions, the first five people have Tit to get 8 points, the other 4 people score each double, Wood 16 Take 10 rebounds, small port 14 points 9 assists, Green 10 minutes contributed 11 points, Gordon 10 points, and the players on the tension ushered in the big outbreak, became the key to the team.

The rocket sent six replacement, 4 of them scored two, only Augustine had not yet, and the cooperation born 59 points, and 11 of the 11th points, and the discovery bull is only 26 points, the gap is here. This is a quarter, the second half is played 17 minutes, 7 in 6, three points 4 in 4, got the highest 18 points of the team, this time, there is no trust of the team. In addition, Shenjing 13 points, Matthew 12, Brooz 11 points, small Martin 5 points. It is, relying on the efforts of the entire team, the rocket successfully defeated the opponent, ending 15 games, but also ushered in the second victory of this season, and let Toyota center fans caught the carnival, this is really too easy.

Lookmark is a bit tragedy, the original state is also very good, the first section is cut down in 4, which can be injured in the left calf in the last moment of the first quarter, and quit the game in advance. Fortunately, in the final team won the game, the coach of the game revealed that there is no update to Green injury.

Author: georgesroom