NBA Morning Post: James is shooting, Curry gives Weidinsta, Huasan New Year’s World Ball

Like NBA friends, everyone is good! Today, due to the reasons for Thanksgiving, all teams have ushered in a rare recuperation and adjustment, and the players will also reunite with their families. Although there is no match, the hot news of the field is also worthy of attention:

1, Wei Shao: James can end the game throughout your career, I have witnessed that he entered Zone. Wei Shao said that James completed a great job, not only the critical shot, but also fully defended. When you see teammates entering the zone, you can feel good energy.

2, Walle: James adapts to modern NBA, and practicing himself into three points. Yesterday, James Three-Ball 12 shot 5, Woger said that James career is not good at three-pointer, but he practiced a
high-efficiency three-point pitcher in order to adapt to modern NBA basketball, which is too incredible. .

3, James: Du Alt came to the trial, I didn’t vote, I knew that he didn’t choose him. Du Alte was tried to the Lakers before this year, James participated in the trial, when Du Alter did not turn it in the trial, James knew that the Lake didn’t get him, because the Lakers only have 22 functions. The draft privilege, the final Du Alter was selected by the walker, and completed the 3 + 1 killing ball in Yesterday and the Lakers. (The referee report has been out, and the fouls of the Lakers will be gudged. This should be Du Alte 3 + 1 free throw.)

4, Huazi talks about brutal scaling is blown off-attack foul: If I am a referee, I will not blow. Huazi said that if I am a referee, when you dedicate such a dunk, I will not blow offense foul. And you are still at home? I will never blow offense foul.

5, Wights: Do not meet the best record, we will be terrible after Clery Wansman returned. Weilinz said that although it is the best record of the league, we are not satisfied, we can also become better. Waiting for Clay and Whiteman, we will be more horrible.

6, Durant: In November performance does not explain what, we have to make progress. The broadcast of the NAN is in the east, Durant said that this is still not explained, this is only November, we hope to complete the mill in the medium season. The performance of this phase cannot tell us what we can do is to continue to stick to the game and keep progress.

7, Curry has been 40 single 10 assists + 5, and the second of Harden is second. Harden gets 10+ assists and hits 5+ three-pokes at 56 times. In addition, this data in the library is 23 times higher than the other players of the Warriors.

8, Curry: I shouted the name of the T4 of the Town before the game, so that Weilinus snap me in the locker room. Curre said that now I will call him in front of Weights in front of Weight. Netizen Reviews, T4: Are you polite?

9, Curry talks about Plescreen three points: training in training, he has already won me. Curre said that we have practiced this Pohn in the training. This time, he will win again this time. Some confident, this kind of ball, don’t worry about your hit rate, it is.

10, T4: I am not just score, I have to work hard to become the best defender. Yesterday, the game Dows got 4 blocks, he said, my job is not just score, I have to be the best defender. Let the team win the ball, this is what I have always been willing to do.

11, Cole: Iguidala has not returned to training, and it is not likely to play on Saturday. One brother is absent from two games because the knee pain has been absent, and he has not returned to the training, and the Blazers on Saturday is unlikely to debut. Netizen Review: Who is going to pick up a glider watch?

12. The best record before the new season in the new season. 15 wins and 3 negatives are the best records of 18 games before the new season in the Sai Sai. At the same time, the sun currently has achieved 14 consecutive victories, this is the third-year record record of the history of the Yangshi.

13. The Warriors have won the two-digit division of the two consecutive places.

14. Letter brother 26 70% hit rate is 30+, and active success is second only to James and Howard. The active players are second only to James and Howard, and their two have got 32 times.

15. James career 156th get 35 + 5 + 5, second only to the second of the big O history. The James career got at least 35 points of 5 rebounds 5 assists in the game, only more players in NBA history were Robertson.

Author: georgesroom