NBA Morning Post: Zhan Meng will play today, Lillad Wars Library, the ball cannon

Like NBA friends, everyone is good! Today, the Alliance arranged 12 games, and the specific schedule saw the following picture. Today’s hot scene is the Warriors against the Blazers and Lakers against the king of the king. The Warriors have won 5 consecutive victories, the closest states are equally good, Curi and Lillad are the biggest look at the scene, although a brother is missing, but the Warriors will win; the lake The better, this venue is coming out of the three giants again, and they defeated the kings who have just changed handsome without suspense. Before appreciating the wonderful game, let’s take a look at what hot news is worth paying attention:

1, Philadelphia local station host: Simmons has cash flow issues, or forced to return. Because did not participate in the team’s journey, Philadelphia fined $ 2 million against Simmons. At the same time, because the huge expenses of the house and the car, Simmons have fallen into the dilemma of funds, it may face bankruptcy, so he is likely to choose the team because of the interruption of the cash flow.

2, Durant Investment of 150 million US dollars, used in the renovation of a ballhouse in Baltimore City. The Mayor of Baltimore said that this proved Durant believes in Baltimore, he is the best player in the world.

3, Shams: Mobleli’s injury rehabilitation speed exceeds expectations, is expected to come back this Sunday. According to previous reports, Mobleley needs to be absent from the elbow injury. The latest news is that his rehabilitation exceeds expectations, and it is expected to return to the magic of magic this Sunday.

4, the new period of regular game MVP list: Curdurant continues the first two, Paul to the fifth. The official announced the latest MVP list: Curry, Durant, Jobi, Letter Brother, Paul, Badler, Durzan, Morant, Ravin, and Echoco.

5, platinum: teammates and coaches trust me, can be free to make me very happy. Platinum said that I am free to felt, which is very important to me. Teammates and coaches trust me, I am very happy. I like this game environment, last time there is such a feeling or playing in Knicks.

6, Stein: The coaching circle is more and more discussions about the pressure of Walgel. Taking into account the current 10 wins and 10 losses of 10 wins, the flexibility of lack of lineup changes, and the discussion of the stress faced by Woger coach in the coach circle.

7, Woger: We will consider whether James is regularly playing 5, considering his match load. Wogel said that James 5 is the content we discussed, but we must discuss his competition load, we should use this set of lineup in a short time when you need it. We used this set of lineup for a longer period of time, not a two-minute game sample, which will continue to evaluate.

8, Woger: It is expected that James will play today, and Rifes will still be punished. Wogel said that I expect James and the eyebrows to play, and Livus is likely to play. The absence of Nahn and Aliza makes us unable to see what the full-body Lakers look like.

9. President of Magic talks about Fulz Recovery: It has been trained with the G league team. Fulz currently started training with the G league team, and after shooting, Fritz also held two teams in two teammates.

10, Vinci talks about Beverly injury: I will re-assess it for about two weeks. Beverly encounters the left end of the muscles, and Vinci said that he will reassess after two weeks, during which this will have been absent.

11, the ball: Washes should cultivate the two-ball into the G league superstar? Don’t understand it. The ball said, I don’t understand what the Hornets are doing, they need to play playing in the past, but they have always let him develop alliances? Don’t do this, they need to take the two balls and let him play with three goals. If they eventually don’t want to two, I hope he is wearing a fast shipping team.

12, Xiangert: I am not former NBA players, I just didn’t get a contract this season. Frangot said that I have a return return of NBA. I like to play, I don’t want to stop. I am not the former NBA players, I just didn’t get a contract this season, I didn’t leave from the alliance. Note: In February this year, Xiangbot was signed a short contract with the Net Net, but failed to leave.

13, Sel: When you are on the mission is to defend the library, you really can’t do it. Sebur said that there is a vitality when there is a ball in Curre, and there is a great threat when there is no ball, so I need to keep him at all times, can’t have a little bit. So when the coach makes me defended the library, I have already felt that I can’t do it, I can only do my job, but this doesn’t interfere with him.

14, Casement: Stewart is not the kind of person in the video, he regrets it. Cases said that if you put 9 people in that case, the big probability will be such a reaction, of course, may not be as intense as Stewart. But the scene will never reflect the people like Stewart, I also think that James is not a dirty player, this matter is very unfortunate for them. Stewart made a reaction, he regrets now.

15. James Sun Fitness Advertising: Create the strongest you. James updates the social
media, picking up the advertising photos taken for the fitness equipment for the endorsement, and text: to create the strongest you, prepare, hahaha.

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