NBA-Net 3 news! The upper rate is innovative, Durant praises one person, Harden is sluggish

NBA is a focus war, the home of the home 107-113 is not enemy, 4 consecutive victories are ended. After losing this game, the record of the Nets is 14 wins and 6 losses, still ranking the first position in the eastern part. After this game, the NANT also came to 3 news. The upper session was innovative, and Durant praised one after the game, Harden was a buzz of Barclays.

The Basket Network and the sun have a total of 18,071 people in a total of 18,071 people, which is the highest number of seats after the Net moving to Brooklyn. It is unfortunate that these fans have not witnessed the team to win, even once in the backward to 22 points, so in the final moment, the team’s team is full, once makes the fans see the hope of turning over, but unfortunately Milles Three points have not yuggable, the offensive tide is also ended, and eventually lost the game.

In this game, Durant took his best, only to rest for 3 minutes, from the second quarter 50 seconds, it has not been changed. After the game, the US media statmuse came to: “In a regular season in November, Durant did not rest in the last 33 minutes, he needs some help.”

The game Durant 28 shot 13, three-pool 7 in 4, free throws 11 9, cut down 39 points 9 rebound 7 assists 4 steals, really try, but he failed to get too much help. After the game, Durant pointed out that there are many fine mistakes that the team needs us to correct, and then praise the performance of this Bry.

Since Brown is absent due to injury, Nash will arrange this Bry in the first lineup, and his performance is also very good, successfully grasp the opportunity. Durant said: “He played very good, defensive, empty, rebound tonight, he is one of our highlights.”

This Bryi should be the best in Durant, which is very proactive, which is also proven to be cut off. This is 35 minutes, shooting 11 9, contributing 18 points 9 rebounds, positive and negative value +8, and the only player is the only player.

This Bry is a helper that Durant’s strength, this is a bit touched, and Harden has fallen into a sluggish. Although the three-double data of 12 minutes and 13 rebounds 14, his efficiency is not high, 15 casts only 4, three points 6 0, this is already his 11th score below 20. You know, in the past four seasons, Harden has played 262 regular season, with a total of only 26 performances below 20. Haden really should be adjusted, so play, the Net is really can’t fight for the crown.

In addition, this game Harden has a 7 mistakes, and the downturn performance has also made the fans in Barclays, and after the 7th mistake, the scene fans gave him a snoring.

Author: georgesroom