NBA special attack analysis of the Knight away Challenge

Dear fans, everyone! I am a basketball writer Fuwa, because there is a forecast of the event, and people send the outer “basketball border”. I have been studying abroad in the small school, and I love the basketball during high school. After returning to China, I have been the experience of assisting teaching in the University Women’s Basketball Team after returning to China. After the opportunity to accept the invitation of Macau giants, the analyst of the basketball sector, Fuwa has a unique style for data analysis, and implements the use of abstract thinking logic to analyze the mystery hidden in the data, thus causing fans to make a favorable direction of competition.


In the last period, I shared the Lakers VS Pistons. The Lakers have been holding a leading 13 points in the third quarter of the initiative in the competition, but the last section of the helpless, the last section of the Lakers is not enough to resist the violent anti-fall of the piston, the Lakers are only 4 The advantage of the division is to predict the predictive prediction of Fuwa. Fuwa’s previous regrets failed to win three consecutive victories, re-packed the mood and adjusted the status and then brought a NBA focus event. I hope Fuwa can bring blessings to fans!

Monday 306 Dallas Supreme VS Cleveland Knight

League: NBA

Competition time: 2021-11-30 09:30

Beijing time November 30th, 09: 30, NBA is in full swing, this round focus war will be unfolded between Dallas Salers and Cleveland Knights, and the vendor has to face the knight in the past 7 times. This game will once again meet what sparks? Fuwa will analyze this game from a number of data depths, and bring a precise forecast direction to fans!

Unlocking content includes: fundamental analysis + Both sides recent data trend analysis + comprehensive analysis + game point view (data view + SMG view)

Author: georgesroom