NFL Dolphin Quartz Gitz Patrick: No respect before

Nfl “Beard” quarter-free Lan Fitzpatrick, in the professional football, built 14 seasons, first 126 games to win 50 wins 75 lightens 1 flat achievements. Fitz Patrick is not reused by the team in the year, Miami dolphin is the eighth NFL team he costs.

The Miami Dolphins in Meidian East is signed by Fitz Patrick, exchanged the rookie quarter-sags Rosen. There are two years in the Fitz Patrick contract, which means that Rosen will be a bearded substitute.

Fitz Patrick said in an interview with Miami pioneer. “

According to the American media analysis, Dolphin wants to know that 22-year-old potential is four-point Duison’s development template, but Fitz Patrick is the best quarter-off team. Dolphins is more inclined to let the jadefitz Patrick become the first four-point guard, let Rosen study on Fitz Patrick.

Since joining the Dolphin team, Fitz Patrick has shown a strong competitiveness in MiniCamp, and a high-level trick that does not look at the ball. Dolphin Special Consultant Dan – Martino has worked with Fitz Patrick and Runson, apparent that the beard quad-dimensional war is looking forward to the new season.

Macino career is all dedicated to dolphins, and he is a legendary figure in Miami, 9 times.

Macino career is all dedicated to dolphins, and he is a legendary figure in Miami, 9 times.

“It is really great to work with such a legendary star,” Fitz Patrick said to the reporter. “I should learn the humility of Martino. I can learn from him to the field and the knowledge is great. Although I have been 36 years old but I still want to learn more.”

At the end of the interview, Fitz Patrick is the highest evaluation of Marino: “Not only is the famous four-guards, but he can insight into the subtle changes, you can know him, I am profound. “

Author: georgesroom