NFL fifth week of preview: packaging worker denim playing classic patriaries

(Text / ESPN Compile / Star) Beijing time October 7, most competitions in the fifth week of NFL in 2019-20 will be officially carried out.

This week, the Detroit Lion Team and the Miami Sea Dolphin have ushered in their respective rounds. Last week, I have just encountered the first defeat of the season, will usher in Monday night next week, the opponent is still the enemy’s Green Bay packaging team. The Detrialcticone needs to take advantage of the long-term preparation time, winning the key national civil war. The dolphine team must be in the Washington Red Leather Team, which is the same as 0 wins and 4 losses next week. Perhaps the team of this game is not far away from next year’s champion.

In addition to participating in the Los Angeles Rasquet and Seattle Hawks in Thursday Night, the remaining 26 teams in the Alliance 49 in the San Francisco 49 team in Thursday Night Tournament, and the remaining 26 teams in the Alliance will conduct them in Beijing. Five-week game.

At 1 o’clock in Monday, I will live a “London Bowl” – Chicago Bear team’s game of the Auckland raid team. What is the performance of Khalil Mack? Due to left shoulders, Chicago’s main four-point 卫 Mitchell Trubisky will not be able to debut, can bring the four-point guards to CHASE DANIEL, can lead the team to win ? Will pay attention to you.

At 8:20 am on Monday, it will also bring you a game of the Indianapolis pillars to challenge the Kansas City Emirates. The tumbs of this season, under the leadership of Jacoby Brissett, the Jacoby Brissett, made a good offensive efficiency. However, their offensive firepower can match Kansas City, and ultimately lead the team to win? Can the Emirates completed the opening season five consecutive victories? Will be unveiled with you.

Well, what a wonderful surprise this week, the remaining 11 games of it? Please make Xiaobi to you. (Note: The visiting team is first, the kicking time is Beijing time)

Arizona Cardinals vs Cincinnati Bengals

Time: 1 am Monday

Game Aspect: This battle takes place between two teams of zero wins and many sack will appear. Currently, the Cardinals scored a total of 20 opponents in mind sack, ranked first in the league, while the Bengals are just 19 record data, came in behind them. It seems this weekend fewer Which team quarterback captured and killed, the more chance he led the team last laugh.

Scores Preview: Cardinals passing offense will eventually lead them to victory. This season, the Bengals defense group opponents an average of 8.6 yards per pass attempt to advance. The Cardinals quarterback Keller – Murray (Kyle Murray) in the last four games, there are two games over 300 yards passing, and the average per pass attempt may advance 5.5 yards. This data is very beneficial for the Cardinals.

Data analysis: This season, the number one man in Cincinnati running back Joe – Phil Mickelson (Joe Mixon) Average washed away each time the ball advancing only 3.2 yards, average per game also scored only 37.3 yards, they have created their personal the lowest of his career. Meanwhile, the Bengals averaged 2.8 yards every time the road to promote and advance data 1.5 yards before contact with a rival body, are ranked in the penultimate one league.

Experts select: Arizona Cardinals

Buffalo Bills vs Tennessee Titans

Time: 1 am Monday

Game Aspect: This season, Titans quarterback Marcus – Mali Horta (Marcus Mariota) has not been sent a note steals, but the Bills with the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers with 5 credited to copy cross-sectional data, tied for second in the league. On the weekend, the Titans took a quick passing attack strategy, accelerate the Mali Horta pass choices. The strategy in the game against the Bills should be very effective. Bills defensive group is very good at long-range pass defense. Currently Bills opponent’s passing success rate was 57.1%, the third highest in the league Buffalo people on this data.

Scores Preview: average per game yardage road to promote the statistical data, the Bill now has the fourth-best team in the league ground offensive. Over the past two games, the Titans defense group in a total of 146 yards on the ground lost. This weekend, Buffalo will get at least 150 yards in advance the road.

Data analysis: At present, the Titans completed a total of 17 opponents sack, pass pressure 34.0%. Both data are ranked 28th in the league. Fortunately, the team’s core offensive line – tackles Taylor – Revin (Taylor Lewan) four-game suspension expires, will be back on stage this weekend.

Expert selection: Tennessee Titans

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New Orleans Saints

Time: 1 am Monday

Game Aspect: This weekend, Teddy – Bridgewater (Teddy Bridgewater) finally betrays it? As Saints quarterback Drew – Brisbane (Drew Brees) bench, Bridgewater has yielded impressive 2-0 record, but in the two starts, he averaged per game He completed only 185 yards of passing. Bucs per game can get 31 points, but also lost 29 points, therefore, Bridgewater pass data should be very different from the previous two games.

Preview of Situation: In the tight defense Buccaneers, Saints number one running back Alvin – Camara (Alvin Kamara) advancing yardage total in this game will be 100 yards or less, the road to promote the code number will be more than 45 code. At present, the Bucs average per game lost ground only data of 59.3 yards, second in the league in defensive ground. The second week, they only let Panthers star running back Christian – McCartney Frey (Christian MaCaffrey) completed 37 yards rushing (53 yards total yardage advance); Last week, the entire Rams only in Buccaneers ground advance 28 yards.

Data analysis: After four games, the Bucs linebacker Shaquille – Barrett (Shaquil Barrett) to sack the data record 9, lead the league. This is from the 2001-02 season, the Packers defensive end Kabir – 巴贾比亚米拉 (Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila) since, in the first four games before the season, completing 9 sack players.

Experts predict: New Orleans Saints

Minnesota Vikings vs New York Giants

Time: 1 am Monday

Game Aspect: Currently, the Giants averaged 279.5 yards game losing air, the air defense in the league 25. Faced with this air defense, the Vikings quarterback Kirk – Kirk Cousins ??(Kirk Cousins) will have the kind of performance? Since the beginning of the season, the Vikings passing game has been played poorly, can only be achieved on average per game of advancing 169 yards. To this end, the team’s leading wide receiver Adam – Theron

(Adam Thielen) has publicly expressed his inner frustration, in response, Cousins ??also apologized to Theron. This weekend, even if wide receiver Stephen – Diggs (Stephon Diggs) may not be on stage, this is the best opportunity to people passing attack on the right track in Minnesota.

Scores Preview: Vikings will make Diggs bench this weekend’s game. The star wide receiver earlier this week, due to the non-football injury missed the team’s training, therefore, the coaching staff and management will need to show him that the team’s attitude. Vikings situation most want to see, is Diggs events so that the whole team fully into chaos.

Data Analysis: Giants quarterback Daniel – Jones (Daniel Jones) just completed two touchdowns passing record and advancing 72 yards passing in this game, he will become since 1970 AFL-NFL merger, career the first three games, passing touchdowns and passing yardage most of the giants quarterback.

Experts predict: Minnesota Vikings

New York Jets vs Philadelphia Eagles

Time: 1 am Monday

Game Aspect: In the main cornerback Ronald – Darby (Ronald Darby) A security guard Wundt and – in the case Maddox (Avonte Maddox) are injured, the Eagles defense has been the second-tier incomplete. After the group thigh muscle injury cornerback Sidney – Jones (Sidney Jones) this week has been re-involved in the team’s training, or there may be starting to play. Interestingly, the duel between the game is the league’s worst passing attack group with the league’s worst pass defense group. Jets per game can only advance 131 yards in the air, while the Hawks average per game he was able to throw 324 yards in the air.

Scores Preview: Due mononucleosis syndrome has not yet recovered, Jets quarterback Sam – Da Nuode (Sam Darnold) will be sidelined for the third consecutive week, so the Jets this weekend’s attack will remain stagnant. Currently, New Yorkers have the right to advance the ball 21 times in a row failed to score a touchdown, this figure will be close to 30 times this weekend. Although the Hawks poor pass defense, but the Jets backup quarterback Luke – Falk (Luke Falk) does not have enough power to use the other passing of this weakness.

Data analysis: At present, Eagles quarterback Carson – Wentz (Carson Wentz) the number of passing yards this season, 963 yards, he needs 400 yards to create a personal career season five games total passing yards new high numbers. His career-high value of the number of passing yards and only 364 yards.

Experts predict: Philadelphia Eagles

Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Time: 1 am Monday

Game Aspect: Ravens defense has a fatal weakness: they often let opponents complete propulsion big yardage. However, for the current situation, Steelers quarterback Mason – Rudolph (Mason Rudolph) does not have the ability to hit the ball far-reaching completion. Currently, he averaged per flight successfully passing yardage air of only 3.3 yards. This is the lowest value since the 2006-07 season, had all completed 50 passes in the quarterback. If the Steelers want to make good use of Ravens weakness, they must be encouraged Rudolph to try passing a large number of long-distance code.

Scores Preview: silence after two games, outside Ravens rookie wide maquis – Brown (Marquise Brown) will complete more than 100 yards and a touchdown catch the ball forward a large number of two yards in the game . This season, the Steelers defense group has completed three opponents, flying through the air over a distance of 25 yards passing touchdowns, tied for third in the league this data is poor.

Data analysis: In the game against the Cincinnati Bengals last week’s game, Steelers wide receiver juju – Smith – Schuster (JuJu Smith-Schuster) completed only 15 yards the ball forward. This is his career as long to complete once the ball game, the lowest number of advancing a code. However, since the 2017-18 season, the first 11 weeks and 13 weeks, he has never in consecutive games, the ball a few yards are less than 50 yards (not debut in the first 12 weeks of the race).

Experts predict: Baltimore Ravens

New England Patriots vs Washington Redskins

Time: 1 am Monday

Game Aspect: Washington Redskins can find a way to slow the Patriots offense do? Last week, New England only got 16 points. The main team quarterback – Tom Brady (Tom Brady) 39 passes attempt, only succeeded 18 times, gained 150 yards forward, and sent a note steals. This season, Brady pass success rate in third gear attack 48.9% passer score only 78 points. However, the Redskins defense is very weak third gear. The opponent’s quarterback to complete 87.2 percent of passes in the offensive third gear, and harvested up to 140.5 passer rating.

Scores Preview: Patriots running back James – White (James White) will be scored two touchdowns. Since the Redskins often used lightning in the defensive pass rush, therefore, as the top pass protector White will get more playing time this weekend. Do not forget now, the Redskins lost ground per game average 147.5 yards, is the difference between fourth league road defensive team.

Data analysis: After the Patriots want to be the Browns from 1988-89 and the Dolphins, the season’s first five games, opponents have not had a touchdown pass to complete the team. So, Washingtonian air offensive firepower how it? Since last season, the 11th week of Alex – since Smith (Alex Smith) injured, the Redskins have been appointed over five starting quarterback, the data ranked first in the league over the same period.

Experts predict: New England Patriots

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Carolina Panthers

Time: 1 am Monday

Game Aspect: In order to reduce the pressure on the team’s starting quarterback on the shoulders of the young, both teams will rely on the star of the 2017 draft running back, take the offensive responsibility. The year eighth overall in the Panthers running back Christian – Fred McCarty number of currently running code 411 yards behind in the league first, and then the fourth pick of the Jaguars running back Leonard – Sherlock Nate (Leonard Fournette) are not much better, with data 404 yards follow closely. Which team can account for cheap advancing on the road, you will get a huge advantage.

Preview: McCarere will complete the 100 yards above the end of the run. For the American Tiger Team, McCarre is a hard opponent, and they have always had problems with the overall guards. Jalen Ramsey will lack a big probability, and he does not appear in McCarrre, which is particularly prominent during McCarre.

Data Analysis: This season, the Jague team took over the small D.j.- Chak (D. J. CHARK JR.) has completed 19th battles, pushed 321 yards, and cut 3 records. Last season, he had only completed 14 batches, promoted 174 yards, and did not reach the account.

Expert forecast: Carolina Black Panther Team

Atlantan Femplay VS Houston Texas

Time: 1 am Monday

Point: Deandre Hopkins can complete 100 yards of the ball in the game in the Ties of the Texas Croupier Tour? After the opening of this season, the battle was completed by 111 yards, Hopkins did not have a ball in the past three games than 70 yards. At present, the Falcon’s Passing Police is located in the 7th place in the Alliance. In the first four games in this season, the French team only allows an external hand of the opponent to complete the data of the single game.

Preview: This season, the Falcon is only 10 points in the first quarter, but it lost 38 points. This weekend will improve this situation. Atlantia will enter the second section with a leading advantage. However, with J.J.-Watt and his Houston Punching group entered the game, the Falcon’s offensive front line will be unbearable, and the advantage of score will also be so fast.

Data Analysis: Texas Human Defense Outside Waitney Mercilus has cutly killed four consecutive games. He also maintains the longest lodging record with the Clay Mattews and the Pirates of Clay Mattews and the Pirates. This season, Merris has completed 5 kills, which has been flattened to the total number of murders he obtained in the past two seasons (21 games).

Expert Forecast: Houston Texas

Denver Mangma VS Los Angeles Lightning Team

Time: 4:05 in Monday

At the competition point: Due to the former cross ligament, the wild horse struck Bradley – Bradley Chubb has been reimbursed in the season, and the Denver people need a victory, so another place in the team The defensive core von Miller will come forward, using the flash of four points to Move Philip Rivers to move enough flexible weaknesses to cause multiple oppression. In the contest in the career, Miller has completed 16 kills. Rivers also gave Miller also gave a high evaluation: “His speed and strength are amazing, this is why he can become one of the best in history.”

Preview: This season, the wild horse has not completed a copy, but they will usher in the first copy of the season this weekend. In the 5th game of the Maka team at least copied, the lightning team is only 2 wins and 6 losses, and when the wild horse is at least copied by Timus once, the lightning team has only 5 wins and 11 losses.

Data Analysis: At present, the Light-off team takes behind Keenan Allen leads the league with 452 yards, and he is the only player in the unique number of more than 400 yards in the league (not included Thursday night this week). In the route running, Allen has 32.4% of the time to become a four-dimensional pass target, which is also the first to take over the season.

Expert Forecast: Los Angeles Lightning Team

Green Bay Packaging Team VS Dallas Denim

Time: 4:25 in the morning Monday

At the game: The defensive group of the packaging team can copy the performance of the new Orleans last weekend, and the data limit of the denim number one runs 卫 基基尔 – Eizet (Ezekiel Elliott) is limited to 18 rounds only 35 Code? Don’t forget, the denim also wants to prove that the performance of last weekends is just an accident, not everyday. In the contest in the competition of the array packaging team (including the playoffs), Elliott has received the opportunity of 79 buses, 125 yards, and 116 yards, completed 157 yards, 125 yards, and 116 yards.

Preview: Which team took the lead in completing 30 buses, this team will win. Elliott has just raised the third low in the personal career last week, and the current packaging team has averaged 142.3 yards per game ground, and the opponent averages 5 yards. On this side of the Green Bay, because the number one offensive weapon – Davante Adams will be absent due to the toe injury, the team runs Alon Jones will take up attack. Heavy. In the last packaging team, Adams completed the ball to the ball.

Data Analysis: According to the statistics of authoritative data, the 2016-17 season, the packaging team four-point Wei Alon Rogers is the first place in the ultimate ball window. However, since the 2017-18 season, in all 43 four-point guard at least at least 50 similar to pass, Rogers only success at 29%, ranked 38th.

Expert Forecast: Dallas Denim


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