NFL President Goodel: The draft conference is injected into a strong intensive agent in sports in sports.

April 24th (Wen / ESPN Kevin Seifert Compile / White) April 23, NFL President Roger Gudel, said that the US Professional Rush Big Alliance is also held in the new coronary virus. The virtual draft is to bring a bunch of light to the sport community in the dark.

“People look forward to the draft meeting.” Goodel said in an ESPN interview. “People expect us to unite the community, I think the election will be a good way, it brings people hope. This is our hope of fans, is the hope of the team, is the hope of our players, these are about to open The hope of career young people is also the hope of NFL everyone. It is very good for us. I think people need it to make themselves. We need to put the focus in the future, and unite the community through this way I think we can do very well in these three days. After the election, we will immediately focus on the future. “

The NFL draft meeting in Beijing time on April 24th, and the executives of all teams have arranged “combat room” at home, meet the big fighting of the draft selection. Gu Del also announced the results of the first round show in their own basement. At the same time, 58 selection players will participate in the election conference in a video manner to record their elegant moments.

After the election conference, NFL will transfer attention to a more tricky problem. Now, the NFL teams have opened the virtual offset period, but the virtual offset period will definitely not meet the routine preparation of the players. Future new crown epidemic may be controlled, and Gudel and the bosses will have to consider the beginning of training camps and regular seasonings.

Gudel reiterated on the 23rd that the alliance is preparing for the new season for September. But he also admits that if the situation is still very serious, they must also develop emergency measures.

“No way, you have to adapt.” Goodel said: “You have to prepare. You can’t expect every step in the future, as you wish, but your job is as well prepared as much as possible. It is doing this, now we will still do this. But at the same time, we will ensure that everyone of NFL, coaches, staff, and teams are in the safe environment. This is currently we want to solve The primary problem, as in how to solve, may also depend on the alliance meeting held by the boss. “

Author: georgesroom