NFL president salary for the first time in 6 years! Goodel earned 128 million in two years

Nfl President Roger – GuDel’s remuneration has been a strict confidential content over the past six years, but part of this secret is now finally revealed. According to the New York Times, Goodel has earned nearly 130 million US dollars in the past two years, and his compensation is disclosed at the NFL boss meeting on Wednesday. During the meeting, a slide showed the salary of Goodel.

In general, Goodel has been $ 63.9 million in the past two years, which means that he has reached a total of $ 127.8 million in the 2019-20 finals and 2020-21 fiscal year. About Gudel’s salary, one thing is worth noting that his salary is mainly composed of bonuses, 90% of income from bonuses. In the past two years, Goodel has such a high salary because he helped NFL completed two big negotiations and helped the alliance to consolidate the future.

The first is that the new labor agreement was signed in March 2020. A year later, he reached a new media agreement with the TV network. From 2033, NFL will receive a $ 113 billion in demand, which makes NFL earn a big.

But before this week, Gudel had been a mystery in the salary of the past six years. NFL has not been confidential, which means that anyone can view Gudel’s salary through a public record. However, the Alliance canceled this in 2015. From then on, the alliance no longer announced any data related to Gudel salary.

Goodel has been a president of NFL since 2006. Although he is unclear that his salary in 2016-18 is, it is based on statistics. He has earned 375 million US dollars in the 15-year president, an average annual salary reached 25 million US dollars. . In 2015, Gudel revenue was $ 32 million. After the union asked hundreds of employees less than 18 months, Gudel’s high price salary was disclosed, which may cause some dissatisfaction of other people in the office.

As early as April 2020, the alliance issued an announcement, saying that GuDer would drop the salary to 0 due to the epidemic. But now everyone knows, and Goodel earned $ 63.9 million last year, although he did not receive salary, he had more bonuses. However, other staff members of the league are required to pay 5% -15%.

At present, Goodel is a five-year contract, which has been expired until the 2023 season.

Author: georgesroom