NFL stadium is now Fultz "funny" touching the reasons behind the free-throw action

Beijing time on November 23, sits at home against the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, as in Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day War broke out, the civil war in this country can be described as eye-east. With the new foreign aid took Amari – Cooper’s two touchdowns, the Redskins beat the Cowboys 31-23. Among them, Cooper after a touchdown imitate the Philadelphia 76ers NBA players celebrate scoring Fultz free throws posture.

This posture is a free throw in the previous 76 games against the Jazz as the Fultz, this is not a normal posture free throws, in the 17th game against the Jazz during the first into the last paragraph, Fultz implementation of free throws, he saw the ball left and right hands down several times, like holding hands, like a hot potato. This “ball too hot,” the free-throw action, has become the focus of heated debate after the game.

At that time, perhaps a lot of people would be finished when the lively look, after all, NBA free-throw strange posture, there are many players, such as former Houston Rockets player Hayes out of touch free throws, free throw Marion’s end urinal, but compared them out free throws posture personal habits formed because Fultz this action may appear behind but people sigh.

Fultz suddenly changed the free-throw action, coupled with the Grizzlies before playing a sudden twitch, which forced people to think of Pu Yi’s disease. In doing this disease fixing action of local muscle contraction is likely that he can not control themselves, such as billiards, golf, and some rare basketball free throws. This is a movement disorders, so that patients have involuntary muscle contractions, Pu Yi is not anxiety disorders, but the physical condition, the most critical is that once the disease was found to Pu Yi, their career basically to end.

Coincides with Thanksgiving, Cooper wanted to support Fultz in this way. Just a few minutes after the end of touchdowns, Cooper’s charity has been the response from Fultz. Fultz then forwarded this not only Twitter, also posted on Instagram a period of their own personal watch the game live video, he taped this celebration Cooper also wrote, “Well done!”

Pu Yi is actually a very difficult disease to cure the disease, for an athlete, high intensity every day, day after day muscle machine games to bring their muscle memory, they pass Cape patients but not so . Their muscles like a bunch of children to learn the difference between the left ear near the right ear, learning what to forget what, especially in big games among the muscles will become more wayward, to lose control. So athletes with Pu Yi’s disease are more likely to “critical moment ball dropped,” the embarrassing situation. There are a lot of athletes, because of this injury, resulting in competitive state plummeted, even someone had to end his career.

Just the day before, Fultz again to stop training to stop the race, his shoulder injury, and abnormal muscle so he had to find medical experts to re-evaluate the diagnosis. Pu Yi abnormal muscle disease that let Fultz career full of invisible fog, full of talented young people who are facing life’s most difficult moments.

You know, Pu Yi’s disease patients tend to care more about the fear of failure and, this way, it is easy to form a vicious cycle. But Fultz not alone in the next football game, there are still people support his own way. Fultz could see that she was still relatively optimistic, quickly get to the meaning of the Cooper and Cooper retaliate, which helps Fultz open up and build confidence.

Thanksgiving battle arena, Amari – Cooper’s Young Dragons people moving, everyone wants this year’s NBA champion Lang eventually recover and get back those things once fame.

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