NFL Ying Yuan Lang a copy of a copy of a good ball although recorded but it is a team

November 11th, Kyler Murray, as the star Zonglang at the 2019 NFL dragons, Arizona’s rock, almost all the future bets on this young quarter. After a struggle and adaptation in the season, Kyle Murre finally retrieved the feeling of playing at the University.

The 10th week of the 2019 season NFL regular season, Kyle Murray League Arizona’s Red Snap phed three points in Tampawan pirates in the 27-30 score, in the game, Murray a total of 44 passes in 27, 324 yards 3 Deta, send a copy, four-point guards reached 97.2. It is always said that although the red ramp finally disappeared, Kyle Murley said that although he was defeated.

It is worth mentioning that before the fourth quarter, Murray has set a special record – 211 palls in the rookie season did not send a copy, this refreshing NFL history China New show quarter The ball is not a maximum time record that is not copied.

In 2014, the Auckland raids were DREK Carr, who did 176 passes in the rookie season, cocked a history of history; 2016, or a rookie Dallas Cowbi quartz – Plescott is also a 176th pass, and Chasing Drick Carl. But now, Kyle Murray greatly opened the gap with the former, putting this record onto his label.

In the first quarter, Murray quickly became the legend of the active service, and the old, Larry Fitzgera, completed a 11-yard pass connection, and refreshed a record. Looking at Kyle Murray and gently achieved such achievements. It is used to say that the big wind big waves are also the congratulations to the congratulations.

“In this year, he has been doing the most correct decision to pass the smartest ball. As a small rookie, he keeps such a single season, he is an incredible Work, although sometimes we will encounter setbacks, but he still helped the team forwarded around Monday. “

“People always make mistakes, I mean, like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, the most great four-choice, they still make mistakes. This is not big, but the difference is that the great players will learn and comprehend it after make mistakes. “When Murray, Fitzgerald couldn’t help but adequately admire the rookie quadrant, and will The great four-defense and compament of Braddy and Rogers, which is absolutely highly evaluated.

In the past five games, Kyle Murray came out of 5 reachaes that did not have passed. This game, Murrayben until the last section 3 minutes and 47 seconds also maintained a transcript of 0 copies. However, at this time, Murray’s pass was taken away by Jamel Dean. Since then, the pirates won the ball to start counterattack, and finally completed the reverse failure. It can be said that it is the thorough creation of Murray to the winning hope of Arizona.

Murre created new achievements, but also bury a good bureau. The church of the church of the Red Squad Kliff Kingsbury is quite whispered. He believes that the design of the offense is not properly arranged, which allows the team to fall into trouble. In this regard, the young four-shot is a bit stubborn. He actually returned to the coach, and the blunt copy is just an accident.

“When I passed the ball, I never thought that this goal will be copied, so I feel that I just lack some luck.” Before this service, Murray only sent a total of 4 copies. Since September 29th, Murray did not send a copy in five consecutive games.

Among the game, Murray came out of 324 yards, 3 of the 3 times, the extraction, Christian Kirk. Interestingly, these three reachaes are also all of Christian-Kirk personal career. If there is no such copy, the red scitch eventually win, this is probably a representative competition of Murray career, and this quarter-off will continue to refresh the historical record.

Previously, Jacksonville American Tiger’s rookie 4-point Guarda-Minshew has completed a record of 163 passed forward. But after this, Kyle Murray went to the history of his name into the history book.

However, in the face of the great achievements of yourself, Kyle Murray did not think too much. He just responded to “I just protect the ball.” Obviously, between records and wins, Mu Lei still wants to win.

Author: georgesroom