Observe – Red Socks God Works Saha Harbed, the defending champion coach sneak shed scheduling must blow a wave

Special reporter Xue Lei sent from Houston

The fifth game of the United States of Federal finals was in the tour, and the two sides had alternately leading, Boston’s red socks won more than 8-6 scores to defeat Houston Space. Dressed in this victory, the reddock team will rewrite the total score as 3-1. This kind of break is down, and the reddock coach Cola Interprets the art of cowshed scheduling.

Red Socks

Red Socks

The stomach is shattered, the red socks thrown, the unepricality of the red sock pitcher group

“Is there any latest news in Saier?” This is the Metropolitan Championship Series of Boston Sapphire and Houston Space Man, the fourth war, the red stocklets, the main coach Alex – On the press conference of Cola, the https://www.mlbtrikot4.com reporters asked the first question.

The fourth battle of the two sides has not yet been played, and the reporters in front began to prepare, and they worked on the fifth battle. “He will not send it tomorrow.” Corra has made the original fifth game, Saier’s battle of the king of the tiger king, “He did not pick up in the cowshed today, only him Yesterday I felt a lot, but he was not ready to play in the body state. “Colora also confirmed that Saier’s stomach disease was more serious than imagining,” he even because of this disease will have a lot of weight. I am also very surprised only, but this is the fact. His power does not meet the requirements of this intensity competition. “

Saier’s physical condition is also confirmed in the post-match conference, “Yes, I talked to him today. He did talk to him in the power room. https://www.maillotsenligne.com He did because this disease was reduced, he The baseball game is very love, he is our trump card but can’t play as scheduled to make him feel very hurt. If you understand him, you will know if he can rule it as soon as possible, but he feels because of his illness. weak.”

Red Socks Ace Pitcher Chris Saier suddenly had a stomach disease, so that only 11 pitched red satsuzzles in the playoffs immediately appeared to be stretched. Considering that the playoffs and regular season are very different, bring 12-13 pitks to have a normal operation, you can’t expect your first farther to vote for about 6 bodies or 7 bureaus For all, it is not a super ace like a tiger king, Haplex, or Bonhamana.

It was less than the spending of the four teams in the current fruit, and now the ace pitcher accidentally falls. Corla will not regret https://www.mlbdrakterno.com the twelfth pitcher because of the sudden illness of Saier. ?

“I don’t regret it, because I know that we need more beats. And we also know that Qiao (Kelly) will eat many of the number, Hambury, Walkerman, I am sure I can let them come out to vote some of the number, we Will rely on our first hair, they can vote for the fifth game, the sixth game, just like we do now. “Cala looks a confident,” this is why we only chose 11 pitks, Is this decision perfect? ??We still need to practice to test, we will try to make today’s fourth game, then let’s take a look at the position of the first firing. “

Although Kula, who was sitting in the news publishing hall in front of the news publishing hall, it was like a classic comic “dunk master”, Lingnan coach Okama Mao once pointed out that there is an unerangement of the Xiangbei team,https://www.fanartikelsportde.com this reddock team The pitcher also has an unstable factor, and this unstable factor has burst, perhaps the direction of the entire series. It is the so-called one, and it is full.

Boai Luo Yu is full of four games, and the strong carrier makes the competition to maintain a balance

In Cola’s plan, today’s first pitcher Potolo must have more than 5 games. This helping the reddock team smashed the victory in the Yangji Stadium, in that game, filled 5 bureaus, was knocked out 4 security hits only lost one point. In this round of a series of space, Pope Luo is played in the lattice, there is no loss, no loss, two three-vibrate opponents, these bright data is indeed full. But today’s competition, Posaro’s performance is like dance on the tip of the knife, which also makes the wishful abacus of Clari like floating in the https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com rain.

Posaro is only a speed of 90 miles today, and it is not very ideal, so that the former Sai Yang Award started from the first game as the center of the storm, and it is possible to destroy. In the second half of the next game, “Xiao Giants” Otti, the Popheron Luo Yao is not fast enough for 90 speed balls, and a stick figure, this ball is just fine in the warning area. Muqi-Bates high jump, but it has not been able to access the ball to gloves. The audience thinks this is a home running of the score. The red stocking player on the field put forward protests, and the referee Joe Vester made a fans who were out of the game. After the game, the head coach was also admitted that his first reaction also felt that the fans interfered with Bates to catch the ball, because he knew Bates who had superior sports ability to confiscate https://www.mlbtrikot4.com this stretcher. But if this ball is not strong and Bates’ exercise ability, saving Posaro, otherwise the leading advantage of the red stockings will go to work, and it will be turned into black.

Because the controversy was interrupted, Posaro had to practice during the suspension of the snoring, but the interruption is still chaos in the pace of Posolo, he also picked the ball in Maxhen-Gama Rez, followed by Gurri, it was also coming to 3 bad 1 good situation. Unfortunately, Gulier failed to grasp the opportunity to serve the team, and a non-nutritious right outerflying flying ball helped Pope Luo to resolve the crisis. This semi-bureau has the opportunity to chamber the score, and the decision of the referee makes them have to accept the result of continued backwardness.

In the second half, it is also a high-rise 90 https://www.mlbtrojerse.com moving ball to catch up with the opponent. Podo sent the left and far-reaching two-standing second base to the Radissa. After a few years in the previous game, there was a serious fault, and finally found a feeling in the hands of Posaro, Kuria crossed the defense of Bug Gatz, and sent Radic to the home score. The Boles’ crisis has not ended, seeing the anti-attack opportunities, the mid section of the season, from the co-district opponent’s Angel team, Maldado, the price in the playoffs is still less than a five, the result, what he wants to do Trunked the sacrifice, but put the ball on the air, the reddock cracked, the gas, the Vasquis eyes, steady, and helped Posolo got a gasping machine. As soon as the game, the Boai Luo was stable, and the first three vibration resolved the Camp, and manufactured Blesman’s earth, the Safe https://www.b2bshopp.com of this semi-bureau is safe, but the situation of Posolo is more harmonious. Worry.

In the second half of the fifth situation, Cora is still withdrawing the Popherowo, which is frequent, and sent a fireball pitcher Kelly. The situation in the field is the situation to make Kara must be determined, the cowshed elite, must fight this Game. The truth is very simple, and the socks will not be able to play tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow’s Space team will send the “Tiger King” Wrandall, the first battle of Red Socks. Maybe in tomorrow, after the four games, the game can remain like today.

And this time, the scheduling of cows, also showed the determination of Colora, and the red stockings must be played today in the seventh decisive battle, winning the winner of the life of the life. If you can’t fight, Low the ball https://www.maillotsenligne.com tomorrow, red socks will be reversed by the opponent to the game to return to Boston, and the situation of Saier is still worrying, and the situation in which the red osmest is willing to be dangerous.

However, the effect of this preference of Colorah is not ideal. Just made a wonderful and beautiful-preparatory performance of Colia, facing the speed of the speed of Kelly approaching 100 times, but still waited for a splendor. The circle refers to the curve, Kuria can see the stick, and the Gurier who has successfully stolen the second base successfully sent it back. The spaceman who operates at home will be more than one.

E-Rod is only 7 goals, and the Kora is a great winner.

The problem appeared in front of the first season as the reddock master coach, and his next series of operations, it was sighing this coach to gently, but he was very late.

In the sixth place, re-retrieving the leading red socks of the leading advantage, sent a first turn of the cowshed, Edward Edward – Rodriggs, he did not solve the ninth rod of the space. Mad, but the opponent. In the face of many of the opponent’s upcoming, Colora, Clari is cautious and be careful, showing the late practice that does not meet his age.

One person is unattended, and Clari is not hesitant. Decisive, I only face Rodriggs, who is only facing a beater, sent right Brazil. Like the Mikras in front of this season, Brasil, who returned from the Japanese duty, became a surprise in the playoff, and he faced a hot one or two-three bats in the state of the opponent tonight. In the crisis situation in which people who are unmanned, the expectations of the main coach have been used to make Blesman’s Chinese and foreign high flying, and let the status of Springer, Otti strikes soft weakness. The wild roller is out, and it is perfect to suppress the momentum of the space team. In this knot, who came to me, who didn’t fall down, and the result is likely to swallow the bitter fruit of sorry. For bold use in Brah, it is observed in Corla in the Spring Traditional Spring Festival.

“When the Spring training warm-up match, he once played the role of the terminator. I still remember that we have achieved 4-0 leader, and then he told me the players. This guy is very good. At that time, many people still didn’t know who he was. Until October has excellent performance, people have begun to know him. He can eat a lot of topics for us, give us not only three out. Number, he can do more. “

It can be seen that as a protagonist, when he shows scheduled art, it must be derived from a pitcher, capability, and state of power, the ability and status of the state, must also have an extremely accurate memory of the game.

In this half, Edward – Rodriggz was only voted for 7 goals, and the scheduling of Cora also retains a living force that can be eaten in the fifth battle of Tomorrow.

The enemy change I also changed Barnes to play firefighters, and I sent the Terminator Kala in advance.

In the seven games, the spaceman Kria hit the hopes of the main team again to the right foreign country, and the audience was enthusiastic about Ma Wen-Gonzalers to rush through the homes. But奇 – Bates’ arm power makes space people are quite jealous, and the running guideller makes the gesture to stop in Gonzalest. In the face of a great place to chase the score, the space team reveals the martoador Maldado, which hits the horrible manner, and replaced the player-White. The reddock team also sent troops to send Barnes to save fire.

Everyone at the site realized that this kind of beating will become a turning point of the game, and the cold and helpfulness will come back. On-site DJ also plays the effect of the impact number. This time, this time, the space fans are again disappointed, and the Barnes Capricorn has drawn a curved arc like a curved knife in the air, and it is precisely in the glove of the handle, “annoying” referee also cooperates. Make an exaggerated slogan, the gesture of the trick, the three vibration bureau, Kula once again gambled at the critical moment.

However, when Kora pressed the biggest bet, like the Singqi yesterday, the eighth bureau sent the end of the Terminator, Jinbreier, Kora, has won quite luck.

The number of red socks gets only six outsourcing points. Cala decided to send the terminator in advance, the Terminator of Kragh, this series of series of series, and the end of the HK, come together The space man has been a fight today, but it is tried to rush to the second base for the super arm of Muqi-Bates. Despite the arrogant approach to their own radical practices, the passage of the opponent’s passage ability. But this is a place of play, which also predicts the situation of Jinbreier today, which is very likely to be a turn of the thrill of Yangji.

In the Nine Bureau, the Reddick, who just sent a beautiful skill, the Radissa, Karlos Kria, represents the flat point to fight, the space fans transformed the last thread of the only one tonight into crazy shouts and The rhythm is sent in the field. Under the huge pressure applied at home audience, the old problems in the ball in Bundle have rapped in the key moments. He did not take the pressure to ensure that Colia and Camp were sent, and the field formed is full. Two out, Jinbrell has no way to retreat.

At the crucial moment, Blesman is a place where it is necessary to land, and the victory of red socks is rushing in the cliff by Ben Ning Titi. Regarding this great, I also shocked Kora, cold sweat, at the press conference after the game, Colora did not speak beautifully for Ben Ning Tudi, and he also bluntly filed a combination of the most common field of alliances. feel honored.

At the same time in Gold Breil, the last card in the hands of Colora, still did not take out the David with persuasive performance in the playoffs – Prab started in the cowshed. Corra admitted that he was chasing or worse, he would send him to play, and once this card, the reddock team will face greater difficulties in tomorrow and space people.

Hand in the hand in your hand, put all the bets all in this glue battle, the narrow road meets the brave, whether it is strength, luck, the victory is finally in the red hose. One side.


“Chris” can’t play tomorrow, as the player will feel heavier as the player, if you want to lock the victory of the series tomorrow. “After the game The press conference Tencent News The reporter threw this problem to Muqi-Bates and JD Martinnez, after answered many questions about the judgment of the audience, Muqi-Bates is interested in Easy to answer this question easily.

“Not, we will continue today’s blow performance, we know if we give yourself a bigger pressure, but will make things a variety of things. We must make a positive and optimistic mentality, as always, I will prepare the game. “

Whether it is less than 24 hours, the “Tiger King” that has never been affected has never been sold, and the hot wallet can be promoted to the red hose to get the season in Houstun, at least for the valuable time. Even if the series needs to go back to Fenwei Park to carry out the sixth and seventh coaches, at least in Houston, the red socks may also have this king card in Saier. Even if the series was dragged into the battle of life and death, the red socks have not lost the seventh consensus of any series at home.

Madoss won this plate, the Boston Red Socks reported an arrow that was eliminated by the spaceman last year, and the chips of the World Competition were more and more, and the grasp is getting bigger and bigger.

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