On December 11th, Beijing time, the annual winter meeting was held in the “Casino” Las Vegas Mandalay Hotel, the general manager of the majority of the team, the player broker, etc. gathered together. This time is often a variety of heavyweight signing, the concentration period of the birth of the transaction.Kashman said that Yangji is not interested in Harper.This year’s free player market, the super superstar of the two ten years of harvest in Harper has not signed, https://www.maillotsenligne.com and their specific trends are also concerned. Today, there is a reporter to the issue of Harper to the general manager of New York Yangji, Brian Kashman, this time Kashman’s response is very decorated. He first, the six foreign countries in the team’s array, and once again emphasized Harper and did not suit the responsibility of the team, and finally he came. “I am surprised that you are still asking me about it. The issue of Pelt, which officially declares the 基…Machascorrhand, which has three base platinum gloves, can take advantage of it, and will sign a larger than him.However, according to relevant sources, Yangji will meet with Harper during this week. However, compared to Harper, Yangji obviously be more interested in Macha. Kashman revealed that he had communicated with Maxo’s brokerage Dan-Losano, but the https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com team has not been in contact with Macha. It is said that Machado will be the same as the previous Patrick Colbin, personally visited the various teams interested in, and thus the possibility of marking the contract in the winter meeting is not big.The geniors have not sure final belongs.For Harper himself, although he is a fans from urinating, especially admire Chiang Chi Mantle-Mantle, but really talked about the problem of money, Harper would not make too much. Although there are many teams interested in Harper, however, with the operation of each team in the rest of the team, the team that can afford the Harper’s contract is less and less. St. Louis Red Shot is also indirectly declared by the Paul Goldschmidt from the Arizona Rattleschmidt. Some sources are joking, now Harper’s market quotes have only one of Philadelphia waving checkbooks. Harper’s broker Scott – Polas will definitely not be satisfied.There are still many things that need to be busy during the winter meeting during the Winter Conference. First, it is the task of reinforcing the first pitcher. After signing the Washington, Ja-Hap is clearly a pitcher in the free player market in the Safety DC. Yangji considers Hap to be 36 years old, and thus only will provide a 2-year contract, but Hap himself is looking for a 3 annual opportunity. If you chase Hap, Yangji will move the next goal. According to legend, a Saiji’s baseball exploring the game of Juchi Yangxing, and it is not possible to rule out the possibility of joining the battle of Yangji to join Jiku.At the same time, Yangji is still selling the first firing in Sony Gray. According to as many as 11 teams are interested in him, Yangji has already made a preliminary discussion with the Milwaukee brewant, San Diego priest and Cincinnati. According to reports, the price of Yangji is very high. When I negotiate with the Red Man, I need a red man to provide a red man https://www.maillotspascherfr.com to provide Taylor Trammell, naturally, this negotiation is not happy. Obviously Yangji is very optimistic about Gray’s market and is taking the strategy of “Jiang Taihuo Fishing”.Zach Britton was originally a terminator of Baltimony, but it could only act as a layout pitcher.Other aspects of Yangji revealed that the probability of Zach Britton, the probability of Joined Yangji coward last season, his primary willingness or the role of the terminator, and the Terminator in Yangji is inevitably Aredi Schamman. David Robertson attracted interest in Boston’s red socks, Los Angeles Dodge, etc. If Yangji does not open a big price, Robertson and 2014 generally have high. In terms of field tools, Yangji intentional and Joh-Harrison and Marvin-Gonzalese contact, while Kashman also revealed that it does not exclude the first https://www.fanbutikk.com farther who follows the team after the next season, Di Di Gray Sustic.When the first day of the winter meeting is about to end, there is a message source to explode today’s largest trading rumor. New York Metropolitan is a third party, intended to get a catcher JT-Leel Mudi from Miami mare. Reporters revealed that Yangji intends to trader Nova Schindg in this transaction. According to the general manager of New York, Brodie Van Wagenen, this is only one of the 10 trading tries. However, Yangji is trying to promote this intent.JT-Leel Muto is very comprehensive, with uncommon high hits in the arrestAccording to judgments, the metropolitan deal is very strong, and the manager of the Yangji Farm system is very strong, and the potential of Yangji is like a lot of homes.Yangji also hopes that through this transaction, https://www.b2bshopp.com he will get the strength of the first pitcher, even if you don’t get Schodega, if you can trader get the first firman like Matters, you will pay a lot of money for Yangji. It can also be accepted. However, so far, the negotiations of this transaction have not been in progress. If there is a follow-up, we will update the relevant situation in time.

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