Outu Viyang Spring Cannon Qi Qiang line fire! Space Human Rune Warrior Putting the World Competition

On October 28, Beijing time, the MLB2021 World contest entered the second game, Atlanta Warriors still challenge Houston space people. In the first contest of yesterday, the https://www.fanstore2.com
Warriors took the next step in the opening stage, and finally won the first to win first with 6-2; this space of space was returned, and I didn’t want to bring 3https://www.mlbboutique2.com-2 disadvantages. 3 Offering tour. In the end, the spaceman laying an advantage with the 4 points of the second half of the 2nd game, and taking 7-2, the series is divided into 1-1 flat hand.

[Data Highlight]

The Warrior first pitcher Max-Fried main Investment 5 games were knocked 7 points, of which 5 were self-disciplined, and the three times were taken. The spaceman first picked up Jose – Utqui main investment 5 games were knocked down 2 points and sent 7 three vibrations.

In terms of strike, Warriors capture De Arnold, 2, 1, run back to 2 points. The spaceman fired the team, and 7 people knocked 5 people, and Otti 5 2,1 points ran back 2 points.


[Competition process]

The next half of the space man seized the opportunity, and the first batter’s two bases were on the second base to play, with the hurt of https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com the owner’s hand Blanchi, then the three bases, followed by the three bases. Gao Fei sacrificed hit, Otti rushed back to the home base first. However, the first half of the 2 games, the Warriors capture De Arnold brought the Yangchun gun directly to equalize the score.

The second half of the bureau, the spaceman completes the biggest bureau. The outer wilderness tenth gram and the aquarium Giriier have been knocked on the ground to form a three-stricken, and then the wealth of the west of the west, Tak returns the home base score. And Maldado’s anattors not only returned to Guierier, and the explosion opportunities of the Warriors of the Warriors. After the Brantley https://www.trikotskaufenn.comis 1 point, the spaceman gets 5-1 lead.

Then, the two sides entered a steady state, but the Warriors had a half-bureau, and De Arnold took the opponent to the https://www.mlbdrakterno.com second base and pushed into the third base due to teammates. Man successfully knocked out, the warrior chased the score to 2-5.

6 The next half of the space will start again, and the guerrillas in the guerrillas in the guerrillas. The Warriors first sent a pitcher Fried immediately, but after rehabilitation, the spaceman still returned 1 point by Gurier, and completed the two-pirate. Unfortunately, the back of Rii Maldona fails to expand the score, 6-2.

7 second half, the spaceman continues to append hurt, and Otti is 1 point. Although the Warriors solved the two outspace crisis, it did not have something to win in the next game; with Grayman closed successfully, https://www.fanartikelsportde.com the spaceman finally won, and the series of race was equalized.

[Next prospect]

The next game is the third context of the two sides. After 1 day of mobile, https://www.mlbtrojerse.com I opened on Octa. On October 30, I opened. The first firman of the space man is a temporary Louis Garcia, and the warrior’s first firing is Yan Anderson, and the spaceman is now getting used to “Little Ghost” in the first firing, and the Warriors face Mortton injury And the Presbyan of Fried, Anderson needs to come forward.

Author: georgesroom