Paris Saint-Germain official: Messi officially joins the team

On August 10, the Paris Saint-Germain Club officially announced that the Argentine star Lionel Messi has officially joined the team.

The Paris official released a video after Messi’s flight arrived at Paris Le Bourget Airport. In the video, there were scenes of six Golden Globes and the Eiffel Tower, as well as the Argentine flag, the Argentine national team jersey, and Mate. Tea and other elements, all the pictures “clearly” the Argentine superstar’s joining!

It is worth mentioning that in the video that flashed past the Paris locker room, Neymar’s No. 10 jersey still appeared, which seems to indicate that Messi will not choose to wear the No. 10 number for many years in his new club. .
At present, the Paris official has not announced the specific schedule and official appearance time of Messi.

The Barcelona club officially announced in the early morning of August 6 that Messi would no longer play for the team. On August 8, Messi also officially held a press conference to confirm his departure.

Messi entered the La Masia youth academy from the Newell boy in July 2000. He has played for the Red and Blues for 21 years, played 778 games, contributed 672 goals and 305 assists, and won 4 Champions League titles with the team. , 10 La Liga titles, 7 Copa del Rey and 8 Spanish Super Cups and other team honors.

Messi also won 6 Ballon d’Or awards during his Barcelona career, 2 times European Footballer and 2 times World Footballer and many other personal honors.

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