Play football to show yourself – Qiqiao District Dongcheng a small "second class" activity series

Play football to show yourself – Qiqiao District Dongcheng a small “second class” activity series

Sun Guangxun (Reporter Liu Jie correspondent Han Shi) to fully implement the “double minus” policy, promote the construction of “three classrooms”, enrich the “class-after service” activity, Xi’an City, Dongcheng, Dongcheng, Dongcheng, the opening of students Thirty-dozen special courses have carried out a wonderful “second class”. Chelsea Jersey The classroom is interested in health growth, making the campus a happy park, achieving the goal of “everyone can participate, everyone has a special”.

Dongcheng a small “second class” event “special” eighth station: Sunshine Sports – Football

In order to promote the implementation of Dongcheng, a small “double reduction” work, the school sports teachers adhere to the “promotion of sports, carry forward sports spirit, improve students ‘physical fitness, and enrich students’ lives”, effectively carry out special sports classrooms. The post-class service is deeply loved by students, and students can exercise physical exercise in the completion of their homework, and their sun is confident.

Fourth, the fifth grade sports teacher is based on football training, and football can cultivate students’ strong willpower, and the mutual decisions, unite collaboration, collective honor, and discipline and other thoughts. It is conducive to enhancing students’ physical fitness and promoting health. Fully exercise and sound of good sports, is a valid sports project in a student Liverpool Jersey fitness activity. And often participate in football, can improve students’ strength, speed, sensitive, endurance, flexibility and other physical fitness, and enhance students’ cardiovascular system, respiratory system, etc., thereby promoting students’ health.

Since the after-school service delay, the students of the fourth grade have not only sweat in the sunshine sports class, but also harvested happiness and health. In the future classroom optimization, Dongcheng, a small physical education teacher will not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, scientific training, to improve the quality of the Soccer Jersey Discount students, and struggle the students’ will quality.

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