Qingdao "Coca-Cola, Mayor Cup" Campus Football League 2002 13th

In 2002, the 13th “Coca-Cola · Mayor Cup” football final stage was fully launched on October 26. A total of 118 male and female football teams from 85, medium and primary schools and football schools in this city have conducted 275 games.Manchester United Jersey A total of more than 80 football referees from our city participated in law enforcement work, all the game ended on November 17.

The competition is divided into eight groups. The team participating in primary school men and women group competitions is the “Regional Cup” qualifiers through the city (a total of 291 teams, nearly 3,500 people carry out 527 games) selected 32 The secondary school team and 32 primary school women’s teams, other teams directly participate in the finals, including the 3 teams, football school group, 10 teams, high school men group 6 teams, junior high school men group 15 teams, Junior high school women group 12 teams. The university team adopted the name of the main customer service dual cycle competition, and the other groups used the first group of the first group Mbappé Jersey cycle and closing.

“Mayor Cup” as a tradition of our city, since the founding of 1990, the “Mayor Cup” has been continuously improved in the 13th session, has entered the season of harvest. This year, Qingdao History has won the “China Football Association” champion, realized a history of history in the history of football development in our city. The “Mayor Cup” has made a good interpretation and paving, the thirteenth year of the “Mayor Cup”, and the process of cultivating the training of football in our city. It can be said that the “China Football Association Cup” won the development and progress made by the football in our city since the opening of football reform, the “Mayor Cup” is inseparable.

The “Mayor Cup” football game has been sponsored by Qingdao Coke Lionel messi Jersey Beverage Co., Ltd., which has formed a tradition in the competition, but also formed a continuation in sponsor, so that the “Mayor Cup” football game has been healthy and fast. Development. At present, Qingdao Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. has become one of the most important companies to sponsor in our city’s adolescent sports activities.

In 2002, the 13th “Coca-Cola · Mayor Cup” large-level and middle school students football champion list

Colonard groupQingdao University

Football school group championQingdao Dawn Football Club

High school man group championQingdao Railway Workers’ Children’s First Middle School

High Cheap Soccer Jersey school women group championQingdao Financial Vocational School

Junior high school man group championQingdao Fifty-seventh Middle School

Junior high school woman group championQingdao 61st Middle School

Primary school men’s championQingdao Liaoyuan Road Primary School

Primary school women group championQingdao Jinmen Road Primary School

Fair competition

Qingdao Construction Institute, Qingdao Shengzhong Football School, Qingdao, 16th Middle School, Qingdao 25th Middle School

Qingdao Fifty-seventh Middle School Kits Football Kits Qingdao Railway Children’s First Middle School Qingdao City Management Vocational School

Qingdao Taiping Road Primary School Qingdao People’s Second Road Primary School Qingdao Anshan Road Primary School Qingdao Shangqing Road Primary School

Qingdao Normal University with Xiaoqingdao Jinmen Road Primary School

Qingdao Morning Post reporter Liu Shijie

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