Rams 6-15 Bears defensive battle universe sheep frequent mistakes to be upset

Beijing time at 9:15 on December 10 morning, the Chicago Bears vs. Los Angeles Rams. Bears and Rams are the first National League North and the National League West, the field Sunday Night game can be described as strong dialogue. Sheep record in the universe before the game is 11 wins and 1, lost only one game to the Saints. The Bears 8-4 record also dominate the National League North, and the game Bears Lectra Rams to 15: 6 victory over the Rams.


Strong dialogue in this game is defense group, Rams defensive stopper Aaron – Donald and Bears Carrier – Mark is in a league of a defensive player, their duel is a game one spectacle.

In addition to the defensive front line, second-tier teams defensive game also played well. Rams quarterback Jared – Gough was the Bears defense group steals four times, while the Bears quarterback Mi Cheer – Trudeau Bisi Ji also been Rams steals three times .

In the history of the two teams played against a total of 92 times, the Bears with 53 wins, 36 losses, 3 draws occupy advantage on record.

Wonderful review

Defense group two teams are among the best in the league, in the first half are locked into each other’s attack. Just back from injury it did not take long Bears quarterback Mi Cheer – Trudeau Bisi Ji in the first attack sent a note steals. Rams cornerback Marcus – after Peters scored steals directly back to the attack to the Bears red zone. But then the Bears defense group to show their power, he stunned the Rams defend the attack. Three attack is not worth the Rams in the first quarter left to select a free kick 9 minutes, 3: 0. Then Bears also advanced to the red zone before the Rams hit free kick 2 minutes left in the first section, 3: 3.

Section II began, the Rams quarterback Jared – Gough also a little cold hands after arriving in Chicago. He also sent out a four minutes after steals II began, and the Bears inside linebacker Rock Wan – Smith steals back off after the attack to four yards before the end of the line Rams. The Rams defense group also stop living Bears offense, the Bears nine minutes left in the second quarter when the scored a second free kick, 6: 3. Three points behind the Rams play a live flowers in the next gear in the attack, many times this season, passing Johnny – Hecker pass at the 4-speed 7 yards to tight end Gerald – Ewe Reiter, who after the ball ran out of the first attack. The fraudulent tactics to make the Rams finally got another free kick opportunity, kicker Greg – Zul Ryan hit another free kick four minutes before halftime, 6: 6.

Come back after halftime, the Bears first against the Rams played a combination of boxing. Rush Defense – Eddie Goldman directly to the Rams quarterback Jared – Gough sack in the Rams front region, has made security points, 8: 6. The Rams lost two points but will continue to kick the ball back to the Bears. Running back Jordan – Howard and wide receiver Aaron – Robinson’s two-pronged approach, one after another to help the Bears made the first attack. The last 10 minutes left in the third quarter, when the Bears went two yards of the end zone before the Rams. Face third gear score, the Bears also the Rams play a live flowers. First they came in several defensive big man, let Rams mistakenly think they have to rely on this powerful few big red ball. Who knows, after a fake handoff, quarterback Mi Cheer – Trudeau Bisi Ji passed already went to the offensive tackles array region Bradley – Sowell scored touchdowns, 15: 6. Despite the subsequent two teams have appeared in a variety of kicks and kicked out of the steals and other mistakes, but who did not able to rewrite the score 15: 6 score also maintained to the end of the game.

Player data

Rams quarterback Jared – Gough 44 pass 20, 180 yards, 4 steals. Running back Todd – Geer Li ran the ball 11 times, 28 yards. Wide receiver Robert – Woods 7 catches for 61 yards.

Bears quarterback Mi Cheer – Trudeau Bisi Ji 30 pass 16, 110 yards, 1 touchdowns, 3 steals. Running back Jordan – Howard ran the ball 19 times 101 yards. Wide receiver Allen – Robinson 5 catches for 42 yards.


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