Red Socks will be the first invested pitcher: from last year to learn from the lessons, the recovery is ready to go

Text / NBC Advanced Reporter Ivan De Riridge

If you let the Boston Red Sox of the Boston Sel (Chris Sale), he will definitely convince me to buy a car, I am serious.

The reddock team will not be optimistic about everyone – in this playoffs and the front of the Benji New York Yangji, he sounds so convincing. He said that he half of his performance is in the hands of the hand, with a firm belief. He is so convinced that he is going to break through a wall instead of the board, the game is the same as the Great Wan. This is a talent, “personality charm”, they seem to say this. Although he said in the first battle of the first battle in Thursday, he said that the established form of Chen cavity, but people think that he is expressed.

However, due to his left shoulder superthitis, the reddock team will use a few strategists on Friday without a little clue on Friday, and it is estimated that even Selb people don’t know. But if the light is said, you will feel that everything will be fine. “I have already hosted,” Seli said. “My current state is, give me the ball, I got the ball, until you change me so. But this is also my work attitude. That is, it is a low head, I’ve been running.”

Well, just like our people.

However, this charm will not change the skeptic attitude of the news workers, even if it is in sports. However, credit this kind of thing will not change, Sel is a person who is easy to convince.

“This is the reason we played!” When asked the chance of the first battle of the partitioned series, Sel is as such. “We don’t have anything else to play, just for this. Personal data, routine winners, etc. Don’t misunderstand, we cherish it (refer to the qualification for the playoffs). We strive to fight for it, we have a lot of suffering, but we earn it for us. “

“Now is the last thing, you also know. We know what is waiting for us, we also know what we should do. Being starting from the spring training, this is our only goal, it is it. It is us The reason for coming here. We don’t have a “I want to know when our last game is” when it is. It’s not us. The last game? That is what we have created. This is us The purpose of playing the ball. It is the night, those early morning, those who have passed, let our players, coaches, medical groups, and balls to operate high-level experience, the results accumulated. We accumulate All years, but now, we are going to compete for our dreams. “Sel said.

The excellent performance of Sel in the microphone and the camera is probably expressed in the way and rhythm or other speech, which is the things that are proficient in language or hypodeomy will tell you. Of course, this is also related to Secien responsibility attitude.

Remember the first battle of the partition series in the last year of his performance of Houston Space? Yes, that is the competition that he voted for five fuss. About the terrible game, Sel is said so. “I won’t try to erase anything. It happened. The truth is that I was exploded. I won’t escape, because I don’t think this is the right way. I recall this game. I will realize what mistakes I have made. Then, as I said, I tried to learn from these mistakes. I won’t go hide, it (this game) How? You can It is now searching now, whether it is now, tomorrow, or a hundred years later, it will always be there. That is my performance, I accept, and I have improved. I will do anything in order to enhance myself. Because that is the only thing I can do. It (this refers to be exploded) will not help me this year, will not help me next year (the game of the Shangliki). But These training, ready to spend everything, will help me through all the games. “

Now, Seli has always said that those generals are considered to be “correct”. Many times he won’t share all his ideas to everyone. About authenticity, this is a very difficult thing to break. However, he is seriously going to sell products, and Sel’s words are still very convincing. His discourse is an addition item in his time in Boston.

He is now getting better than the intensity, let us see how the results are.

Author: georgesroom