Reform promotes youth campus football development

  A few days ago, the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Press and Publication, the Sports General Administration, the Sports General Administration, the Communist Youth League Central Committee issued the “Ministry of Education and other 6 implementations on accelerating the development of the youth campus football” (hereinafter referred to as “implementation opinions”) . What is the background of “Implementation Opinions”, “Implementation Opinions”, key tasks, protection measures, how to implement “Implementation Opinions”, the head of the National Youth Campus Football Work Leading Group Answer reporter question.

  Q: What is the background of the “Ministry of Education and other 6 departments on accelerating the development of the teen campus football”?

  A: Since last year, General Secretary of Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Li Keqiang made a series of important instructions on the development of football, emphasizing football, starting from the doll, grabbing from the grassroots, especially to grasp the Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey teenagers football. In November 2014, at the National Youth Campus Football Work TV conference, Vice Premier Liu Yandong conducted a comprehensive deployment of national Youth Campus Football Work. In March 2015, the State Council issued the “Overall Program of China Football Reform and Development”, “Program”, the fifth part of the “Program”, is an important elaboration in the development of reforms and promoting campus football.

  In order to implement the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the development of football and campus football, the Ministry of Education takes the lead in the development and reform committee, the Ministry of Finance, the news, the news, the Sports General Administration, and the “Ministry of Education, etc. 6” The implementation of the department Football Shirts Wholesale on accelerating the development of young campus football, clarifies the overall requirements, key tasks and safeguards of current campus football work.

  Q: What is the importance of accelerating the development of young campus football under the new situation?

  A: Sports is an important indicator of the comprehensive national strength and national spirit, which is an important window of displaying national images and an important platform for human communication. Football not only has a comprehensive function of sports, but its unique value and charm can surpass the boundaries of nationalities, culture, and have a profound impact on economic society.

  Developing campus football is an important way to promote the comprehensive development of young people and cultivate practical socialist Liverpool Jersey core values. Football has fully reflected the modern physical education, not only allows youth to experience the hard setbacks, tempering the quality of the will, and can cultivate the adolescents to respect the Code, fight the spirit, unity and cooperate in the victory, and can strengthen the spirit. Team awareness and collectivism concept, enable students to develop hard work, optimistic spirit and healthy upward lifestyle. Give full play to the full implementation of the party’s educational policy, implement the fundamental task of “Lid Tree”, and vigorously promote the important role of China’s sports spirit.

  Developing campus football is to deepen the reform of school sports and promote effective starting of healthy China construction. At present, my country’s adolescent physical health levels continue to decline, and school sports are still weak links in quality education, many students can’t even master a lifelong sports project. Vigorously carry out campus football, on the one hand, the development of radiophytes in schools have radiation, which is conducive to promoting physical education content setting, improvement, and promoting site facilities, resource conditions, promoting the development of collective campaigns, so that physical education, extracurricular exercise Every day, exercise is more colorful. On the other hand, the school sports reform has an innovative demonstration, the teaching mode, training mechanism, management method and competition system of campus football, training mechanism, management method and competition system can explore new roads for school sports reform, provide reference, injection vitality, Form a campus culture that advocates sports, loves exercise, and plant soil for national fitness and healthy China.

  Developing campus football is expanding the size of football population, consolidating football talents, improves basic quality of students’ comprehensive quality and promoting adolescents. At present, revitalizing Chinese football is a common desire of the people of the country, has become an important part of building sports powers, talents and realizing the Chinese dream.

  Q: What is the overall goal of young campus football development in the future?

  A: Better construction, the basic completion of talented growth laws, the extensive participation of adolescents, the continuous improvement of sports levels, the system of institutional mechanisms, the basic conditions guarantee, and the cultural and vitality. Adolescent campus football popularization has greatly improved, and teaching reform is more deeper, the competition system is more perfect, and the conditions guarantees more powerful. Through effort, more schools will carry out football activities to let more students participate in football.

  Q: What is the basic principles of the development of campus football?

  A: Adhere to the reform and innovation, adhere to the problem-oriented, adhere to the coordination of the coordination, and adhere to the basic principles of campus football development in terms of local conditions.

  Q: What is the key task of promoting your teen campus football in the next few years?

  A: First, improve the level of campus football. Coordinate all kinds of resources, innovate and popular work mechanisms, and continuously improve the basic conditions for promoting the development of campus football. Selection and focus on “National Youth Campus Football Pilot Area, County)”, Test Zone and Campus Football Characteristics School. The second is to deepen the reform of football teaching training. All kinds of schools are required to include football into physical education content, promulgate the guidelines for campus football teaching, and students’ football skills level. The third is to strengthen football extracurricular exercise training. The education sector will guide the school to guide the school to formulate scientific campus football training programs to provide football learning and training opportunities for students who like football and football potential. The fourth is to improve the campus football competition system. The main contents include carrying out rich and diverse events, forming a stable and standardized competition system, and maintaining a fair and strict Saiji. The fifth is the growth channel of unique football seedlings. Improve the cultivation channels of excellent football seedlings, and implement a student football player registration system. Establish a talent conveyance channel for education, sports and society. Broadensing campus football players enter the national football backup talent talent team, relevant football professional clubs or access to the channels of famous foreign football career clubs.

  Q: What other reform initiatives have the implementation of the 6th departments of the Ministry of Education on accelerating the development of teen campus football?

  A: “Implementation Opinions” highlights the spirit of reform, highlights highlights of protection measures, incentives, safety insurance, and social participation. “Implementation Opinions” to strengthen the construction of campus football team, improve site facilities, and increase clear requirements for the conditions for the protection of adolescent campus football, demanding a variety of ways, matching full of football teachers, strengthen Teacher training, increase the construction of venue facilities, and increase investment in adolescent campus football. To establish a sound incentive mechanism. “Implementation Opinions” clearly regards adolescent football learning as a reference for students’ comprehensive quality evaluation, allowing football special students to make reasonable flows during the upgrade of school, moderately expand the high-level football team enrollment scale, and expand the opportunity for young football enthusiasts, participate International Campus Football Events and Exchange Activity. “Implementation Opinions” proposes to strengthen the risk management of campus football injury, formulate safety and preventive rules and regulations, strengthen sports safety education, inspection and management, enhance students’ movement safety and self-protection awareness. “Implementation Opinions” multi-channel mobilized social forces to support campus football development. Play the positive role of professional football clubs, football schools, and sports schools in talent training, multi-channel absorb social funds, and guide social capital into the campus football. 

  Q: How to promote the popularity of youth campus football?

  A: One is to strengthen overall development. Coordinate urban-rural areas layout, coordinate all kinds of schools at all levels, coordinate all kinds of social resources, encourage basic places and school exploration practice, and increase the support of rural schools, and focus on expanding campus football coverage. Encourage students from all ages to participate extensively, actively carry out young women’s football, let more young people experience football life, love football, enjoy football happiness. With the popular campus football demonstration, other sports projects such as campus track and field, basketball, volleyball are developed. Second, support characteristics lead the popularity. Select a group of national youth campus football characteristics, focus on the construction of a high-level football team with a number of ordinary colleges and universities, support its strengthening construction, deepening reform, improve the level and characteristics, and play its backbone, demonstration in the development of youth campus football And drive. Encourage conditional places to create national youth campus football pilot counties and football comprehensive reform test areas, first try, accumulate experience, and promote the healthy development of teen campus football. The third is to cultivate cultural consolidation. Putting a variety of football activities such as competition, game and other forms as an important part of campus culture, let football integrate into student life and root campus. Vigorously develop students’ football community. Encourage schools to make full use of Internet and new media to build information platforms, report football activities, exchange work experience, show featured results, and create a good cultural atmosphere that is conducive to young campus football development.

  Q: What is the basic requirements of the National Youth Campus Football Characteristic School? What support measures are there?

  A: In order to strengthen school sports, realize the total goals and total requirements for students’ physical health, sports skills and people’s character, improve the level of campus football, and lay the foundation of Chinese football development. In 2017, the national selection of 20,000 Campus football characteristics school and 30 pilot counties (districts). Through the selection of special schools and pilot counties (districts), a number of advanced models of campus football education teaching work have promoted the comprehensive popularization of primary and secondary schools. Featured schools should meet the basic standards of conditions, education and teaching, training and competition, etc., which is equipped with strong sports teachers. There is at least one football special sports teacher. A sports teacher can provide training opportunities every year. The second is to implement physical education teachers. Ensure that physical education teachers enjoy the same treatment as aspects of evaluation, wage treatment, job evaluation. Third, the construction of the site facilities is complete. Site facilities, equipment equipments basically reach national standards, and build a football site, football and basic training competition equipment suitable for school conditions. The fourth is enough sports funds. The special funds for school sports work is not less than 10% of physical education funds. Fifth, the teaching concept is advanced. Take football as a vector carrier of Lidshu, actively promote quality education, and promote students’ comprehensive development and grow healthily. Six is ??to ensure the time of sports. The compulsory education stage schools use football as the compulsory content of physical education, and use a sports class every week to conduct football teaching; high school stage school opens a football elective course. Seven is to develop football curriculum resources. According to the national campus football teaching guidelines, football school-based textbooks are developed and prepared for local conditions. Eight is to create a campus football culture. Nine is to establish football organizations. Schools have football clubs or groups, absorb interested students to participate in football activities. Ten is to carry out scientific training. There are systems, scientific training programs, and carry out breed football training. XI is to establish a competition system. Each year, the school football class league, grade challenge, each class participates in the game, no less than 10 games; actively participate in the campus football league; take the initiative to host local football competitions. Twelve is to support students’ development. Encourage talents, potential students participate in the school-owned football training, training and competitions, and improve their football competitive level and exercise capacity creation conditions.

  In order to support the construction of specialty schools, the Ministry of Education is named “National Youth Campus Football Characteristic School” to the Ministry of Education. The second is to clarify the specialty schools and pilot counties (districts) Enjoy policies support for campus football teaching, training and competition, enrollment, funding, and conditions guarantees for local relevant departments. The third is that the state gives certain support for the specialty schools and pilot counties (districts) in campus football teaching, training and competition, teacher training, selection student training, etc.; and incorporates characteristic schools and pilot counties (districts) in the local government education Work assessment content, incorporating the important content of the annual target assessment of education administrative departments at all levels. The fourth is to encourage all localities in accordance with the basic standards of the national campus football characteristics, carry out the construction of the local campus football characteristics, and form a construction echelon.

  Q: What are the measures to deepen the reform of adolescent campus football teaching?

  A: The football is listed in the teaching content of various types of school sports class at all levels, and actively promotes the diversification of football teaching mode. Encourage conditional schools to carry out the “one school” specialty in the “one school” in the “one school” in sports teaching reform. Football Characteristic schools can properly increase the proportion of schools, arrange a football class at least one football class every week, and continuously improve teaching quality. Scientific coordination of football teaching and other discipline teaching, in terms of class time distribution, teacher equipments, teaching management, performance evaluation, etc., have created good conditions for football teaching reform. Promoting the Guide of Youth Campus Football Teaching, Student Football Skills Level Standards, Standardizing Guide Campus Football Teaching. Building a national adolescent campus football teaching resource library, encouraging all localities to develop shared high-quality campus football teaching resources due to local conditions, and gradually achieve full coverage of quality football teaching resources. Relying on the conditional university to establish a campus football research base, strengthen the development of campus football movement development, and improve the scientific level of campus football development.

  Q: What is the contest system of young campus football in the future?

  A: In the next few years, all local schools have carried out a wide variety of campus football competition activities, forming the football competition pattern of “school participation, layer selection, nationwide”. Organizational primary school low-grade students participate in interesting football activities. From the third grade of primary school and above to the beginning, high school schools, organize class, grade league, carry out competition exchange activities such as Intercourse, Competition. Higher education organizes the student students’ football league and inter-school exchange activities. Construction of youth campus football competition system, including the school competition, the school-speed league, and regional selection. Established longitudinal, horizontally connected and standardized unquence university, high school, junior high school, primary school four-level campus football league mechanism. Implement the grading management of events, establish counties, land-level, provincial and national youth campus football competition system. The Primary School Stage is in principle not exceeding the city, the junior high school stage is in principle not exceeding the provincial (district, city). The Football Competition Benefits should be included in the assessment system of sports work assessment in colleges and universities.

  Q: What is the guarantee measures to develop young campus football should be strengthened?

  A: The current development of youth campus football, focusing on the following aspects:

  (1) Strengthening the construction of teachers. Take a variety of ways, match the football teacher. Football coaches, referees, other disciplines and volunteers with football specialists, and volunteers with strong professionalism and good ideological style. Establish a teacher for long-term engagement of football teaching. Strengthen the construction of physical education, encourage students to maintain special football, and cultivate more qualified football teachers. Develop a campus football teacher training program, organize football teachers teaching competition, experience exchanges and teaching and research activities, and focus on improving the teaching practical ability of football teachers and integrated professionalism. Since 2015, organize special training for national adolescent campus football backbone teachers. Participation in various ways of practically carry out various ways. Joint Industry Organization, hired domestic and international high-level football experts to train campus football teachers, coaches, and referees. Participate some excellent young campus football work management staff, teachers, coaches, and referees to participate in professional training and exchange activities abroad.

  (2) Improve the conditions of field facilities. The site construction of campus football activities is included in the construction plan of the administrative region, incorporating the overall planning of urbanization and new rural construction, and increase the construction of site facilities, and create conditions to meet the requirements of campus football activities. Encourage construction of small and diversified football venue facilities, encourage the establishment of the Youth Football Activities Center, and synchronize the school football venue facilities to the school open and social sports venue facilities to the school, forming education and sports, school and society, school districts and communities to build sharing Effective mechanism of site facilities.

  (3) Improve students’ participation in football incentives. Incorporate adolescent football learning into a student file, as a reference for students’ comprehensive quality assessment. Strengthen the teaching management of football specialty cultural courses, improve the examination enrollment policy, and motivate students to actively participate in football learning and training. Allowing football special students to make a reasonable flow of exercises in the upgrade of schools, obtain a good special development environment. Research on the management of high-level football teams in colleges and universities and enrollment policies, increase the number of high-level football teams in colleges and universities, moderately expand the scale of enrollment. Expanding your adolescent exchange opportunities, after selection, it can participate in international campus football events and exchange activities.

  (4) When increasing the investment of adolescent campus football. The coordinated relevant funding channels are tilted on the development of campus football reform. Explore the establishment of government support, market participation, and multi-party funding mechanisms support the funding input mechanism of campus football development. Optimize education and put into structure, actively create conditions, and gradually improve the level of campus football characteristics, support schools to carry out football teaching, training and competition.

  (5) Improve the safety insurance system. Strengthen the risk management of campus football injury, formulate safety regulations, strengthen sports safety education, inspection and management, and enhance students’ exercise safety and self-protection awareness. Improve the insurance mechanism, promote the government purchase service, improve the level of campus football security, and relieve students, parents and schools.

  (6) Encourage social strength to participate. Increase planning, policies, standard guidance, multi-channel mobilization of social power to support the enthusiasm of campus football development. Give full play to the positive role of professional football clubs, football schools, and sports schools in talent training, encourage conditional sports clubs, enterprises and other social organizations to jointly carry out public welfare activities conducive to campus football development. Improve relevant policies and guide social capital into the field of campus football. In the China Education Development Foundation, the China Education Development Foundation established the Youth Campus Football Development Fund, and multi-channel absorbed social funds. Innovation campus football uses foreign-funded ways to effectively use overseas direct investment, international organizations, foreign governments, and other organizations.

  Q: What are the incentive mechanisms of young students continue to participate in the campus football? What is the football special growth path?

  A: Teen students have encouraged youth students to continue to participate in the campus football movement, one is to incorporate young football to learn campus football into the student file, as a reference for students’ comprehensive quality evaluation. The second is to strengthen the teaching management of football specialty cultural courses, improve the exam enrollment policy, and motivate students to actively participate in football learning and training. The third is to allow football special students to make a reasonable flow of exercise in the admission of schools, and achieve a good special development environment. The fourth is to study the management of high-level football team management and enrollment policies in colleges and universities, increasing the number of high-level football teams in colleges and universities, moderately expand enrollment scale. The fifth is to expand the opportunity of adolescents to exchange the exchange opportunities. After selection, they can participate in international campus football events and exchange activities.

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