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  November 4, November 4th, Italian football three legendary coaches Safi, Ribi and Zakcheroni, Qi Gan Saki’s hometown Fu Si?o, three people were launched in the Modi Fuxician TheaterA dialogue, everyone reviews their own legendary coaching career.It is worth noting that as a Chinese male football coach, Ribi did not fall in Chinese football when telling his brilliant coach career, but his statement did not taste Chinese fans …

  In 2012, the 64-year-old Lubi has been regarded as a ridiculous coach in Europe. In 2010, the South Africa World Cup is a shameful defending journey, let his coaching career face the end of the risk. However, at this time, Guangzhou Evergrande Group’s paper is invited to bring “Silver Fox” to China. In the next 7 years, the grievances of Lipper and Chinese football have not repeatedly: he led the Guangzhou team to make a dynasty, becoming the forever of the Guangzhou fans; but after the Chinese national team, his magical magic has gradually disappeared. Even two times after the 2019 Asian Cup and the World Pre-match. Despite the time in Ribo left China for nearly two years, he still talks about his Chinese experience, he is still full of emotion.

  2012 A paper, writing the name that can help me reach this goal. So, I lead to Guangzhou Evergrande. In those years, now Chinese football seems to return 20 years ago, including the annual salary of the coach and players, all the things related to the football have shrunk, I think there will never have a powerful Brazilian player. The Chinese league played. – Chinese men’s football team in front of the main coach

  This feeling of Lippi is undoubtedly, because he witnessed the brilliance of Chinese football “Golden Yuan Times”, and even he was confident that he had a gloriousness of Zhongchao. . But now, when Jin Yuan football has come to the end, the Chinese football has completely entered the winter, there is a big dream, and it feels like a feeling.

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  Although there was no experience in Chinese football for 20 years ago, he said that he said it is not too much from the environment of the Chinese football professional league. In 2001, China’s top professional football league was also called A A league. After experiencing the false prosperity of Chinese football probation, the 2001 season A A league fell to a lowest point of history. At that time, A A was canceled with the economic team, and the consequences of bringing it were that the ball market has shrunk sharply, and the enthusiasm of the merchant’s investment in football is greatly reduced. The club has a sharp decline, and the maximum A A is the largest. The card foreign aid is the main defender of the World Cup Chelsea Jersey Brazilian team in 1998, but he left the Chinese fan is to come to the money, and then leave after a few games. And that is also a turmoil, late May 2001, with the Huachen Group withdraw from the Chinese football, Shenyang sea lion is Yizhen is Shenyang Jinde; mid-November, Shanghai Shenhua, Shanghai Shenhua, also held Shanda Holdings . Although each group company withdrew from the Chinese football, there were different backgrounds, but everyone’s dissatisfaction with the Chinese football environment is common. It can be said that China’s football in 2001 is like Chinese football in the “Post-Golden Dynasty”, which is facing the largest survival crisis since the professional league.

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  However, from the other hand, Lui’s “Chinese football returns 20 years ago” said that it is not very accurate, because it is the first time in the history of Chinese football in the history of Chinese football, because it is 20 years ago. At that time, the players in the national football team were the core and banner of unique side in their respective clubs. Among them, they were like Fan Zhiyi, and Sun Jihai has just returned from British, and Yang Chen, Xie Hui continued to stick to overseas birds. As the first person in Chinese players, the first person in the five leagues of the Chinese player, was effective in Yang Chen, who was frankfurt. In August this year, he was awarded with Ram, Clinsman, Pivaro, Ze Roberto and Changgu. The title of “Kijia Legend Star”; Xie Hui is also a weapon of the four parties in Dead, and the final season has won the honor of German Boots. More importantly, after the World Cup in 2002, Zheng Zhi, Li Tie, Li Weifeng, Shao Jiayi and other young players opened the levy tour, and Chinese football ushered in an exciting “Ocean era”.

  From the national team’s achievements, in 2001, the national football team was in Milu, and the top ten competitions were 6 wins and 1 flat 1. Two rounds of the World Cup in advance; Step by step in the game, it is more than 1 won in 3 battles, and the outline is in jeopardy. In 2001, the world’s world ranked 55th, Asia ranked 6th, Iran, Saudi, Japan, South Korea and Australia, but the gap is not obvious, even as long as you work hard; and 2021, national football The world ranking is slid to 75th, and the 9th place in Asia is not only unable to catch up with the leader, but even be to be able to catch up with the team behind him. It is no wonder that there is a fan so self-ridicule. “If Chinese football can return to 20 years ago, it is really back, but returns to the peak …”

  From 2001 to 2021, 20 years of bounce, there are many places in Chinese football to change, and there are many places to change, but it is frustrating that Chinese football change is that the national team’s results are getting worse, players The competitiveness is getting lower and lower; the unchanging is that our professional league is still not professionally, and the management level remains to be improved. So, if you are like Ribi, Chinese football can return to start 20 years ago, and you hope that what is the way?

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