Sept 17 games! Net new stars ushered in, replacing Griffin, Harden’s best internal line partner

According to Net reporter Kristian Winfield, NET NET NETTON Clarkson has been removed from the injury list, and the next game against the Wolf, he will be able to welcome it. Previously, Clarkson had been lacking in 17 games in a rickets. After the recovery period after the illness, he has been decentralized to the development alliance, and now, the Nets have recalled him and activated his state.

In the past few games, Griffin was abandoned by Nash. The old fell-to-date fumble-style decline made people. Nash time-stop loss, and the first hair of Adotti, but this adjustment, let The inner line of the basket is further weakened. After all, Milhap is clearly declined. He is difficult to support the second lineup of the basket network. Sharp is a rookie, and there is no chance to get the opportunity. In this way, the inner line of the Nets will only leave Aade and Milsa. Mandarin, but the same is old, the defensive and boxes of the two are facing huge challenges, which is why the basket network is losing the reason for the rebound data in most of the time. Nowadays, Clarkson returns to the timely return, which can undoubtedly greatly relieve the internal rotation of the basket network.

In the first 4 games, Clarkson has 18.8 minutes, get 6.5 minutes 5.5 rebound 1 cap, he can’t bring strong support to the team like Ade, and there is no experience in Milhap. However, in this team, Clarks can also bring things that are lacking in other two, which is the internal defense and strip, his sports ability can bring more vitality to the banned zones of the Net, let Nash There is more choices when the lineup is modified. Among them, the most critical point is that Clarkson and Haden’s unpacking will make their attacks more nice choices.

Inside the Net Net, Clarkson can be considered by Harden’s best internal line, because his technical feature is the type of Harden’s favorite partner, just like the Carpera during the Rocket. He can follow Harden to complete the unpacking, and the pass of Harden can also throw it in the air, let Clarkson take the bore to end with the dunk. Sending the teammates, is one of the landmarks of Haden, but Clarkson is absent. The other intranets of the Nets are old because of the age, the exercise capacity is degraded, and it cannot be completed with him.
Harden is After the ball is complete, there is less than a pass threat, and the power of the inner line is naturally a discount. And when Haden has a pass option, the other party can better make targeted defensive, in order to further limit his play.

In the last game, Harden finally opened his familiar offensive mode, and finally cut 34 + 10 + 8 data, and sweeping the past this time at the offensive end. Nowadays, with Clarkson returns, if he can restore health, when he puts together with Harden, I believe that Harden’s attack and passing will become more threatened. At the same time, he can also replace the vacancy after Griffin’s departure, let Nash’s internal rotation of Nash has a choice.

Author: georgesroom