Shenhua reconstruction can learn Guoan, Taishan changed effect, professional football non-human club

With the end of Shanghai Shenhua Foot Cup, the fans who love Shenhua suddenly discovered that the whole season, he has been “painted hunger” in the club:

I shouted out the goal of winning the League championship early, and after the end of the first stage, I fell into the key group in the first round; so I settled my own target in the Football Cup championship in order to calm the fans. As a result, in the top 4 competition, the first round was a 5:15: 1, not only a big score, but also made the two teams of the “May Day Labor Day”.

So the Shenhua in this season can use it has become an income, it is time to summarize.

  • Is it insufficient to invest in the team?

Obviously, the answer is also clear, not! Shenhua team was in the transfer market in this year, but the first three Manchester United Jersey teams, and because of the transfer of big hand, many fans and media will treat Shenhua as the first championship this season.

So I can’t find a problem.

  • Is it a coach?

If you find this reason, the fans should ask first: Which coach Soccer Jersey Discount is said?

If it is Cui Kangxi, then it must be, but if it is a Mao Yi army, it is another matter.

Because a problem will refute: K Le League is high or the medium super league level? Obviously the K league level is high. Since the level is high, Comrade Human Lao Cui is a champion in the K League. It is a champion in the AFC. How can I say that the coaches?

Besides, you look at people Jin Zhongfu, in the Kits Football Kits Hebei team, is not as good as Cui Kangxi, not the team entered the group? And if it is still in the case of a payment.

There are 3 old clubs in the Super League. Since the professional league, the team has always been in the top League, which is Shenhua, Taishan and Guoan. In this three-family music, maybe the transformation of Taishan can give Shenhua some revelation:

  • Let’s take a group of data:

Shandong Taishan is in the insurance Cheap Soccer Jersey in 2016. Is the team not strength? Please come to the Matt coach, starting “colony” next half season, that is, the front half is lost, and the second half is recycled. In addition to the last round, the team is contrary to the Guangzhou team, the team is almost successful!

The reason why it can be obtained is because the team has a high enthusiasm of the team than half a season, and the physical fitness is good. This is the same as the Shanghai Shenhua 2019 season, is it?

Then, Shandong Taishan, the 2017 season, can say almost stable. Here is “almost” because the four rounds of competition ended quickly, the team suddenly inexplicably brakes. So the team eventually failed to raise the top three.

In the 2018-2020 season, the League of Shandong Taishan was worse.

And this year, after the team has changed the management, the team’s achievements have been refined!

Who is the manager of Taishan from 2016-2020? The fans understand. why is it like this?

  • Let’s see Shenhua again.

After Shenhua entered the green space, the results were actually very unsatisfactory compared to previous.

Although Shenhua is less champion, the top three is normal. And what? Even the medium super BIG4 is rare, and it is a miracle before entering. Who is this achievement?

Since Shandong Taishan can change his meritorious players and management, why can’t Shenhua can’t?

After saying Shenhua and Taishan, let’s talk about Guoan.

  • It can be said that Guoan is the most stable one in the old team, and it is also the most professional.

Of course, the national security of Guoan is also a lot, such as “don’t have to have money than Guoan”. But this is sufficient to open the river in the team. But for professionalism, it is unquestionable.

The national security of this season made a certain loss of loss due to the return of foreign aid, but even if so, it will also enter the group group?

  • And Guoan’s professionalism is: do not pay attention to people!

The professional stadium is a professional stadium, to be responsible for the career, not to “human conditions”, not responsible for the “World”!

Since Taishan can resign Li Xiaopeng, why did Shenhua go to learn Taishan, and Guoan’s occupational learning?

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