Shouldn’t forgotten MLB Hall of Fame Players: Mike Musen

In 2019, the MLB celebrity ticket has been announced. In the voice reported in many media, I always feel that Yu Yun has not yet. I always feel that the four entrance elections have been ignored, that is, the front Golden and Yangji’s right pitcher Mike Musi Na.

Mike Musen, with 76.7% of the ticket rate, just over 75% of the selected requirements, that is, if only 7 votes, you can stop him outside the celebrity hall, which is almost the least famous. Ten. At the moment of celebrities in recent years, Musna often selection with some micro gaps and has become a topic after the baseball world.

This year, Musen’s entrance is no longer eye-catching. This is not only Mariano Rivira, has become a famous player in the history of the famous Hall of Hall, nor because of Roy-Harle Dai has become a player after the life of the famous Hall of Hall. It is not because of Egypt. Dega-Martinez is also selected in the 10th year. The last chance is finally selected.

The story of the other three players certainly occupy the headline of the media. Barry Bonz, Roger-Clemens, Curt-West Wolf again, also attracted the attention of the media.

The Muisa field is calm, and the key moments are excellent.

The Muisa field is calm, and the key moments are excellent.

As a member of the newly selected celebrities, Musen should receive reasonable attention. He was born in the famous school, and he completed the economics diploma of Stanford University for three and a half. The field is stable, excellent, once 5 times, I have been selected as a star, very small, pitcher can achieve such achievements. He also won 7 gold gloves. Musen career 7 candidate prizes, but from unsuccessful fingers, his career has 11 seasons more than 200 bureaus. The last time I reached 200 bureaus is 39 years old, it is the only 20-win season.

The Musna, the same, also received respect, in 2000 he founded the foundation named by his name to help the baseball students in many hometown.

Since 2014, Musina has begun to join the celebrity ticket, the Mussina should be selected as a hot topic. Although there are various topics in sports media, it is not enough for Musna, such as 270 wins, or the whole career is not in the US Eastern District.
It also shows that he is more excellence.

It is because of various controversy, whether Musna can be selected to be a topic of headlines. This is not the case 2019. Since other candidates have a topic, Mussina is inconsistent, and the selected glory that should be enjoyed seems to be diluted.

In fact, every time the excitement is not the same, Mussina is surprised by himself. Surprised, excited, excited, the famous Hall of the Hall of Voted for six years, a pool is better, and the fans are very excited. Minsa became a formal celebrities.

Maybe Musena’s baseball career is not as dazzling as the remaining three stars in 2019, but we still have to pay tribute to you, Mike Musen.

Author: georgesroom