Sports attendant decided that the external card life and death warfare pitcher candidates Marinaian fire line returned to the life

On October 2, Beijing time, Auckland’s sportsman announced that the Mei Xianfang card will be a pitcher by Sean Manaea. He has recovered from the rest of the break in September and returned to the game. Fault. Therefore, the team decided to let Marnia have served as the first pitcher of Tampawan’s rays in Tama Bay.

After the left shoulder surgery, the left pitcher Marinaa has played five games, 4 wins and 0 losses, and the self-sharing rate of 1.21. The starting 29.1 bureau was hit 16 security, 7 times, sent 30 three vibrations.

Macaia alternative Mike – Fairs in the life and death battle After that, he made every game very good. “

The radians have previously announced their first-hand pitcher candidates, and the team will send their ace right pitcher Chari-Morton.

The 15 wins and 4-loss Fairs in the regular season in this season, on May
7th, the red man was in the unafeful play, opened his 21 continuous and unbeatened journey, 12 wins and 0 losses. Marina said: “Mike is a throne of this year.”

The 27-year-old Marinaa has suffered from slow shoulder hit syndrome. Therefore, on September 20, last September, he repaired his shoulder lips and relax his joint capsule. The athletic initially expects him to absent the entire 2019 season.

Author: georgesroom