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Beijing time on September 27th, 2018 season, the perfect position, Mei Lianxi District Focus war, Auckland sportsman beat Seattle sailor at 9-3, Denal – Span, Marcus – Siimin and Mark Canner It is inevitable that it is inevitably blocked by the baseball. Philli-Ernand, which is nicknamed “King”, has lost the ball and the strain mistakes. Daniel, Fogerbach, refused to be lighted, with excellent choice opportunities in the hitting link as his name.

Sports home lost pitching, smashing, small role, full of guns

Edwin Jackson sent a player first, it was originally in the first half of the pressure, but in the https://www.b2bshopp.comsecond half of the second bureau, there was a ball problem, and the four bad balls were sent to Nelson – Cruz, Kyle – Hig and Daniel – Fogerbach, have to face the crisis, and the sailor is only a situation in the situation, the result is that the Ben-Gamer knocks to attract 2 points from 2 -0 is chasing it, it is facing two, and the three-finals someone solves the fall of Chris Herman and Mickey – Hanger.

Just as explained that the guest Chen Hui said that Edwen Jackson’s balloons broke through the second half of the fourth place, facing the 5th stick Denal-Span once again error, a missed pitch is solid In the legs, it is exactly where there is no position of the protective gear. Springs can’t stand the pain directly on the ground, until the pain relief is slowly standing. According to the data given by the video live signal, a misses a speed of more than 150 km / h, and Span will not have a black cryopathy on the leg.

In fact, the sportswell has not escaped in the case of the baseball mist. The sailors were selected for the first half of the 5th game to change the Nick Ram Pollo, and the ship was shipped to the 6th game to heard Marcus-Simin. In the face of Ram Pollo, West Mien is actively waving but only the ball is wiped, and the result baseball change line directly to the left foot. Since the area of ??the left foot does not have a protective gear at all, Simin throws away the ball and licking the face. Fortunately, there is no too heavy injury reaction to continue the remaining competition.

Although Edwin Jackson’s control ball occurs, it is benefited from the preparation of Shen Yong. Jackson sides of the Sailor 3rd Robinson in the second half of the third game, Kano, was knocked out to fight the fight, and only the left outer wilderness Nick-Martin is precisely positioned, directly through the side of the side. Wonderful killing. Plus the successful resolution Qiongulai and Nerrison – Cruz, Jackson completed the wonderful three-stripped saw to 2-2 flat with the help of the sportswell.

Chris Davis was explained that the guest Chen Hui showed the home run Wang, the sailor in the 5th game, halfway Selection of Cai Sen – Bradford, perhaps, may be a taboo Davis’s hitting ability to guarantee the barrier, The result is a unfavorable situation that is unfavorable, the second and thirders have some people, but it is taken by Matt Orson, which has been opened to 2-8. How will Chen Hui to protect the home base? Sports family people have a small role that is not in the eyes, and the sailors should regret why do the home running wall, otherwise it is just a long.

The sailor line is hidden in the wrong ball.

Felix – Ernandez as the sailor’s first pitcher, in the first half of the 3rd, Half Rock, Simin, Jude, Lori and Chris Davis, and career The number of tri-vibrations was raised to 2467 times, and the guest Chen Hui praised “King” officially returned. Water ball live fans also deliberately wear “Crown” email, while hand holding a “K” sign of Senuctous Senuch. It is also a small ball fan to leaver, pay tribute to this nickname “King” sailor star.

However, Philox Ernand is also wrong, in the fifth game, the upper half of Marc – Kana is unexpected, it is unavoidable to directly smash the Mark – Kana left arm leads to the barrier Subsequent, turning the violent mistakes, Monner, directly rushed to the three bases through the second base. In this way, the sailor is because this mistake is from the two outsource, it has become a three-stricken, which is a hidden danger, followsseeted by Nick Martini, and put it out of 2-2 Pets, result It was replaced by Cai Sen- Bradford in advance.

Dener Span is very popular among the Seattle Sailor, but also becomes an idol of teen fans, but also a fan of the grandmother. Span slap in the second half of the 5th game, directly slamming the world, the top of the world, and the result is confiscated by the old grandmother fans on the stage. The old grandmother held a huge eye-catching green folding fan to steal the mirror. The above is marked with English “I am Span’s fans.” It should be said that the old grandmother watching the ball is really unique, and after the game, I may also find Span signing.

In the impression of the majority of sports fans, the standard of male professional players is the muscles. However, the large-duty big league player is high and fat, single-seated sailor, the blessing body, you will not think that he is a athlete.
Although the host Rosen ridiculous to the race like a big tanker, the blow or attendant Pitcher Felix – Ernande is very taboo, because the ball is careful The ball is allowed to see its value in the big alliance.

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