Steelman 29-27 Sinish Bear Disciplined or Being a Bear Coach Cut

On November 9, Beijing time, Nfl’s ninth week launched the battle for Night Monday, Pittsburgh steelman was at home to meet Chicago bears. The two sides are extremely intense, and the bear team faces two digits and completes reversal at the last 2 minutes. The steel man also made a winning offensive at the last moment, and the bear team continued to give the opportunity, playing the 40-size 40 yard of the Bostel, score, 1,29-27, steel person’s dangerous win team.

Wonderful review

The first wave of the steel man is scored, first go back to the attackner to help the team get a very good offense start position, big in the three-speed long biography Looking for Chase Clepto to the red area, and then on the end Top 10 yards in the district, running Dienji-Harris completed 10 yards to reach, score 7-0.

At the beginning of the second game, the steel man passed the attack on the first and end of the first-year-old copy of the bear. In the face of the 3rd gear, it is a good cover for the first point of passage, relying on the offensive front line, successfully finds the close-end Pat-Fletmus, the score came 14-0.

Before the end of the first half, the bear four points Guiansin-Fülz leaned against his pass and the rush, so that the team got a chance of any ball shoot, Cairo-Santus hit 30 yards, score 14 -3.

At the beginning of the next half, the bear quartz garte-headed wiring line Marques-Goodwin, but the Dagan ball originally sent to the terminal was blown off by teammates, and Santos once again debuted. 14-6.

After the steel man returned, the ratio was pulled, and the big branch was also sacrificed, and the connection James Washington advanced 42 yards. Then, after the bother, it is carefully observed that the accurate connection of the near-end Fletmus completed the Deta, which is the second connection between the two today, score 20-6.

In the fourth quarter, the bear team immediately took a rapid attack. Fürtz delithfully gave the ball to the outside of Darel Muni, Muni used the advantage of the area, and the score came to 13-20.

The steel man responded quickly on the score, and the player Boswell faced the 54 yards without foot soft, and the one-footed middle score came to 23-13.

In the fourth quarter, the wattle of the bears were only discarded after T. J. Watt Kick, but at this time the peak circuit turns. Steelman returning to McLue, when they were attacking, safety Wei Dean Dear Houston-Carson grabbed the ball and completed the backcross, score 23-20.

The steel man relies on Boswell to change 52 yards, score 26-20, only left to the bear team 2 minutes and 47 seconds.

Philz is out of the army, and the latter smashed the side of the red area, and then she once again found Muni to complete the Dalun. This offense is only 1 minute, the bear team is in front of the score 27-26.

Leave a steel person 1 minute 46 seconds. Big passed on Johnson completed 22 yards, which has entered the shooting range of Boswell, followed by 40 yards in Boswell, score to 29-27.

Player data

Bear: 4 points 卫 Field 29 push 291 yards 1 to 1 to 1 time being copied; running guard David – Montgomery 13 sho push up 63 yards; close-end Pye Cole-Komime 6 times Get a ball to advance 87 yards

Steel Man: Quadruple Salership 30 Battress 21 to promote 205 yards 2 to 2 Dallast; running Harris 22 sho push up 62 yards 1 to 1 Deta; defenders T.J. Watt completed 3 times

Author: georgesroom