Steelman chooses trust playing the ball to win the key battle, please

Last week, Kicks Kris Boswell lost the killing of the kick in Auckland, and the steel people did not explode the first round of the biggest joke. This week, the pain of the steel personal team has introduced two kicker trials, and it is a bit “Waiting for the Waiting Force” to take part of Boswell. Before this season, Boswell had just signed a 4-year $ 16.8 million contract with the steel man, which is a fertilizer for a player.

As a professional bowl level, Boswell joined the steel team in 2015, in 2015-201, 89.5% of any ball, but in the past 13 games in the 2018 season, Boswell The hit rate suddenly fell to 62.5%, and six additional points were lost. However, the steel man did not choose Rapida to give up Buswell, but the choice of the front steelman playing the ball, and also a veteran Sean-Houham to help Boswell. Houham has effectively steel people in 2010-2014, with a hit rate of 87.9%, and has never missed an additional points in five years. In 2015, Housham sprained cross ligament reimbursement, and ended his career. Today, 3 years later, Sheham returned to the steel man.

Just a month ago, the steel person’s record was still 7-2-1, but now the record after three losers, the record has fallen to 7-5-1. Although it is still ranked first in the United States of America, but the crow behind them is distance to them. Only half of the game. According to the data, they must face patriots, saints and tigers in the remaining competition. Even if the schedule is tight, the sharp chance of steel people enters the playoffs is as high as 70.4%, but it is not too optimistic. It is necessary to know that the probability of their promotion playoffs last week is 86.9%.

Tomorrow, I have to usher in a life and death battle. The tragic thing is that my home is like Fu Lodge of the patriot, and the patriot has gain 5 winning victories in the Hengshu course. The scene that is killed last year. In order to overcome the “fear”, the steel people still came up with some other ways, they invited Jim Herman, who had long-term giant line guards, guided the defensive work for them this week, and Herman has followed the giant. Two patriots defeated twice in the super bowl.

This kind of practice will make the steel people’s current defensive coaches, the team did not explain the current defensive group coach Kius-Butler, Line Guardo Coach Qiao-Ibot and Jerri-Olsfsky What should I do? The meaning of saying that these people can’t stop the patriotic attack. It is worth noting that two weeks ago, the Los Angeles lightning, the steel man also wanted a line to guard against the best external connections to the best external hand, but Allen still got 14 battles 148 yards 1 Deta. This loss will knock the steel man to the steel man, and the derived coach has gradually lost new.

The team admitted: “When we go to play some time than our excellent team, we must understand them, ready to work, more full than they are prepared.” The steel man is now approaching the cliff, if they I still want to play in January, then the game will not be lost in the next three weeks.

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